• Bai Ganyo

    by Georgi Danailov · Director: Peter Kaukov · Scenography and costumes: Elitsa Georgieva · Cast: Nikolay Urumov, Alexander Hadzhiangelov, Stefan Germanov, Vihar Stoychev, Veselin Kalanovski, Nia Krastev, Yaroslav Pavlova, ...

  • .
  • Four Rooms

    by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino · Directed by: Savina Barzeva · Scenography and costumes: Boyana Bachvarova · With: Katerina Stoeva, Kaloyan Bratkov, Mia Donevska, Maria Ruseva, ...

  • Improvise that!

    An improv play without an author, without a play, without a director, without characters, without a line.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • The Little Matchmaker

    based on the fairytale by Andersen · Cats: Evgeniya Angelova, Velislava Marinkova, Angel Kalev, Lyubomir Zhelev

  • The three Piglets

    Director and scenographer: Hristo Botev Stanchev · Music: Razvigor Popov · Choreography: Elizabeth Yakimova · Cast: Ivet Radulova, Vittoria Nikolova, Donka Avramova - Bocheva, Boyan Mladenov, Zhana Rasheva, Kostadinka ...

  • The Visit of The Old Lady Der Besuch der alten Dame

    by Friedrich Dürrenmatt · Directed by: Damyan Tenev · Translation: Sofia Totseva · Scenography and costumes: Nikol Mechkarska, Katrin Krasimirova · Assistant director: Alexandra Dokova · Verbal action: Lora ...

  • Uncle Vanyo or I Don't Want to Remember Anything

    by Chekhov · Director: Nikolai Lambrev-Mihailovski · Scenography and costumes: Chaika Petrusheva · Music: Dobrin Vekilov-Doni · Multimedia: Slavi Georgiev · Cast: Valentin Ganev, Iliana Kodzhabasheva, Eva ...

    Chekhov calls the life in his play "scenes from the rural life."

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  

    by Liza Shopova · Director: Liza Shopova · Scenography: Antoniya Popova · Photographer: Elena Spasova · Cast: Silviya Lulcheva

  • 1984 from the isolator 2020

    after George Orwell's novel 1984 · Director: Boyko Iliev · Scenography: Teodor Daskalov · Costumes: Janeta Ivanova · With: Filip Donchev, Joana Ivanova, Tsvetan Nikolov, Veselin Kalanovski, Nadia Ilieva, Ana-Maria ...

  • 4000 miles

    by Emmy Hertzog · Play: Vladimir Lyuckanov · C: Meglena Karalmbova, Nikolaj Zhelev, Katerina Stoyanova, Elena Petrova

  • A Capital Mistake

    by Ödön von Horváth · Stage adaptation and direction: Ivan Panteleev · Scenography and costumes" Milena Panteleeva, Elis Veli · Cast: Radena Valkanova, Teodora Duhovnikova, Alexandra Vasileva, Stefaniya ...

  • A Farewell Dinner

    by Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière · Director: Zdravko Mitkov · Set Design: Petyr Mitev · C: Mihail Bilalov, Ana Vylchanova/Diana Dobreva, Nikolay Urumov

  • A feeling of love

    Director: Boyka Velkova · Music: Teodosiy Spasov · Choreography: Tatyana Sokolova · Visual Environment: Yana Dvoretska · C: Boyka Velkova, Ivaylo Zahariev

    The performance is a love explanation for Europe's music, dance, poetry and theater. Includes selected love poems from the greatest European writers, poets and thinkers, symbolic of their nation and age.

    New Theatre  
  • A Tango in Space

    by Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova · Director: Gergana Dimitrova · Vision, scenography, costumes: Elena Shopova and Nikola Nalbantov · Music: Veselin Veselinov - Eco · Cast: Zdrava Kamenova, Bogdana Trifonova, ...

  • A Woman Alone A Woman Alone

    by Dario Fo and Franca and Franca Rame · Translation: Huban Stoynov · Staging: Nikolay Mladenov · Scenography: Kiril Naumov · Photographer: Elena Spasova · Cast: Albena Mihova, Kaloyan Trifonov

  • A woman of No Importance

    by Oscar Wilde · Director: Stoyan Radev · Scenography: Nikola Toromanov · Costumes: Alice Vely · Music: Donnie - Dobrin Vekilov · Cast: Ivan Radoev, Georgi Kirkelanov, Ivan Nalbantov, Yasen Atanasov, Elena Raynova, ...

    It is in his own style that Oscar Wilde directs a sharp tongue to the secret life and vices of the upper class, which are now also exposed in Stoyan Radev's direction.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • About an electricity phenomenon

    Director: Stiliyan Petrov · Scenography: Venelin Shurelov · Composer: Misho Shishkov · Costumes: Elitsa Georgieva · Choreography: Teodora Popova · Cast: Mariana Zikic, Donka Avramova - Bocheva, Jordan Rasin, ...

    A Garden, a wedding, a suicide, a monk, anintellectual, an ex-actress, another woman: topos and characters from Chekhov's nonexistent but authentic play.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • Actors vs. Poets

  • Albena

    by Yordan Yovkov · Director: Krasimir Spasov · Set design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Costume design: Maria Dimanova · Cast: Gergana Dandanova, Asen Kobilarov, Veselin Anchev, Luizabel Nikolova, Ivan Radoev, Aleksander Doynov, ...

    Almost a century after the drama Albena was written its heroine is among the most compelling female characters in Bulgarian drama classics.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    by Lewis Carroll

  • Alien Passions Alien Passions

    by Kalin Sarmenov, Borislav Zahariev, Mihaela Katsarova · Director: Kalin Sarmenov · Scenography: Boryana Semerdzhieva · Music: Borislav Zahariev, Daniel Ivanova, Diana Cherneva · Cast: Borislav Zahariev

  • All on the table

    by Charles Bukowski · Director: Ana Bateva · Music: Stefan Zdraveski · Solo spectacle of Vasil Duev

  • An Evening Act Вечерен акт

    Based on short stories by Anton Pavlovich Chehov · A spectacle by Sani Saninski · Scene and costumes: Vecheslav Parapanov · Cast: Maria Sapundzhieva, Dimitar Rachkov, Sani Saninski

    "“Time passes by and slowly piles up layers of colors. The portrait overflows with colors. Isn’t it time for an Evening Act, in which we will take off our masks and remain “naked”? Isn’t it time for a ...

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Angel's cry

    by Stefan Tsanev · Director: Stoyan Radev · Playwright: Mirela Ivanova · Assistant director: Boryana Miteva · Scenography and costumes: Elitsa Georgieva · Composer: Veselin Mitev · With: Hristo Mutafchiev

    A prisoner serving a 19-year sentence is released, but soon after returns hungry and desperate, knocks on his cell door and begs to be let back inside. This is the center of this solo spectacle, written by Stefan Tsanev in 2015, to look at the topic of freedom from a new angle - as an unbearable responsibility.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Animal's Farm

    based on George Orwell's novel · Director: Desislava Shpatova · Scenography: Hristina Dyakova · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Choreography: Tatyana Sokolova · Photographer: Ivan Donchev · Cast: Snezhina Petrova, ...

    It seems that the theater has recently turned to Orwell's anti-utopian stories - after Veselka Kuncheva's The Last Man (based on the novel 1984) came from Stara Zagora to Azaryan Theater, now in Theater 199 we watch a new read of the satirical allegory The Animal Farm.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Apocrypha

    Directing and scenography: Ivan Dobchev · Assistant directors: Stilian Petrov, Dimitar Sardjev · Music: Asen Avramov · Cast: With: Alex Ivanov, Boyan Feradjiev, Blagovest Mitsev, Valeria Varbanova, Manuela Minkova, Elena ...

  • Appetite

    by Zdrava Kamenova and Mariana Sybeva · Play: Blagoy Boychev · C: Bogdana Trifonova, Zdrava Kamenova

  • Appetite for Cherries

    by Agnieszka Osiecka · Director: Anna Bateva · Scene: Martina Variyska · Composer: Stefan Zdraveski · Lyrics: Zlatina Teneva · C: Simona Halacheva, Yulian Rachkov

    What happens when frantic desire and dream of life in the "big city" become hectic and gusty dream?

    Sofia Theatre  
  • Arsenic and Old Lace

    by Joseph Kesselring · Director: Borislav Chakrinov · Set and costumes design: Nina Pashova · C: Gergana Dandanova, Radosveta Vasileva, Asen Kobilarov, Tigran Torosyan, Milen Milanov, Veselin Rankov, Miroslav Pashov, Ivan ...

  • Ash heap

    Choreography: Alexander Mandjukov · Scenography and costumes: Kiril Naumov · Music: Dobromir Kisov · With: students of Prof. Yasen Valchanov

    The spectacle is inspired by inspired by the modern fairy tale Cinderella by Pieret Flossio, is a dialogue between messages from the fairy tale and the daily dynamics in the emotional life of man, with a commentary of the fantasy in love.

    Practice Theatre of NATFIZ  
  • Avenue Q

    by Robert Lopes and Jeff Marcs · Libretto: Jeff Witty · Director: West Hayler, Petyr Kaukov · Set design and costumes: Ivaylo Nikolov · Puppets: Dimityr Dimitrov · Choreography and lightning: Rosen Mihaylov ...

