Original title: Мишеловката

Theatre play

Director: Boyan Kracholov
Scenography and costumes: Irena Doycheva
Translation: Alexander Shurbanov
Cast: Bozhidar Yordanov, Vladimir Mateev, Galya Kostadinova, Ivan Nikolov, Yordan Rusin, Simona Zdravkova
"Our Hamlet is a boy, painfully sensitive, like a naked tooth, thrown out there somewhere in maddening Denmark, where his father's spirit wanders and seeks revenge, where thunders and cheers rise as his uncle tries to drown his sin in feasts, where his mother tosses her mourning clothes to the bed of her new husband, the same Denmark whom they rot and to death, and in which everything seems to be buried.

And he just wants to be elsewhere, just not to be there, just not to be him. Hamlet seems to be Shakespeare's most intuitive, most enlightened character, beyond the limitations of the text, and at the same time most impossible to leave - perhaps this is his enormous conflict. But here's the town tragedy arriving - several actors well known to the Prince. And he urges them to play a play, The Murder of Gonzaga, with slightly modified text. He probably had a rehearsal with them to give them the new text. And maybe he was drawn into it. Maybe while he was rehearsing with these wanderers, he was momentarily flashed by something other than himself, some unknown trait of his, something he might have been had it not been for everything if it wasn't for him who has to put a century in order. He might have escaped the damn Denmark for a moment, just before it crashed on him. It is this rehearsal that is the object of our performance. Rehearsal as a special territory where you can, in which you are allowed to reside outside of time. As a place where you can be whole again. As one of the last fragments of the Garden of Eden. And, at the same time, like a trap that can click behind you at any moment. Like a mousetrap."



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