Sisters Palaveevi

Sisters Palaveevi

Theatre play
Based on Alek Popov’s novel of the same name
Dramatization: Alek Popov and Delyana Maneva
Director: Elena Panayotova
Set design: Petar Mitev
Costume design: Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova
Music by Asen Avramov
Choreography: Tatyana Sokolova
Cast: Boryana Bratoeva, Mila Lutskanova, Dobrin Dosev, Simeon Aleksiev, Venelin Metodiev, Elena Kabasakalova, Aleksey Kozhuharov, Ivaylo Hristov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Krasimir Vasilev, Troyan Gogov, Dimitar Banchev, Stilyan Stoyanov, Petar Petrov, Tihomir Kutev, Aleksandar Sekulov, Jr.
In the end of the World War II and in its immediate wake the partisan movement is at its height. The Palaveevi sisters are students from a well-to-do Sofia family. The twins are 17, blonde, slender and athletic. They despise their parents for being stuck in middle-class routine or at least the twins think so.

In their quest for a meaningful cause and desire to be part of an organized community Kara and Yara pass through a string of “movements and teachings” popular at the time: theosophers, Dunovists, Tolstoists, Branniks, Communists. The main aim of the sisters is to become “new persons”. They get into a group of partisans and stir up a commotion in the hearts of people’s warriors. Then follow stories of battles, treachery, death and survival full of absurd and tragicomical situations. Their striving for change goes extinct in the shadow of the coming totalitarism.


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