    Broadway puppet musical Avenue Q with three Tony Awards comes for the first time on Bulgarian stage directed by West Hyler, the American director experienced in this genre who has staged also for the celebrated Cirque de Soleil.

    Central Puppet Theatre – Gurko Hall  
  • B Plan

    Idea and staging: Mihail Milchev · Playwright: Yana Dobreva · Composer: Milen Apostolov · Cast: Boris Koev, Georgi Dimov, Gergana Libova, Dimitar Pishev, Iveta Marinova, Svetlina Stancheva

    Plan B is a documentary theatrical performance based on real interviews with real people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. They tell honestly about the humiliations and falls that we can hardly imagine. However, they share all this because they can now afford it - they have overcome it. The light has won in their path.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • Beauty and the Beast

    Director: Elitsa Petkova · Scenography: Hristina Nedeva · Music: Plamen Petkov · Cast: Dilyana Spasova, Dimitar Ivanov, Stefan Dimitrov, Stoyan Doichev

    Beauty and the Beast is a story of man, a story of nature and appearance. The classic fairy tale tells us of a true love that comes from a series of mistakes.

    Central Puppet Theatre – Gurko Hall  
  • Because Mamma Likes It That Way

    by Jolt Pojgai · Director: Liliya Abadzhieva · Set and costumes design: Vasil Avadzhiev · Translation: Nelly Dimova · C: Donka Avramova-Bocheva, Lilyana Shomova, Mariana Zhikich, Anatoli Lazarov, Boyan Mladenov, Georgi ...

    Hungarian comedian Jolt Pojgai is in the hands of Lilia Abadjieva to point out how the frequent change of images takes us away from the one that is real.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • Birdy

    By Naomi Wallace · Director: Vasil Duev · Scenography: Mira Petrova · Music: Petya Dimanova · Choreography: Stefania Georgieva · Cast: Alexander Hadzhiangelov, Nikola Stoyanov, Yaroslava Pavlova, Svetoslav Dobrev, ...

  • Birthday

    by Harold Pinter · Director: Veselin Petrov · Translation: Galina Tomova-Stankeva · Scenography and costumes: Mihaela Dobreva · Music: Georgi Atanasov · With: Ivaylo Spasimirov, Kadri Habil, Koso Stanev, ...

  • Black Comedy

    by Peter Shaffer · Director: Ivan Urumov · Set design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Costumes: Maria Dimanova · Music: Dobrin Vekilov-Doni · Plastics: Kamen Ivanov · C: Veselin Anchev, Luisabel Nikolova, Anastasia ...

  • Boing Boing

    by Mark Kamolets · Artwork: Vassil Vasilev · Stage design: Nikolai Dimitrov · Costume: Konstantin Valkov · Composer: Milen Apostolov · Cast: Petko Venelinov, Dimitar Banenkin, Boris Sarafova, Elitsa Aneva, Kamelia ...

  • Bonbon

    by Zdrava Kamenova · Director: Emil Bonev · Scenography and costumes: Elena Ivanova · Music: Stefan Dimitrov · Cast: Sofia Bobcheva

    The story revolves around the entry of pop folk singer Marcella in the reality show The Transparent Room. Hoping to regain her popularity and prompted by her husband and manager, she makes a desperate attempt to re-emerge in the spotlight by promoting her album and resume, Silicone Feelings, by exposing herself to a million audience, on her own in a room where he could only hear Great Fader's voice and his unrelenting questions.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Borizmejko – The Dragon Slayer Боризмейко

    An authors spectacle by Slavcho Malenov · Scene and puppets: Silva Bachvarova · Music: Vladimir Dzhambazov · Puppetmaster: Marian Seikov · Cast: Elena Rusalieva, Nella Hadjieva, Aneliia Nicheva, Stanimir Gamov, Zdravko ...

    The young Slaveyko and the pretty maiden Lula have promised to marry each other but the Dragon kidnaps her. Going through many dangers, the hero Slaveyko manages to get back his love.

    Central Puppet Theatre – Gurko Hall  
  • Boy And Wind

    Dramatization: Iliya Devedjiev · Director: Todor Valov · Scenography and puppets: Stefanka Kyuvlieva · Music: Elena Metodieva · With: graduates of the class of Prof. Bonyo Lungov

    The classic folk tale about the boy who chased the wind is masterfully transformed by the director Todor Valov into a captivating puppet spectacle, suitable not only for children but also for their parents.

    NATFIZ Practice Puppet Theatre  
  • Bulgarian Mystery

    Director: Dr. Margarita Bozhilova · Scenography: Dr. Petya Karadzhova · Music: Dr. Valeria Krachunova, Georgi Andreev · Contemporary dance techniques: Nedelya Gancheva · Stage fight: Dr. Kamen Ivanov · Folk ...

    The libretto is built on the basis of Bulgarian folklore and tells in a new way the legend of incorporating the shadow of a loved one in the building to stay forever.

    Practice Theatre of NATFIZ  
  • Buratino

    by Alexey Tolstoy · Stage Version: Zheny Pashova · Production: Zheny Pashova, Peter Pashov, Jr. · Scenography and puppets: Dimitar Dimitrov · Music: Petko Manchev · Photographer: Gergana Damyanova · Cast: ...

  • Bury me in the sky

    Stage version: Anastasia Sabeva · Stage environment: Elena Natsaridu · Music: Asen Avramov · Choreography: Alexander Mandjukov · Photographer: Georgi Sirkatov · With: Augustina-Kalina Petkova, Elena Natsaridu, ...

  • Butterflies, butterflies

    Author: Aldo Nikolai · Director: Niki Aprilov · With: Kristina Belcheva, Elena Аtanasova and Ivaylo Zahariev

    Kristina Belcheva and Ivaylo Zahariev are the stars in the work of Aldo Nikolay, who as an excellent playwright, fascinatingly and convincingly joins us to the fate of a woman living alone with her maid and a random visitor.

    New Theatre  
  • Cake instead of sex

    by Rosi Ruseva · Director: Leo Capon · Choreographer: Mariana Daneva · Music: Joro Stoev · With: Iren Krivoshieva, Rosi Ruseva, Joro Stoev

  • Calcutta Station

    by Hanoh Levi and the program Children play for children · Play: Simona Popova · Plastic: Daniela Koeva

  • Carnival Night

    by William Shakespeare · Director: Lyudmila Stoin · Scenography and costumes: Yuliana Voykova-Naiman · Music: Mira Iskarova · Choreography: Assistant Professor Dr. Alexander Mandjukov · Stage fight: Assoc. Prof. ...

    Carnival night is a story about the search and the whims of fate. This is a comedy about people and the cycle in which they invariably revolve. The happy holiday of life, in which a lot of laughter and fun awaits us, many twists and occasional meetings.

    Practice Theatre of NATFIZ  
  • Catastrophe

    based on works by Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett · Translation: Galina Tomova-Stankeva, Maria Koeva · Director: Anton Ugrinov · Composer: Kalin Nikolov · Artist: Irena Doycheva · Photographer: Georgi Sirkatov ...

    photo George Sirkatov

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • Chaos

    by Mika Milyakho · Director: Mariy Rosen · Scenography: Antonia Popova · Music: Konstantin Tymoshenko · Cast: Yoana Bukovska - Davidova, Elena Atanasova, Radina Dumanyan

    The play by Finnish playwright Mika Miliajo comments on the absurdities of time during the problems in the lives of three women under the direction of Mari Rosen.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Chaos

    Director: Elena Gospodinova · Music: Wosh MC · Scenography and costumes: Katrin Krasimirova, Nikol Mechkarska · Cast: Milena Mladenova, Petya Gerginova, Ivana Puncheva, Evgeni Georgiev, Martin Spasov

    The topics explore people in the modern society and the metamorphoses they  experience, the way they accept or opposes them.

    Practice Theatre of NATFIZ  
  • Chekhov's got talent

    Director: Mihail Milchev · Translation: Nedyalko Delchev · Cast: Alexander Stankovski, Veronica Barutchiyska, Georgi Dimov, Gergana Libova, Dimitar Pishev, Yoana Racheva, Svetlina Stancheva

    Chekhov's Got Talent is a performance created on the bravura comedy The Good Doctor by the great American comedian Neil Simon, who embodies Anton Chekhov's eternal narratives. It is a kind of anthology consisting of short sketches and scenes, united by the figure of the Narrator, in which the personality of the great Russian writer is seen.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • Chocolate

    Translation: Svetlana Pancheva · Director: Anton Ugrinov · Scenography: Irena Doycheva · Music: Martin Karov · Photograher: Elena Spasova · Cast: Albena Pavlova, Miroslava Varbanova, Elena Atanasova. Stela Gancheva

  • Chudomirshtini

    after Chudomir stories · Director: Miloslav Miloslavov · Stage: Ivaylo Nikolov · Music: Oratnitsa · With: Stefan Milkov

    Chudomirshtini is a spectacle of the past, of the present and of what is ahead. Eight stories of the great writer Chudomir come to life, presented by Stefan Milkov, as different characters, with different temper, in different situations, but placed through the eyes of today's modern young man.

