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21 September 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev studio
We have good news – the short film festival Future Shorts has already settled in Bulgaria. The person in charge here is Victoria Knish who told us more about this new act of art sharing. She is also an ecologically engaged photographer and designer. We keep a close watch on Victoria with admiration due to her unique photo sessions for some native lifestyle magazines, her amazing photos of ordinary and extraordinary people, the drawings in both Green jokers of Edno magazine and the new book of Gorichka. Victoria is a person from the future, you'd better follow her.

Let’s start from the beginning – how does the coming of Future Shorts happen in Bulgaria?
I wanted to have this festival here for a long time. Future Shorts has existed since 2003 as it was an underground event at the beginning. It started in England and gradually created its own network. Bulgaria is the 19th country and Serbia is in the process of joining it. People making it are various visual artists who travel a lot. Everything began in London, all roads lead to London now.

What is the general idea?
Most short film festivals show everything while Future Shorts screens only the best stuff. It happens monthly and every time there is a new programme, new selection. Another interesting fact is that it shows a music video programme, too.

Who makes the selection?
Each country starts with a certain programme that is generally prepared. We want to see how everything will start and then we will find Bulgarian short films and show them. People already phone me to ask me how they can participate. Namely this is our task – to find new talents for Future Shorts, for the whole global network.

Something like a search machine for local repertory, isn’t it?
Yes, exactly.

How long is the film programme? Is there any leading theme?
It takes around hour and a half. This is the first, opening programme here and there is no thematic element but on principle Future Shorts do choose such. For example around 14th February love movies are screened. Many Japanese films are produced now that I like a lot.

Future Shorts organize also Secret Cinema, do you plan having soon such unexpected screenings in secret places?
When people get to know the festival and start really believing us, we will do it for sure.

What else do you do at the moment?
Most people know me as a designer or photographer. I continue doing stuff like this as a freelancer, it has happened for nearly year and a half. I managed to create a small studio, a team of freelancers – Kinda Crew. In fact, Future Shorts in Bulgaria is a project of Kinda Crew.


Find more about Victoria Knish at vickny.com.


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