• Stefan Vuldobrev

    22 March 2012

  • .
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

    15 March 2012

  • Million Dollar Baby

    6 October 2011

    text Dany Nikolova

  • Animated Stories

    22 September 2011

    text by Nikola Shahpazov

    This was actually the subtitle of Rainbow - the only successful comic magazine in Bulgaria, which was a total hit in the 80s and 90`s and was a must with children. The Adventures of Choko and Boko used to be published there at that time. The sequel had its animated version and the cartoon master for both versions was Rumen Petkov.
  • Mission Food

    8 September 2011

    by Nikola Shahpazov

  • To Lora, With Love

    26 May 2011

    by Nikola Shahpazov, photos Angel Kotsev Studio

  • The Man from the Island

    28 April 2011

    text by Geri Turiyska, photos by Angel Kotzev Studio

    Director Kamen Kalev takes us away from the cafeteria where we were supposed to talk about his latest movie The Island because the sun outside is way too tempting to stay in. He says that after spending a few months under the sombre skies of Denmark and Sweden while making the movie he spends every possible minute in the open. After Eastern Plays` big success Cannes will have to welcome the young director`s second film.
  • Love.net: The Creation of

    24 March 2011

  • Import from Germany

    3 February 2011

    We remember Bernd Lichtenberg as one of the scriptwriters of Goodbye Lenin, a movie from the post-Berlin-war period. We find him again to talk about his participation in the process of making TILT, the new Bulgarian hit movie.
  • Tracing Time Back

    27 January 2011

    text by Dima Chakarova, photo by Iliyan Rujin

    International theatre halls would gladly welcome an actor like Ivan Burnev in their cast. He is though part of the Bulgarian National Theatre where he is currently playing Billy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest. In addtion, we met him to talk about his role in the latest Bulgarian cinema hit Footprints In the Sand.
  • The People Behind Pozor

    20 January 2011

    These are Angel Hadjiyski and Zdravko Grigorov, the people who distribute alternative movies and festivals such as The Flowers of Quran, Short Circuit and Satori. They are known as the guys behind Pozor and deal with movies that do not have computer-generated explosions every 5 minutes.
  • An annual report

    23 December 2010

  • A Quick One

    16 December 2010

    by Nikola Shahpazov

    Englishman Mark Wong is the only one whose amateur films were shortlisted in all three editions of the Done in 60 Seconds competition, organized by Jameson since 2008. He is also the 2010 global winner of the competition, so here's our short but most intriguing interview with him.
  • Independence Days

    28 October 2010

    text by Dima Chakarova, photoes by Angel Kotzev studio

    13 years ago successful theatre and movie star Jana Karaivanova emigrated to the US with her family in order to explore unlimited American opportunities. Movies have always been a passion for her so she continues to popularize Bulgarian cinema in the US thanks to the Bulgarian Film Festival in New York. She is now in Sofia to present for the first edition of the SoIndependent festival for independent American pictures.
  • Charmingly Romantic

    23 September 2010

    text by Elena Peneva, photoes by Angel Kotsev Studio

  • Fatherland Front

    22 July 2010

    by Dima Chakyrova, photos Valentin Danevski

    A book in Charing Cross -  small bookstore in London City, made the life of Milena Kuneva a bit different. For five years she travels between Burma (Mianmar) and California,USA to keep up with the trial of 15 Birmanian paysants against two international petrol companies. Total Denial - her first documentary, is the first and very important step in the field of movie making.
  • Beauty Stolen

    15 July 2010

    by Dima Chakarova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio

  • Mission Possible

    25 March 2010

    Text: Dima Chakarova Photographies: Yana Blajeva

    After 2 short movies, many ads and TV shows, Dimitar Mitovski makes his first big film – Mission London, following Alek Popov’s novel. The premier will be on April 16th.
  • Imperfective Past

    4 February 2010

    Text: Dima Chakarova, Photographs: Valentin Danevski for Studio Angel Kotsev

    The strangest new Bulgarian movie – Moon Lake directed by Ivan Stanev, blow us away with its vision and nice young actors. We met two of them – Glorya Petkova (18) and Vassil Chitanov (26).
  • Full Version

    15 October 2009

    text Dima Chakarova, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio

    After 15 years of photography and two short movies - Bring the Rabbit Back and The Bad Rabbit, director Kamen Kalev made his first full-length film - Eastern Plays, which made the critic at Cannes cry and brought back the faith that in Bulgaria can be made a movie which can tell simple but wise stories.

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