    New Theatre  
  • Civilisation Not Understood

  • Clear meadow

    by Miro Garvan · Director: Ivan Urumov · C: Georgi Kadurin, Ivan Yurukov, Mariana Milanova, Sofia Bobcheva

  • Closer

    by Patrick Marbur · Translation: Iskra Angelova and Prof. Plamen Markov · Director: Prof. Zdravko Mitkov · Stage design and costumes: Nevia Kavaldjieva · Cast: Raya Peeva, Mariana Zhikic, Boyan Mladenov, Robert Yanakiev

  • Commotion

    by Yordan Radichkov · Directed by: Ivaylo Hristov · Scenography and costumes: Marina Yaneva · Music: Kiril Donchev · Poster: Yanina Petrova · Photographer Teodora Todorova · With: graduates of the class of ...

  • Company

    by Stephen Sondheim and George Firth · Directed by: Mikhail Petrov · Conductor: Konstantin Dobroikov · Scenography and costumes: Elena Ivanova · Choreography: Mariana Krancheva · With: Victor Ibrishimov, ...

  • Confession of an actress

    theatrical and musical performance by Rosi Ruseva · Author of the music: Joro Stoev and a song by Haygashod Aghasyan · Poems by Stefan Tsanev, Nedyalko Yordanov, Petar Anastasov

  • Constellations

    by Nick Pain · Translation: Lina Tsvetanova, Vasil Mihaylov · Director: Yordan Slaveykov · Set and costume design: Yuliyana Voykova-Nayman · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Plastic: Ana Miteva · C: Nevena Nikolova, ...

  • Crazy Family

    by Ray Cuny · Director: Valentin Tanev · Cast: Maria Sapundzhieva, Valentin Tanev, Eva Tepavicharova, Marius Donkin, Kiril Kavadarkov, Anna Simova, Yavor Kostov

  • Demons

    by Albert Camus based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky · Translation: Georgi Hodzhev · Directed by: Prof. Snezhina Tankovska and Boyan Arsov · Scenography: Marina Raychinova · Choreography: Prof. Dr. Petya Tsvetkova ...

  • Demons

    by F.М. Dostoevsky · Adaptation and staging: Ivan Dobchev · Composer: Asen Avramov · Set and costume design: Boris Dalchev and Mihaela Dobreva · Cast: Boris Krastev, Stanislav Kertikov, Yordan Rasin, Mak Marinov, ...

  • Dialogues with Mother

    by Geordie Galseran · Director: Ventsislav Kulev · Cast: Meglena Karambolova and Georgi Kurkelanov

  • Diary Of A Mad Man

    By Gogol · Director: Nina Dimitrova · Monoplay by Stelian Radev

  • Diary of А Madman

  • Dinner for Fools Le diner de cons

    by Francis Veber · Director: Irji Mentzel · Cast: Hristo Garbov, Ivan Barnev, Vesselin Rankov, Ana Valchanova, Kalin Sarmenov, Jordanka Stefanova

    Once a week, a group of friends hold a dinner party to which they each invite a complete idiot. The winner is the one who manages to invite the most idiotic of idiots.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Dividing couples into homes

    Director: prof. Zdravko Mitkov · Set and costume design: Petyr Mitev · Translation: Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova · C: Iska Donova, Mihail Bilalov, Nikolay Lukanov

    The Youth Theater launches the season with this modern French comedy (with a nomination for the Moliere Award), whose title copies Erik's job description (Mikhail Bialov).

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Don Quixote

    by Miguel de Cervantes · Stage adaptation and directing: Margarita Mladenova · Scenography and costumes: Ivaylo Nikolov · Music: Hristo Namliev · Cast: Ivan Burnev, Alexander Tonev, Grozdan Daskalov, Georgi Kermenski, ...

  • Don't Dress for Dinner Don't Dress for Dinner

    by Marc Camoletti · Translator and director: Ventsislav Assenov · Scenography: Teodora Lazarova · With: Alexander Hadjiangelov, Veselina Konakchiyska, Georgi Gotsin, Gergana Hristova, Niya Krasteva, Yulian Petrov

    This french comedy by the master in the genre Marc Camoletti (debuted on Broadway) now falls into the hands of Ventsislav Assenov.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Duel

    by Ivan Vazov · Director: Marius Kurkinski · Playwright of the production: Svetlana Pancheva · Assistant director: Olga Nedyalkova · Scenography and costumes: Nikola Toromanov · Music: Emilian Gatsov - Elbi ...

  • Dumb optimist

    Stand-up comedy by Yavor Borisov · Directed by: Kalin Sarmenov

  • Eastern Wine

    by Konstantin Iliev · Play: Vesela Vasileva · C: Svezhen Mladenov, Yordan Rysin

  • Everyone But Me

    by Stefan Fogel · Translation: Vladko Murdarov · A Spectacle by Lilia Abadzhieva · Scenography: Vasil Abadzhiev · Cast: Boyan Arsov, Vasil Vitanov, Alexandra Sarchadzhieva, Rada Kairiakova, Margarita Hlebarova, Lyubomir ...

    The comedy of the Austrian playwrighter Stefan Fogel (known by Alonso at the Sofia Theater and The Pool in Bulgarian Army Theatre) is in the hands of Lilia Abadzhieva, who tells a seemingly bitter story about the candidate-son-in-law's meeting with wise implication - think about it how expensive lie and silence cost us.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Family Council

    by Cristina Clemente · Director: Atanas Atanasov · C: Georgi Spasov, Anastasia Ingilizova, Nikola Stoyanov, Hristina Dzhurova, Vasil Duev

    Christina Clementte's play, directed by Atanas Atanassov, enters the home of a democratic family where even a president is elected while one of his members starts a revolution.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Fear for Taming Страх за опитомяване

    by Olya Stoyanova · Staging: Stefan Spasov · Playwright: Svetlana Pancheva · Scenography and costumes: Nina Pashova · Music: Teodosiy Spasov · Cast: Deyan Angelov, Emanuela Shkodreva, Stefan Kashev, Nencho Kostov

  • Fernando Krapp has written this letter to me

    by Tankred Dorst · Translation: Ventsislav Kisyiov · Director: Ivan Urumov · Stage: Mariya Dimanova · Music: Dobrin Vekilov - Doni · Cast: Liyben Chatalov, Eli Koleva, Ivan Radoev, Stoyan Mladenov

    The title coincides with the first line in this play by the German playwright Tancred Dorst, to which Ivan Urumov now refers.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Fireflies

    by Andrey Filipov · Director: Katya Petrova · C: Anna Gostanyan, Velislava Marinkova, Angel Kalev, Lyubomir Zhelev

  • Five times in one night

    by Chiara Atik · Translation: Nikolay Angelov · Directed by: Ivaylo Nenov · With: Rada Kayryakova, Martin Gyaurov, Elena Atanasova, Kiril Boyadzhiev

    Five stories in which love is just a mirror of its time.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • For Free

  • For The Folk Art

    a monospectacle by Kamen Donev · Music: Kamen Donev, Kiril Dobrev, Dani Milev · With the special appearance of Filip Kutev Ensemble, Nina Nikolina

  • Fredy's Last Secret

    Author: Irina Gigova · Directed by Sunny Suninski · Stage design and costumes: Neviena Kavaldzhieva · Assistant stage designer: Lydia Babunova · Choreography: Mila Iskrenova · Music environment and original music: ...

  • Free-falling stories

    narrative spectacle of Maria Kasimova-Moase

    This performance has no memorized text. In it, the fall of the stories is really free, because it never happens according to a script.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Friday the 13th

    by Jean-Pierre Martinez · Director: Georgi Kadurin · Cast: Hristo Garbov, Mariya Sapundjieva, Mariana Milanova

    Friday the 13th is the last comedy of the french comedy writer Jean-Pierre Martinez.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Fullmadness

    Screenplay and production: Elena Nacheva · Solo spectacle by Krastyu Lafazanov

  • Funny compartment

    by Eric Chappell · Director: Robin Kafaliev · Set design: Teodor Daskalov · C: Robin Kafaliev, Nikolay Syarov, Evgeni Stefanov, Ivan Ivanov, Rositsa Kehayova, Anna-Maria Nikolaeva

  • Ganyoada

    musical comedy after Aleko Konstantinov · Libretto and direction: Boyko Iliev · Scenography and costumes: Janet Ivanova · Musical director and arrangement: Evgeni Gospodinov · With: Borislav Vezhenov, Mihail Survanski, ...

  • Grandma's Homemade Bread Бабината питка

    By Vassil Mirchovski ·Director: Georgi Georgiev · Cast: M. Jikich, M. Chapanova, Z. Ilcheva, I. Radulova, Hristo Botev, special appearance by pop-singer Mimi Ivanova

    During series of adventures children meet Mecana, Sharo and Petljo, Dobrinka and Glezancho and they will draw some very important lessons at the end.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • Hallo, hallo

    by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft · Translation: Zlatna Kostova · Director: Ivaylo Dobrev · Stage design and costumes: Nevena Beleva · With: Svejen Mladenov, Miroslava Varbanova, Ivet Radulova, Lilyana Shomova, Svejen ...

  • Hansel and Gretel Hansel und Gretel

    by Brothers Grimm · Ako Theatre · An authors spectacle by Simona Ivanova, Iro Petkov

  • He's the Devil!

