• A way Throught The Labyrinth

    10 December 2013

    text Tanya Trendafilova, photho Vladimir Tonashevich

    We meet the naturally charming and ever so charismatic Elena Petrova just a week before the permier screenings of the very first Bulgarian psycho-thriller Roseville (in which she has a special, major part). And somehow in hour somewhat long conversation we easily manage to jump from topic to topic - from kids to extraterrestrials and from the rules of the thriller genre to just how funny Kalin Vrachanski's jokes are.
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  • Dangerous Mistery

    17 October 2013

  • Game of Power

    2 October 2013

    text Dannie Nikolova, photos Vladimir Tomashevich

    The one who controls the media, controls the mind. The war between media and power - this is the main subject of The 4th Power  (new series, you can watch it every Sunday at 20:45 on National TV). One of the characters - a young, beautiful and very bold journalist, is played by Mila Parusheva, who is actually not a real actress. But she is perfect for the role!
  • Wild Rose

    4 September 2013

    We meet the devastatingly charming Silvia Petkova mere hours after her return from a 22 day long stroll along the wildest of beaches on Bulgaria's northern seaside. Although a bit sad about the fading summer days and the need to be back in the city, Silvia talks about the popular play Tiramisu, cinema, Bulgarian TV series Revolution Z and her upcoming appearance at the Fairytales PO Box on September 14th at One More Kino.
  • Through The Eyelet

    4 April 2013

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Vladimir Tomashevich

  • United Colors of Rushen

    28 March 2013

  • Tony Palmer

    22 March 2013

  • Two for the Win

    23 January 2013

  • The Yearly Account

    20 December 2012

  • Dreamers

    11 October 2012

  • First Steps

    26 September 2012

  • Eyes of an Angel

    23 May 2012

  • (Anti)Utopia

    29 March 2012

    by Denitsa Stefanova, photos Iliyan Ruzhin

  • Stefan Vuldobrev

    22 March 2012

  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

    15 March 2012

  • Million Dollar Baby

    6 October 2011

    text Dany Nikolova

  • Animated Stories

    22 September 2011

    text by Nikola Shahpazov

    This was actually the subtitle of Rainbow - the only successful comic magazine in Bulgaria, which was a total hit in the 80s and 90`s and was a must with children. The Adventures of Choko and Boko used to be published there at that time. The sequel had its animated version and the cartoon master for both versions was Rumen Petkov.
  • Mission Food

    8 September 2011

    by Nikola Shahpazov

  • To Lora, With Love

    26 May 2011

    by Nikola Shahpazov, photos Angel Kotsev Studio

  • The Man from the Island

    28 April 2011

    text by Geri Turiyska, photos by Angel Kotzev Studio

    Director Kamen Kalev takes us away from the cafeteria where we were supposed to talk about his latest movie The Island because the sun outside is way too tempting to stay in. He says that after spending a few months under the sombre skies of Denmark and Sweden while making the movie he spends every possible minute in the open. After Eastern Plays` big success Cannes will have to welcome the young director`s second film.