An Ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband

Original title: An Ideal Husband

Theatre play
by Oscar Wilde
Directed by: Тiery Arcuor
Cast: Stoian Aleksiev, Vladimir Karamazov, Iulian Vergov, Ivan Iurukov, Biliana Petrinska, Milena Atanasova, Teodora Duhovnikova, Elena Atanasova, Marta Kondova, Mariia Kavardjikova, Stoian Pepelanov, Liubomir Kovachev
Oscar Wilde writes with irony and delicate sense of humor and with some classic scepticism. That also refers to his play An Ideal Husband where the scepticism is in reference to the ideal.

The performance tries to escape the cliché of the perfect man and ridicules it from a sarcastic point of view. In this play one man from the high society is very easily raised with the definition “ideal”. Everyone is convinced that Sir Robert Chiltern is an example of honesty, the ideal husband and man but the circumstances put in his way the beautiful Missis Cheveley who in a most charming way wants him to do some not very charming things. The ideal of course proves to be an iceberg with a beautiful and innocent upper part but with deeply hidden and insidious continuation below the surface – some unpleasant secrets form the past about the consciousness and the instincts that cannot submit to the laws of ethics and conscience. It is not possible that the only man set on a pedestal is really perfect. Nothing is what it seems and all men and women are imperfect. But exactly imperfection creates the most real things like friendship, honesty, loyalty and humanity. These values are examined in the performance and also the way they are destroyed by artificial behaviour and by lies and pretences. The characters in the play are moving in these deep watres torn between the idea of themselves and their true nature, between present and past.


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