    By Sebastian Thierry · Translation: Vanya Nikolova, Mihail Bilalov · Director: Zdravko Mitkov · Scenography: Peter Mitev · Photographer: Gergana Damyanova · Cast: Mihail Bilalov, Rashko Mladenov, Maya Baburska, ...

  • Help, I have two kids

    Author and director: Zdrava Kamenova · Cast: Kiril Boyadzhiev

    The show is written in as a Stand Up comedy and deals with fatherhood. It is a funny and endearing look towards a stay-in-home father with his two little children, who wants to give his wife a chance to build her career. So, will he survive or ...

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Hen

    based on A. P. Chekhov and N. Kolyada · Director: Ana Bateva · Music: Stefan Zdraveski · C: Vasilena Vinchenco, Vasil Duev

  • Him and Her Him and Her

    by Jean-Pierre Martinez ·Translation and staging: Vladimir Petkov · Scenography: Boryana Semerdzhieva · Music: Mihail Shishkov Jr. · Photography: Elena Spasova · Cast: Dobrina Getsova, Silviya Lulcheva, Margarita ...

  • Home for sheep and dreams

    Author and artist: Zdravka Kamenova · Director: Gergana Dimitrova · Music: Pavel Terziiski · Video and Costumes: Nikola Nalbantov · Photographer: Ute Langkafel

    In 1921 the young girl Vanga, born in an abandoned Turkish house, loses her sight and becomes a fortune teller, later called “The Nostradamus of the Balkans”. Her first vision: a lost sheep. And the visions keep rolling in her dream. Vanga sees it all: 1912. Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Vanga keeps on dreaming, the year is 2015: Syrian people on boats, trying to reach the shores of Europe, its new boundaries, its abandoned houses and its animals waiting for justice.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • I Love, You Love, She Loves

    based on the movie C'eravamo tanto amati by Ettore Scola, Agenore Incrocci and Furio Scarpelli · Director: Tedi Moskov · Set design: Petya Stoykova · Music: Antoni Donchev · Costumes design: Petya Stoykova · ...

  • I pay Monsieur Amilcar

    by Yves Jamiaque · Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · Costumes: Elena Ivanova · Cast: Anya Pencheva, Mihail Petrov, Jordanka Kuzmanova, Georgi Mamalev, Martha Kondova, Hristo Terziev

  • I want your husband

    by Mihail Zadornov · Translation: Boryana Pasheva · Directed by: Vladlen Alexandrov · Scenography: Boryana Semerdzhieva · Cast: Silvia Lulcheva, Rada Kayryakova, Kiril Efremov

    I want your husband is a comedy about feelings, painful hopes and impossible expectations. A spectacle about the desperate search for love, intimacy, tenderness and the desire to be with the other.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • I'm at the theatre!

    a play by Nikola Stoyanov · Director: Nikola Stoyanov · Choreographer: Anna kabakova · Set design: Teodor Kiryakov · Composer: Miroslav Stoynov · C: Lilia Geleva, Alisa Atanasova, Stefan Dimitrov, Velizar ...

  • I, Feuerbach

    by Tankred Dorst · Translation: Mila Paspalanova · Director: Vladimir Lyutskanov · Set design: Venelin Shurelov · Composer: Petyr Dundakov · C: Stefan Mavrodiev, Jivka Gancheva, Ahmed Yumer · Photos: ...

    The play I, Feuerbach by the renowned German playwright Tankred Dorst is about an actor who, after a 7-year pause, makes a comeback on stage to go to a casting for a role he wants.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • In love, betrothed, gone

    by Stefan Vögel · Play: Elena Panayotova · C: Nona Yotova and Deyan Angelov · Photos: Ivan Donchev

  • Insanity The crazy time

    by Sam Bobrick · Director: Borislav Chakrinov · Cast: Asen Blatechki, Koyna Ruseva, Nikol Karabinova, Nikola Parashkevov, Stefan Ivanov

    This is a play about men trying to understand women, and how they never will. Miles Gladstone, a man in his mid-fifties, has left his wife of thirty years and married a young woman half his age.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Invitation to Dinner

    by Olya Stoyanova · Director: Teya Sugareva · Cast: Ivaylo Geraskov, Plamen Manasiev, Dariya Simeonova, Anton Grigorov, Martin Gyaurov

    This is a play about the feeling of loneliness even among your family and friends. And this loneliness pushes people towards resignation that deforms and weakens us and makes us depend on lies and illusions.

    Sofia Theatre  
  • It is what it is

    Director: Nedyalko Yordanov · Music: Haygashod Agasyan · Set designer: Chaika Petrusheva · Costumes: Desislava Bankova · Cast: Emilia Radeva, Yanina Kasheva, Ivan Nalbantov, Georgeta Chakarova, Lyubomir Mladenov, ...

    One class, along with its teacher, has been traditionally meeting for years. Unexpected memories erupt, conflicts erupt.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Jokes of love

    by Chekov · Stage and Intermedia: Rayna Tomova · Director: Yosif Syrchadzhiev · Set design: Maria Dimanova · Composer: Martin Karov · C: Ana Vylchanova, Kiril Efremov, Ivaylo Kaloyanchev, Polin Lalova, Krasimir ...

  • Karakondzul

    Director: Stoyan Radev · Dramaturgy: Mirela Ivanova · Scenography and costumes: Elitsa Georgieva · Cast: Valeri Yordanov

    Haytov's story of unrequited love, debt, and the struggle of a man with himself is becoming a confession, directed by Stoyan Radev and played as a one-man show by Valery Yordanov.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Karlson on the Roof

    by Astrid Lindgren · Stage version and design: Ventsislav Asenov · Set and costumes: Manoela Doichinova · Choreography: Valerie Kondrattsev · Music: Pavel Vasev · C: Konstantin Ikonomov, Nikola Stoyanov, Svetoslav ...

  • La

    Idea, text, music and performance: Rashko Mladenov and Konstantin Tsekov

    There is hardly an art of such variety of genres as music. Everything that comes out of human voice, the tones and the sounds of musical instruments makes music. There are also thousands of preferences for listeners.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • Labirinth

    Director, scenographer, choreographer: Hristo Botev Stanchev · Video and multimedia: Georgi Zlatarev, Yordan Rusin · Costumes: Vesela Dimitrova · Cast: Svezhen Mladenov, Mariana Zikic, Zana Rasheva, Anatoli Lazarov, Georgi ...

    60 years ago, the novel based on which the play was dramatized, was considered science fiction. It is now regarded as one of the most humane stories of modern times. With the piercing psychological power and filigree development of the theme of love and responsibility.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • Lady Windermere's sail

    by Oscar Wilde · Director: Boyka Velkova · Scenography: Chavdar Guzelev · Music: Theodosius Spasov · Cast: Silvia Lulcheva, Stefania Kocheva, Dobrina Getsova, Pauline Lalova, Rositsa Alexandrova, Mikhail Servanbov, Simeon ...

    Wilde's laughter is cheerful and carefree, but behind this light and lightness lies a doubt that continues to excite us today - are we able to love wholeheartedly, accept the other without prejudice, surrender fully, understand and we forgive without personal gain, without excessive pride and selfishness.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Laugh for Goodbye

    by Paul Elliott · Translator and director: Andrey Avramov · Set design: Teodora Lazarova · Choreography: Radoslav Radev · C: Rositsa Aleksandrova, Yordanka Stefanova, Dobrina Getsova, Rada Kayryakova, Martin Hristov

    Laugh for Goodbye is a comedy about true friendship, tolerance and joy of life. The heroes overcome the sorrow of the losses through laughter, alcohol and little tears and as if they are sending us a message: experience your every day, do the things you always wanted to do, embrace life - it's up to you to make it a great adventure.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Lie to me, I love you

    by Alan Ackburn · Translation: Zlatna Kostova · Director: Malin Krastev · Artist: Nikolay Nikolov · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev-Gero, Stefania Koleva, Svetlana Bonin, Sofia Bobcheva, Dimitar Zhivkov, Hristo Bonin

    Alan Aikban's comedy (directed by Malin Krastev) shows us situations from the lives of several couples who gradually become entangled in their phone scams.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Like crumbs on a window

    by Neil Simon · Translation: Stajko Murdjev · Director: Malin Krystev · Costumes: Elitsa Georgieva · Cast: Stanka Kalcheva, Silviya Lulcheva, Raya Peeva, Svetoslav Dobrev

    This drama with comic semitones and Tony for the lead female role from her Broadway season looks at the cabaret singer Evelyn Meira (Stanka Kalcheva), whose career, marriage and health have been ruined by constant encounters with the glass.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Little Muck

    Dramatization: Darko Kovachovski · Director: Todor Valov · Set design: Natalia Gocheva · Music: Plamen Mirchev - Mirona · C: Marian Rangelov, Lyubomir Genchev, Mila Kolarova, Dimitar Todorov, Iren Lazarova, Hristo Dimitrov

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • Little Red Riding Hood Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

    by Charles Perrault · Directed by Georgi Georgiev · Scene: Vesela Saraivanova · Choreography: Tatiana Sokolenko · Music: Razvigor Popov · C: Donka Avramova-Bocheva, Svejen Mladenov, Mariana Zhikic, Robert Yanakiev, ...

