• On the other side: Krum Rodriguez

    21 July 2016

    text Natalia Ivanova photos Vera Gotseva

    While he's staying in shadow, his camera is giving light to movies such as The Color of the Chameleon, Victoria, Shelter and The Lesson, or let's say, the best movies of our new cinema. We also saw the videoclips of Jeremy? and Bears and Hunters through his lens, so now we're turning the camera backwards to see the directions of his life, which movie hit him hard, and how "Krum, your work isn't good enough" goes to the freedom of the experiment.
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  • From No one to Someone: Andrey Andonov

    19 May 2016

    text Natalia Ivanova, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    His first words are: "Ask whatever you want", and after a second we already know he's serious. He's talking as if he were an old friend, but his thoughts are constantly running to No one - his full lenght debut, financed by sponsors and viewers in Indiegogo.
  • Listening to Hans Zimmer

    28 April 2016

    text Irina Dimova

    Today we barely hear him on the other end of the telephone line but on May 16, at Arena Armeec, the sound will be crystal clear and Hans - just a glance away from us.
  • 11 Moments of Asya Kovanova & Andrey Kulev

    21 January 2016

    They are directing partners, whose animation is built of delicate threads and silhouettes, light as dandelions. Love with Showers is their short animated movie, which won The Golden Rhyton a couple of months ago and will be screened at the International Festival of Animated Movies between 29 and 31 January. Each frame under the hand of Andrey Kulev is magical, so here, we show several and you can see the rest 6-minute story at Lumier Cinema on 30 January at 17:30.
  • Playlist By Milena & Ruzhin

    21 January 2016

    The two snowmen in front of you are the ones who help London-based short movie platform Future Shorts come our way every season.
  • Face to Face

    1 October 2015

    text Vladimira Nikolova

    Kamen Kalev does not like to talk about how he wakes up, what coffee he drinks, where he likes to take a walk or pther personal stuff. But he is quick to answer anything to anything related to the cinema. So, we caught up with him to chat about his new movie Face Down that will have its premiere in around 10 days.
  • The Things of Life: Elena Telbis

    16 July 2015

    text and photos Sevda Semer

    Once she saw Marius Kurkinski and she said to herself that she wanted to thrill someone in this way.
  • The things of life: Victor Chuchkov

    26 March 2015

    He's half of Chuchkov Brothers - a production company, founded with his brother Borislav. But today we're not talking business - we met with Victor to discuss the things he loves and life in our city.
  • As Good As Gold

    15 January 2015

    by Evelina Ivanova, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    Elena Rapondzhieva and Dimitar Petrov have returned home after 5 years of work and study abroad to cook up a cartoon fantasy series that digs deep into the Bulgarian folklore and traditions. The evil spirits, the blue-haired action heroine and the two fearless brothers in the Golden Apple are as good as the characters from some Western- production 'cast'. Clearly, Dimitar's work on the second season of The Amazing World of Gamball has been a positive influence.
  • Collective Labour

    11 December 2014

    by Evelina Ivanova, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    They communicate in images rather than words. They are animators with a degree from the Rotterdam Academy and their names are Vessela Dancheva and Ivan Bogdanov but for five years now we've been calling them Compote Collective - a group of talents that the two of them bring together in a team. Their love for the visual language equals the love they have for each other. Dzhovani and Veseto (as their friends like to call them) have been together as a family for many years, and their 8-year-old son and the 4-year-old dog Enjoy take active part in the animation process. The first has a comic strip of his own and the second is always helpful with his imposing presence. We meet the entire family to talk about their new animation projects, the hard work behind them and the family's plans for the Christmas holidays.
  • Balgar Park

    27 November 2014

    His path is clear. He starts from Nessebar, breezes through the art school in Kazanlak and goes to NATFIZ, believing that one day the cinemas will screen his movies. Nedelcho Bogdanov just made this dream come true. Balgar The Movie is the big brother of his web series under the same name that already has three seasons. The series and respectively the movie are genuinely funny, lacking the crude Balkan humor, but rather using fine irony and lots of pop culture references. It is worth it.
  • The Right To Talk

    20 November 2014

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    In additioin to his talent, he also has a strong character. He is a rebel but he doesn't yell and instead of fussing, he acts. He always has a plan B. It seems that Ovanes Torosyan has found the right formula.
  • Embassador Without Borders

    23 October 2014

  • About Victoria with Love

    24 September 2014

    photo Vladimir Tomashevich

    Victoria - the first Bulgarian title in the feature competition program of the Sundance Film Festival, has its own screen life with exclusive pre-premieres at Dom na Kinoto these days. We decided that now is the right time to talk with director Maya Vitkova for the present and future of this so intimately about her project in the light of the raging debate on the choice of the film, which will represent Bulgaria in running for foreign language Oscar 2015. From this topic we jumped straight to Michael Palin and horror movies.
  • Lack and benefits

    14 May 2014

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photho Vladimir Tonashevich

  • Playing

    8 April 2014

  • Spirit Ground

    25 March 2014

  • Being Vlado Penev

    29 January 2014

  • The woman In Red

    15 January 2014

  • Year Report

    18 December 2013