24 words in a second with Theodor Fichev

18 April 2019 text Kristina Yordanova ohoto Emil Granicharov
When his eyes fall into Gaspar Noe's Irrevesible, and then his mother plays him Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker (because she is tired of the constant horrors he carries at home) Theodore falls in love with the movements of the screen and finally says "yes, that's cool."

He studied cinematography at the New Bulgarian University, but only for a year or two - the practice gives him more and takes him to Siberia to film Aga, and in the language of the frames is perfectly understood with Zhlych, Grigovor, Gena and Strugre. And only their videos are enough to have a meeting with Theodore, but his fresh nomination for the Stoyan Kambarev Film Prize makes us call him right away. That's how we get to this film conversation, in which we do not miss neither his heroes in the shooting process nor his own peaks.


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