  • Love letters

    by Albert Ramsdell Gurney · Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Stage design and costumes: Petar Mitev · Music: Ivan Dragolov · Cast: Yana Marinova, Svejen Mladenov

    In action style, events, ages, feelings, moods pass with amazing speed ...The tape slows down for a moment, draws a specific event, naive, sad, scary or terribly funny, and casts through the cogs of time to the next.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • Love Song

  • Love, love, love

    by Mike Bartlett · Director: Krasimir Spasov · Scenography: Krasimir Valkanov · Costumes: Maria Dimanova · Music: Sasho Mladenov · Translation: Haralampi Anichkin · Cast: Simeon Damyanov, Asen Kobilarov, ...

    Krasimir Spasov puts Mike Bartlett's satire to tell the story of a married couple from the 60's, and shows how the "flower generation" casts a shadow over the next.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Madame Rubinstein

    by John Misto · Directed by: Boyka Velkova · Scenography: Lilia Babunova · Musical picture: Teodosii Spasov · Photographer: Elena Spasova · Cast: Boyka Velkova, Mihail Sarvanski, Silvia Lulcheva

    In his play, John Misto combines dignity and comedy, revealing the conflict of a whole generation that has fallen into the gap between the traditions of the past and the hopes of the new generation. But here the weapon is polished nails, lipstick, creams, lotions, hair and face masks…

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Masters

    by Racho Stoyanov · Director: Petrinel Gotchev · C: Gergana Zmiycharova, Ivan Jurukov, Zafir Rajab, Stoyan Pepelanov, Victoria Koleva, Marin Yanev, Vasil Draganov, Dejan Angelov, Emil I. Markov

  • Max and Moritz

    by Vilhelm Bush · Director: Hristo Botev · Costumes: Anatoli Lazarov · С: Boyan Mladenov, Yordan Rusin, Jana Rasheva, Georgi Zlatarev

  • Melody

    Author: Dyddri Kinahan · Stage and Music Picture: Clara Aarmandova · Costume and Multimedia: Venelin Shurelov · C: Nikola Mutafov, Diana Kostova

  • Men under thumb

    by Miro Gavran · Director: Vladlen Alexandrov · Cast: Albena Koleva, Toncho Tokmakchive, Kiril Efremov

    What would happen if a convicted (though not guilty) criminal is acquitted and returns to his wife who has divorced him? And because he has nowhere else to go, he wants to live in her apartment (which is also partly his) together with her new lover?

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Menagerie Made of Glass

    by Tennessee Williams · Directors: Jordan Slavejkov and Dimitar Kasabov · C: Dimitar Nikolov, Kamen Pacherazki, Albena Georgieva, Katalin Stareishinska and Petar Dochev · Photos: Miroslav Veselinov

    When life has stopped and nothing new comes, it's time to look back.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • Mercier and Camier

    by Samuel Beckett · Stage version: Rostislav Georgiev · Scenography and costumes: Irena Doycheva · Musical arrangement: Damyan Mihailov · Cast: Hristo Petkov, Tsvetan Alexiev, Georgi Sirkatov

  • Mercury

    Monospectacle of Dimitar Jivkov · Director: Dimitar Stefanov

  • Miss Julie Fröken Julie

    By August Strindberg

    Miss Julie (Swedish: Fröken Julie) is a naturalistic play written in 1888 by August Strindberg. It is set on Midsummer's Eve on the estate of a Count in Sweden.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • MOMO

    by Michael Ende · Stage adaptation: Ina Bozhidarova, Veselka Kuncheva · Director: Veselka Kuncheva · Scenography and costumes: Marieta Golomehova · Music: Hristo Namliev · Choreographer: Yavor Kunchev · ...

  • Moon Over Buffalo

    By Ken Ludwig · Director: Rositza Obreshkova · Scenography and costumes: Elena Ivanova · Cast: Mihail Petrov, Ania Pencheva, Sofia Bobcheva, Violeta Gindeva, Anna Petrova, Vasil Draganov, Vladislava Nikolova, Pavel Ivanov, ...

    Moon Over Buffalo relies heavily on situation comedy for its humor, as well as some sexual innuendo and a little slapstick.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Mother's Marijuana is the Best La marijuana della mamma è la più bella

    by Dario Fo · Translation: Huban Stoynov · Staging: Andrey Avramov · Photographer: Elena Spasova · Cast: Ana Valchanova, Dimitar Banenkin, Asen Mutafchiev, Vasil Grancharov, Bogdan Kazandzhiev, Ivaylo Kaloyanchev

  • Mousetrap Мишеловката

    Director: Boyan Kracholov · Scenography and costumes: Irena Doycheva · Translation: Alexander Shurbanov · Cast: Bozhidar Yordanov, Vladimir Mateev, Galya Kostadinova, Ivan Nikolov, Yordan Rusin, Simona Zdravkova

    "Our Hamlet is a boy, painfully sensitive, like a naked tooth, thrown out there somewhere in maddening Denmark, where his father's spirit wanders and seeks revenge, where thunders and cheers rise as his uncle tries to drown his sin in feasts, where his mother tosses her mourning clothes to the bed of her new husband, the same Denmark whom they rot and to death, and in which everything seems to be buried.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing

    By WIlliam Shakespeare · translated by Valeri Petrov · Director: Krassimir Spasov · Set design and costumes: Radina Bliznakova · Choreography: Tatiana Sokolova · Music: Stefan Valdobrev · Cast : Ivan ...

    Much Ado About Nothing is one of the most successful and performed productions of the Bulgarian Army Theatre for the last 20 years. The premiere took place in 2007 under the direction of Krasimir Spasov, winner of the IKAR Award for lifetime achievement. So far the production has been seen by more than 250 000 viewers and several generations of actors have taken parts in it.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Murder without murder

    by Andrei Filipov · Director: Emil Bonev · Cast: Hristo Terziev, Sofia Bobcheva, Siana Nacheva

  • My Dear Lady

    by Israel Horovitz · Translation: Haralampi Anichkin · Director: Stilian Petrov · Set design: Venelin Shurelov · Costumes design: Elitsa Georgieva · Music: Mihail Shishkov · C: Emanuela Shkodreva, Maria ...

  • My father's name is Maria

    by Ivan Angelov · Director: Asen Blatechki · Music: Hristo Namliev · Set design: Anelia Raykova · With: Stanimir Gumov, Rumen Ugrinsky, Stefan Ryadkov, Petio Petkov-Shaybata, Jeanina Stoilova, Nevena Bozukova

  • My Wife's Name Is Boris

    Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · Cast: Liubo Neykov, Stanimir Gamov, Rumen Ugrinski, Stefan Ryadkov, Petyo Petkov, Diana Lyubenova, Ernestina Shinova and Janina Doncheva

    No one will want to find himself in a situation where his mistress suddenly tells him that she will meet with his wife to tell her all about their two-year affair.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Nauru

    based on the book Beyond the game by Ivo Ivanov · Dramatization: Rusi Chanev · Director: Valentin Ganev · Solo spectacle of Svejen Mladenov

  • Neodachnici

    by Maxim Gorky · Director: Ivan Pantaleev · C: Julian Vergov, Vladimir Karamazov, Ivan Yurukov, Teodora Duhovnikova, Radena Vylkanova, Aleksandra Vasileva, Stefania Koleva, Darin Angelov, Deyan Angelov, Hristo Petkov, Nikolay Urumov, ...

  • New Bible

    by Yordan Radichkov · Director: Ivan Dobchev · Music: Asen Avramov · Set design idea: Ivan Dobchev and Stanislav Pamukchiev · Performers: Mihaela Dobreva, Boris Dalchev, Anton Tsanev · Plastics: Marion Dyrova ...

    New Bible is the second performance of the Sfumato Theatre Laboratory’s Noah’s Ark Programme dedicated to the works of Yordan Radichkov. Each of the productions is marked by the distinguished style of its director. They are united by the question of the dynamics between the local and the global and ask how to be open to the Other without losing your own identity.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • Nice lady in bad company

    by Andre Rusen · Translation: Svetlana Pancheva · Stage version and production: Yuri Dachev · Composer: Asen Avramov · Cast: Emanuela Shkodreva, Krusty Lafazanov, Vasil Draganov and Pavel Ivanov

    The nice lady is called Nina - bold, charming, irresistible, unstoppable in her desire to live her life the way she wants.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Nice to meet you, Iva!

    by Iva Todorova · Set design: Elitsa Georgieva, Momchil Aleksiev · Costume design: Elitsa Georgieva · C: Iva Todorova

    When you are home alone you can engage in some pleasant pursuits. Dance in front of the mirror, stare at the sky through the window. You can indulge in a nice memory, daydream or ponder over various topics… Like Iva who asks: how many personalities live in a person? Do we do what we love? Do we love what we do? And also: what is the connection between the population of vultures and the everyday life of an advertising director? And between a love monologue and a burnt bulb?

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Night of January 16th

    by Ayn Rand · Translation: Zlatna Kostova · Director: Plamen Markov · set and Costume design: Mira Kalanova · Composer: Kalin Nikolov · Cast: Nikolay Antonov, Yuliyan Rachkov, Nikolay Varbanov, Mila Bancheva, Lora ...

