Two arrows

Two arrows

Theatre play
by Alexander Volodin
Stage 99 Youth Theatre Studio · Director: Hristofor Nedkov
Musical environment and sculpture: Valery Kondratsev
Scenography and costumes: Nedyalko Yordanov, Zvezdina Ivanova, Hristofor Nedkov
Cast: Todor Orehov, Nikolai Todorov, Graciela Madjarova, Denitsa Pashova, Plamena Slavcheva, Natalia Toteva, Anna Maria Nedkova, Lora Dimitrova, Jeni Rasheva, Galina Georgieva, Denitza Dimitrova, Lyubomir Mladenov, Desislava Mircheva, Lina Raykova, Zhelyo Bodurov, Joanna Gerdzhikova, Monika Hristova, Magdalena Radeva

This happened 8000 years after the beginning of Time. Somewhere in this world, although it is hard to believe that this is the world that our ancestors lived in.
Humanity has walked its path and since the Apocalypse it has returned back to the very Beginning. There might be people living somewhere on Earth but God knows where, if he even knows or cares about anything. As a matter of fact, there is another tribe living nearby – The Scorpions.
We find lots of objects that back in time used to have a purpose but now we don’t even know what they were used for and what to do with them. The men in our tribe are few, the troubles and battles – a lot. The Women-Warriors want a new order, new justice… What is awaiting us? Will it all be like the old times? The human in his origin – is he a human or a beast? What more should happen to change us for the better? Is there any hope, any future?

Extract from the dairy of an unknown chronicler


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