Metheor is group of artistic accomplices with inconstant composition, working with stage, visual and textual artistic and critical forms. Besides Ani Vaseva (author, director, theoretician, costume and stage designer), Boyan Manchev (author, dramaturge, theoretician), Lonid Yovchev (actor and co-author) and Georgi Sharov (graphic designer, stage designer, photographer and musician), among the active participants in the work process of Metheor in different periods are the actors Petar Genkov and Galya Kostadinova, the artist, costume and stage designer Aglika Terzieva, the costume designer Maitia Cibulka Galvez, the musicians Nino Tiberio Gomez (DataTransporter) and Yana Mancheva, etc.

photo Ivan Donchev


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