    Night of January 16th is the first play staged in Bulgaria by the US writer and philosopher Ayn Rand who is otherwise well-known for her novels and treatises (Ideal, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged).

    Sofia Theatre  
  • Nordost - a tale of destruction Nordost

    by Torsten Buchsteiner · Director: Vasilena Radeva · C: Koina Ruseva, Angelina Slavova, Iskra Donova

    Nordost - a tale of destruction reconstructs the 57 hours, that shocked the world - terrorist acts in Dubrovka Theatre, Moscow in October 2002.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Nose

    by Gogol · Director: Veselka Kuncheva · Set and costume disgn: Marieta Golomehova · Music: Hristo Namliev · C: Georgi Spasov, Polina Hristova · Photos: Ivan Donchev

  • Not a game for boys

    by Simon Block · Translation: Milena Popova · Director: Dimitar Zhivkov · Scenography and costumes: Dimitar Dimitrov · Music: Vlado Kovachev · Photographer: Petar Bonev · With: Sava Dragnev, Petar Petrov, ...

    A story about three true friends, together for many years, who lost many real things in life, became part of the gray stream that inhabits the globe. No matter how hard they try to keep their own faces, to stay even a little above the gray stream, they do not understand how they have long since given up and become "small", desperate people.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • Old Saybrook and The Last Passionate Lover

    By Woody Allen (Old Saybrook), Neil Simon (The Last Passionate Lover) · Director: Nikolay Poliakov · Scenography: Yuliana Voikova-Naiman · Cast: Nikolay Dimitrov, Milena Jivkova, Silvia Petkova, Plamen Manasiev, Martin Giaurov, ...

  • On Science

    Written, directed and performed by Kamen Donev

  • One Night with You

    After the play What the Night is for by Michael Weller · Stage version: Krasimir Spasov · Set Design and Costumes: Krasimir Vulkanov · Cast: Stefka Yanorova, Georgi Kadurin

    A peculiar love story between ordinary man and woman, Adam and Lindy. A story that tells of the impossible getting together and the impossible love.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • One Week, Not More

    Director: Emil Markov · Cast: Dimo ​​Alexiev, Emil Markov, Yoana Bukovska

  • Orange Skin Pomarančna koža

    by Maja Pelevic · Translation: Rusanka Lyapova · Stage adaptation: Peter Denchev · Scenography and costumes: Peter Mitev · Music: Hristo Namliev · Choreography: Nadezhda Dicheva · Cast: Vittoria Nikolova, ...

  • Otherwise

    by Florian Zeller · Translation: Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova · Director: Vladimir Petkov · Set design: Chayka Petrusheva · Composer: Mihail Shishkov · Choreography: Mila Iskrenova · C: Georgi Kadurin, ...

    Otherwise has something common with other plays by Florian Zeller - family stories with unexpected plot twists and big questions beneath the surface. The play brings out hidden emotions and thoughts from a family dinner, and in Zeller's words it is a "less serious comedy" than his previous ones, which jumps from "farce to tragedy and from tragedy to comedy," just as human life often does.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Our big french wedding

    by Jean-Jacques Bricaire and Maurice Lasaygues · Director: Asen Blatechki · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev, Svetlana Bonin, Boiko Krystanov, Evgeni Budinov, Evelin Kostova, Hristo Bonin

    А member of the parliament tries to raise his rating with a thoughtful, somewhat absurd move, organizing on the same day his son's wedding and his own. Everything would have been great if it was not the unexpected appearance of a mysterious colonel from the US Army.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Overcoat

    by Gogol · Director: Nina Dimitrova · Cast: Nina Dimitrova, Stelian Radev

  • Part of a collection

    Theatrical and musical performance based on texts by Dimitar Voev · Dramatization and staging: Ivan Yurukov · Arrangement: TURPENTINE · Cast: Ivan Yurukov [guitar, ukulele, vocals], Stoyan Mladenov [violin, vocals], Nikolay ...

  • Passing Strangers

    by Eric Chappell · Director: Boyko Iliev · Scenographer: Nina Pashova · C: Albena Pavlova, Kiril Efremov, Rada Kairyakova, Kiril Boyadzhiev

    Passing Strangers is a romantic comedy by the English playwright and master of television sitcoms Eric Chappell.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Perfect Strangers

    Theatre Oz · Script: Filippo Bologna and Paolo Genovese · Directed by: Savina Barzeva · Scenography and costumes: Boyana Bachvarova · Cast: Jorgetta Ivanova, Alexander Yonchev, Kalina Georgieva, Elena Zaharieva, ...

  • Pinochhio

  • Poor France

    by Jean Co · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Fahradin Fahradinov, Aleksandar Dojnov, Aleksandar Kadiev, Anelia Lucinova

    The comedy tells the story about the relationship between father and son, the sexual orientation, the thigs of life and all of that makes us different.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Pop-Folk Chronicles: White Birds and Bullets

    Director: Neda Sokolovska · Set and costumes design: Petya Stoykova · C: Tanya Pashankova, Vesela Babinova, Zheni Aleksandrova-Lecheva, Hristina Karaivanova, Emil Kotev, Vladimir Zombori, Mak Marinov, Simeon Bonchev, Atanas Chopov

  • Pregnant women

    by Zdrava Kamenova · Director: Daniana Koeva · Composer: Lubomir Minchev · Scene and puppets: Nikolina Nedyalkova · Cast: Zoya Shopova, Zlatina Soicheva, Iva Karamancheva, Larisa Koinova

  • Pretentious Coffee

    Director: Ivan Urumov · Scenography and costumes: Nina Pashova · Music: Doni - Dobrin Vekilov · Cast: Ivan Radoev, Monjo Monev, Julian Vergov

    The comic story takes us to Sofia in 1966 at the apartment of Milcho (Julian Vergov), a 43-year-old head of an advertising bureau. He and his friends decide to hit on girls, but the trurh is that they all have forgotten how it's done.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Provincial anecdotes

    by Aleksander Vampilov · Translation: Mihail Marinov · Play: Nikolay Urumov · Set design: Kiril Naumov · Music: Ivan Stoyanov · C: Albena Mihova, Ivaylo Kaloyanchev, Ivan Panev, Kiril Efremov, Martin Hristov, Polin ...

  • Pumpkin

  • Puss in Boots

  • Puss in Boots Le Chat Botté

    by Charles Perrault · Directed by Roza Nikolova · Verse: Valeri Petrov · Scene: Miroslav Tsvetanov · Music: Haigashot Agasian · Cast: Roza Nikolova, Miroslav Tsvetanov

    The well-known tale by Charles Perrault but seen from a different point of view. It fascinates not only with the beautiful scenography that constantly changes the sets but also with the wonderful verses of Valeri Petrov.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Quartet for Two

    by Anatoliy Krim · Director: Vladimir Petkov · Stage designer: Petar Mitev · Cast: Tatiana Zahova, Robert Yanakiev, Donka Avramova-Bocheva and Boyan Mladenov

  • Rabbit hole

    Dir.: Ivaylo Hristov · Cast: Kristina Yaneva, Elena Telbis, Valery Yordanov, Meglena Karalambova, Asen Mutafchiev · Photo credits: Simon Varsano

    Rabbit Hole is the big hit of the contemporary American theater.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Red

  • Retrosexual

    Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Stage design: Petar Mitev · Cast: Veselin Tsanev, Ivaylo Kaloyanchev, Stefani Ivaylo

    What happens when two nagging old men, who barely manage (sometimes) to pay their bills, fall in love? In a crazy, angry, stubborn kid - a bartender, anarchist and artist.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Rhythm and Blues 1

    A music and dance spectacle by Rumen Tsonev · Cast: Hristo Mutafchiev, Filip Avramov, Stoian Mladenov, Petyr Kalchev, Stela Stoianova, Albena Mihova, Iordanka Ilova, Simeon Bonchev, Iavor Karov, Jeni Aleksandrova, Vencislava Stoilova

  • Road To Hell

    author's performance, inspired by sports chronicles · Staging: Ovannes Torosyan · Costumes: Sirma Kuncheva, Eleonora Ivanova · Music: Teodor Kisov · Choreography: Jacqueline Daskalova · Poster: Eleonora Ivanova ...

  • Rocks in the Pocket

    Author: Marie Jones · Director: Ventsislav Asenov · C: Alexander Hadjiangelov, Yulian Petrov · Stage design and costumes: Rositsa Grancharova · Music: Pavel Vasev

  • Romeo and Juliet

    by William Shakespeare · Director: Anastasia Sabeva · Scenography and costumes: Ada Paunova · Choreography: Alexander Manjukov · Music: Dobromir Kisyov · Cast: Yavor Valkanov, Kremena Deyanova, Nikolay Lukanov, ...

    Shakespeare wrote his tragic evergreen in 1597, Valery Petrov made his best translation into Bulgarian in 1981, and young actors Yavor Valkanov and Kremena Deyanova are now picking up a new read on the stage of the Youth Theater.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Romy's Pool

    by Stefan Vögel · Play: Atanas Atanasov · Set and costumes design: Nina Pashova · Music: Doni - Dobrin Vekilov · C: Mimoza Bazova, Veselin Anchev, Anastasia Ingilizova, Asen Kobilarov, Evelin Kostova

  • Scenes from a Marriage

    by Ingmar Bergman · Traslation: Vasa Gancheva · Director: Kris Sharkov · Scenography: Nikola Toromanov · Music: Asen Avramov · Costumes: Elis Veli · Photographer& Stefan N. Shterev · Cast: Vesela ...

    As Georgi Markov once wrote, Bergman's 1973 film is "a careful study of a married life and of the process of breaking up a family relationship." The story includes lawyer Marianne and scientist Johan, who at first appear to be such an exemplary family that a reporter is on the lookout for the formula of happy love.

    Zad Kanala Small City Theatre  
  • Scissor Happy Scissor Happy

    by Bruce Jordan and Marilyn Abrahams · Director: Ivailo Hristov · Cast: Gergana Dandanova, Nencho Ilchev, Stefania Koleva, Ivan Radoev, Veselin Rankov, Georgi Kyrkelanov, Aleksandyr Doinov

    There's a murder in a hairdressing salon, and everyone in there is a suspect. The audience is asked to help solve the crime! This is by no means the usual crminal-comedy that you might expect although it starts like one but develops fast in a ...

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

    by Eric Bogosian · Director: Nikolai Lambrev · Cast: Ivailo Hristov, Kotzeto-Kalki, Doni

  • Shakespeare during a pandemic

    Comedy del arte by W. Shakespeare · Director: Teddy Moskov · Scenography and costumes: Svila Velichkova and Vanina Tsandeva · Music: Antoni Donchev · Cast: Svetlana Yancheva, Leonid Yovchev, Boyko Krastanov, Mak ...

  • She, he and two-three more

    by Zsolt Pozsgai · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Anja Pencheva, Kiril Efremov, Alexander Kadiev, Nencho Ilchev, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Tihomir Blagoev

    Six theatrical miniatures. Six men. Six first meetings. Six deaths. Six explosions of laughter and absurdity ... and an incredibly desperate woman.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Shveik

    Authir: Yuriy Danchev · Dir.: Bina Haralampieva · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev-Gero, Valentin Tanev · Photo credits: Simon Varsano

    The team Bina Haralampieva, Yuriy Danchev and screenographer Petya Stoykova have made a name for themselves and we know that they will offer something meaningful to the audience.Their recent premiere performance is Shveyk based on the novel by Yaroslav Haschek.

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Some People Prefer...

    Director: Ventsislav Asenov · Music: Kiril Donchev · Scenographer: Petya Stoykova · Costumes: Velina Kokalova · Choreography: Valeri Kondratsev · C: Nia Krasteva, Svetoslav Dobrev, Petar Dochev and others

    The action takes place during the Great Depression in the United States. Joe and Jerry are unemployed musicians. They've witness a murder and try to disappear from town to save their lives. The only job opportunity they have is to play in a girl ...

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Special occasions

    by Bernard Slade · Director: Petyr Kaukov · Set and costumes design: Elitsa Georgieva · Composer: Milen Kukosharov · C: Koyna Ruseva, Dimityr Banenkin

    Special occasions is a play for Amy and Michael, who celebrate their wedding anniversary while specifying the details of their divorce. Sad?

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • State of emergency

    Authors: Bogdana Trifonova, Zdrava Kamenova, Svetoslav Tomov

    A state of emergency is a stand-up comedy, born from the personal experiences of the authors Bogdana Trifonova, Zdrava Kamenova and Svetoslav Tomov.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • Strip Poker

    by Jean-Pierre Martinez · Director: Nadia Asenova · Scenography: Petya Stoykova · Music: Dobrin Vekilov - Doni · Photographer: Stefan N. Shterev · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev - Hero, Malin Krastev, Vasilena Atanasova, ...

  • Surprise

    Stage version and direction: Emil Bonev · Scenography and costumes: Elena Ivanova · Choreography: Anna Pampulova · Cast: Nikolay Urumov, Yaroslava Pavlova, Zornitsa Marinkova, Ivaylo Florov

  • Swan Song

    by Chekhov · Director: Rostislav Georgiev · Cast: Tsvetan Aleksiev, Dimitar Vasilev

  • Swedish Defence El mètode Grönholm

    by Jordi Galceran Ferrer · Directed by: Bina Haralampieva · Cast: Hristo Mutafchiev, Atanas Atanasov, Penko Gospodinov, Vasilena Atanasova

    The most famous play of Jordi Galceran – Swedish Defence (with original name El mètode Grönholm / The Grönholm Method) can be seen at the Zad Kanala Small City Theatre. The main theme – the extreme and distorted ...

    Zad Kanala Small City Theatre  
  • Take it easy

    Director: Vladimir Lyutskanov · Composer: Stefan Valdobrev · Scenography: Venelin Shurelov · Costumes: Elitsa Georgieva · Choreographer: Teodora Popova · Cast: Philip Avramov, Stiliyan Stoyanov / Julian Petrov, ...

    Stefan Valdobrev has been composing music for theatrical performances since his student years at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts, and since The Dog Board in 2000 he has also written at least one soundtrack of Bulgarian films every year.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Tale for The Knight Who Has No Horse

    by Marta Gushnyovska · Director: Elzbieta Eysimont · C: Krasimir Nedev, Yulian Petrov, Yaroslava Pavlova, Aleksander Hadzhiangelov, Ahmed Yumer

    A fairy tale tells for a knight without a horse and a horse without a knight who are searching for each other.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Tales of Hitar Peter

    Staging: Prof. Bonyo Lungov · Directed by: Konstantin Karakostov, Marian Rangelov, Lyubomir Genchev · Scenography: Alexander Garalov · Costumes: Alexandrina Hristova · Choreography: Dr. Daria Koleva · Vocal ...

    The play interprets the classic Bulgarian tales about the emblematic hero, who appeared in folk art during the 16th century.

    NATFIZ Practice Puppet Theatre  
  • Tango

    by Sławomir Mrożek · Director: Plamen Markov · Scenography and costumes: Siyana Peichinova and Irina Tsapreva · Verbal action: Dr. Ralitsa Kovacheva-Bezhan · Choreography: Prof. Dr. Velimir Velev · Musical ...


    tango dance performance · Idea and concept: Ivaylo Alexandrov · Choreography: Ivaylo Alexandrov, Gabriela Pancheva

    Built entirely on the aesthetics of Argentine tango and digital vision, the spectacle explores the delicate connection between the classic elegance of Tango de Salon and the creative spectacle of Tango Nuevo.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • Taste of Honey

    by Shelagh Delaney · Play: Krasimir Spasov · Set design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Costumes: Maria Dimitrova · Music: Sasho Mladenov · C: Stefka Yanorova, Gergana Pletnyova, Stoyko Peev, Vladislav Violinov, Vladimir ...

  • Teacher

    by Jean Pierre Dopan · A monospectacle by Stoyan Pepelanov · Director: Yurii Dachev · Set and costumes design: Radina Bliznakova

  • Teremin

    by Petr Zelenka · Translation: Margarita Kyurkchieva · Play: Valentin Ganev · Director: Nikolay Gunderov · Set and costumes design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Music: Slav Bistrev · Photographer: Bozhidar Markov ...

    The biography of the russian scientist and musician Lev Sergeevich Theremin is interesting and without dramatization, but the czech director Petr Zelenka takes an episode from it and gives it life on stage.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Test

    by Elin Rahnev · Director: Lisa Shopova · Scenography and costumes: Anelia Raykova · Music: Petya Dimanova · With: Hristo Shopov, Asen Mutafchiev

    A job interview. Every question is a shock, every answer is taking breath. Are there any unanswered questions? Are there any answers without questions? Will there be a winner in this game? Laughter through tears, tears through laughter until you understand the truth.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Baron Münchhausen

    by Rudolf Erich Raspe · Dramatisation and directed by: Slavcho Malenov · Scene: Silva Bychvarova, Vasil Rokomanov · Music: Vladimir Djambazov · Сast: Rossica Spasova, Georgi Spasov

    By telling his wonderful fantasies Baron Munchausen seems unable to accept the real wrold but his stories help one little girl named Rossi to solve an important problem that tortures her soul.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • The Air Princess

    by George Mccdonald · Director: Lyubomira Kostova · Dramaturg: Venelina Petrova · Set and costumes design: Mila Dikalova · C: Vittoria Nikolova, Yordan Rysin, Mariana Zhikich, Georgi Zlatarev, Zhana Rasheva

  • The Aventures of I. K.

    author: Ivanka Kurvoazie · Playwright: Stefan Ivanov · Cast: Vasilena Vincenzo, Vasil Duev, Vesela Babinova, Bilyana Georgieva, Lili Gelev

    Ivanka Kurvoazier is a twentieth-century provincial magician. Five villages are arguing for the honor of being her birthplace.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • The Beauty Queen of Leenane The Beauty Queen of Leenane

    by Martin McDonagh · Translation: Mariana Melnishka · Director: Vladimir Lyutskanov · Scenography: Venelin Shurelov · Costumes: Elitsa Georgieva · Photographey: Gergana Damyanova · Cast: Iskra Donova, ...

    Vladimir Lyutskanov stages the first play by our favorite theater director - Martin McDonagh. The focus is on his story of "a single woman near her 40s, facing her first and probably last chance for love." Alas, not without problems.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • The Beckenbauer feint

    musical comedy by Stanislava Rizova · Director: Yavor Radovanov · Music: Artak Kulidjanyan · Scenography: Georgi Slavkov · Puppets: Miglena Metodieva and Albena Karapetkova · Choreography: Stella Zdravkova ...

  • The Bet

    by David Lindsay-Aber · Director: Stefan Spasov · Translation: Matthew Todorov · Scenography and costumes: Nina Pashova · Music: Toodosii Spasov · Cast: Maria Stefanova, Vyara Tabakova, Plamen Dimov, Nencho Kostov, ...

    The Bet tells with a lot of warmth and humor the story of a difficult cohabitation and the even more difficult approach of two elderly ladies, forced to share a common room.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Bird says COO

    Solo performance of Ivan Jurukov · Script: Alexander Urumov · Music: Mihail Shishkov-father

  • The Blue Beard - Marriage Without a Tale

    Director: Vasilena Radeva · Artist: Teodora Lazarova · Author's music and performance: Ervin Tul · Cast: Elena Dimitrova, Ivelina Koleva, Mila Lutskanova, Bogdan Kotareva, Vladimir Bochev

  • The Bore

    by Francis Veber · Director. Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Marian Bachev Alexander Kadiev, Nikolai Syarov, Tihomir Blagoev, Dimitrina Gineva, Veselin Borisov, Filip Yanev

    In a hotel room the killer Ralf Milano prepares a murder of a key witness in a trial. In the next room Francois is about to commit suicide because his wife has left him.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • The box Le carton

    by Clement Michel · Translation: Natasha Kolevska · Director: Kalin Angelov · Scenography: Nikola Nalbantov · Musical arrangement: Georgi Georgiev - Antika · Cast: Julian Rachkov, Yuli Malinov, Simona Halacheva, ...

    French director and actor Clement Michel was only 25 years old when he wrote this comedy play in 1999 - the first in his life. Two years later, it was staged at the Luzern Theater and became so popular that it was soon performed in Rome and Warsaw, and then became a film.

    Sofia Theatre  
  • The Boy and the Wind

    based on a Bulgarian folktale · Director: Petar Pashov, Cast: Ana-Maria Lalova, Vanya Kamyanska, Stefan Dimitrov, Stoyan Doychev

  • The Cabinet Minister's Wife

    by Branislav Nushich · Director: Nedialko Delchev · Scene: Petar Mitev · Music: Kaloyan Dimitrov · Cast: Lilia Maravilia, Daria Simeonova, Asen Mutafchiev, Ulian Rachkov, Nikolai Varbanov, Simona Halacheva, Boris ...

    In The Cabinet Minister’s Wife the classic master of comedy Branislav Nušić skillfully jokes with a painfully familiar phenomenon. Both a biting political satire and an ingenious anecdote, the play shows how in a single morning the simple wife of a newly fledged politician turns into a power-hungry woman.

    Sofia Theatre  
  • The Canopy

    by Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette · Directed by: Stefan Spasov · Cast: Gergana Dandanova, Veselin Anchev, Eli Koleva, Yasen Atanasov, Meglena Karalambova, Ivan Nalbantov

  • The Coin

    Author and director: Boyan Kracholov · Scene and costumes: Elena Ivanova · Cast: Stefan Mavrodiev, Stanka Kalcheva, Svetoslav Doobrev, Raya Peeva, Georgi Gotsin, Aleksandar Hadjiangelov

    The play The Coin confronts the themes about creativity, death and money in a mythological dramatic situation.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • The Collector

    Director: Katya Petrova · Cast: Maya Bezhanska

  • The Colour of the deep water

    by Olya Stoyanova · Director: Boyka Velkova · Composer: Teodosii Spasov · Choreographer: Tatyana Sokolova · C: Boyka Velkova, Emanuela Shkodreva, Vyara Tabakova, Eva Danailova, Pavel Ivanov, Yavor Vylkanov

  • The Dance of Death Dödsdansen

    Programme To Damask · by August Strindberg · Director: Margarita Mladenova · Scene and costumes: Daniela Oleg Ljahova · Cast: Svetlana Iancheva, Vladimir Penev, Cvetan Aleksiev

    After the first brilliant part of the programme To Damask by Sfumato Theatre Workshop came the second performance by August Strindberg ? The Dance of Death. Again the director is Margarita Mladenova who continues her thinking about life, man and ...

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • The Dinner

    by Hermann Koch · Director: Plamen Markov · Scenography and costumes: Mira Kalanova · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Cast: Daria Simeonova, Ivaylo Geraskov, Lilia Maravilya, Mikhail Milchev, Plamen Manasiev, Bistra Ijoma Okereke, ...

    We do not serve this title for the first time: after Dutch writer Herman Koch's novel came out and won a bunch of awards in 2009, his controversial film adaptation with Richard Gere, Rebecca Hall and Steve Coogan (directed by Oren Muverman) arrived here at the CineLibri festival in 2017.

    Sofia Theatre  
  • The dirty bastard

    By Jordi Galceran · Director: Plamen Panev · Scenography: Nikolay Nikolov · Translation: Neva Micheva · Cast: Svetlana Bonin, Asen Blatechki, Nikolay Urumov, Hristo Bonin.

    The situation is quite obvious at first glance - one man is waiting for a job interview together with other people. But who are they actually?

    Open Scene Theater  
  • The Double Bass Der Kontrabas

    By Patrick Süskind · Director: Plamen Markov · Monospectacle of Valentin Ganev

    The one-man show “The Double Bass” is one of unusually long life. It was staged in 2000 and over the years the performance of Valentin Ganev, one of the leading actors of the National Theatre, has won him a number of theatre awards in Bulgaria and has travelled to more than 15 festivals in Europe and USA.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Elephant’s Child The Elephant’s Child

    By Todor Valov · Based on the story by Rudyard Kipling · Director: Todor Valov · Cast: Maya Bezhanska, Galina Savova, Elena Rusalieva, Marieta Petrova, Atanas Bonchev-Nakata/Kamen Asenov, Georgi Stoyanov

  • The Fire

    by Hans Christian Andersen · Director: Prof. Slavcho Malenov · Music: Vladimir Dzhambazov · Scenography: Vasil Rokomanov · Dolls and costumes: Silva Bachvarova · With: Hristo Dimitrov, Ivet Lazarova-Torosyan, ...

  • The Fisherman and His Soul The Fisherman and His Soul

    by Oscar Wilde · Director: Marius Kurkinski · Cast: Vladimir Karamazov, Radena Valkanova, Ana Papadopulu, Velislav Pavlov

    A fisherman accidently captures and falls in love with a mermaid but must make a sacrifice to be with her. A fairytale, reminiscent of The Little Mermaid, parodying usual divisions between body and soul.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • The Frog Prince

    by Brothers Grimm · Director: Todor Vulov · Cast: Mimi Yordanova, Ivet lazarova-Torosyan, Stefan Dimitrov

  • The Goat or Who is Silvya?

    by Edward Albee · Directed by Yavor Gurdev · Scenography and clothes: Nikola Toromanov · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Cast: Boyka Velkova, Mihail Bilalov, Yulian Vergov, Ivo Arukov

    The Goat or Who is Silvya? tells the story of a married middle-aged architect who falls in love with Sylvia. However, the topic of infidelity is seen in a whole new light, because Sylvia is ... a goat.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The God of Carnage

    by Yasmina Reza · Translation: Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova · Director: Anton Ugrinov · Scenography and costumes: Nikola Toromanov · Music: Kalin Nikolov · C: Aleksandra Vasileva, Vladimir Karamazov, Radena ...

    Two boys have had a fight and one of them is left with two broken teeth. This accident becomes the occasion for their parents to meet with the intention to decently and reasonably discuss the situation and its consequences for their sons. But the thin surface of their polite conversation soon starts to crack up and it gets more and more difficult to find out who is to be blamed for the aggression.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Government Inspector Ревизор

    by Nikolai Gogol · Directed by Boiko Bogdanov · Cast: Sava Piperov, Maria Sapundjieva, Nevena Kaludova, Mihail Milchev, Nikolai Antonov, Rosen Belov, Hristo Terziev, Plamen Sirakov, Kalin Vrachanski, Nikolai Varbanov, Milen Nikolov, ...

    In a small town where the mayor is not very well performing his duties, spreads a rumor that a government inspector is coming for the capital city that will be undercover. Rumor says he is already in town and logically everybody decides that the ...

    Sofia Theatre  
  • The gramophone

    Concert performance of Viktor Kalev · Text: Vanya Shtereva · With:

    An exciting journey through the years, filled with humor, nostalgia and love. Autobiographical stories of Viktor Kalev and Bulgarian songs of favorite artists, sung and played by the actor.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • The guard of the Taj Mahal

    by Rajiv Joseph · Cast: Nikolai Nikolaev, Todor Kirilov

  • The Homecoming

    by Harold Pinter · Director: Yavor Gurdev · Scenography and costumes: Svila Velichkova · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Translation: Galina Tomova - Stankeva · Photographer: Stefan N. Shterev · Cast: Vladimir Penev, ...

    The Homecoming is a play written in 1964 by Harold Pinter and first published in 1965. Its premières in London (1965) and New York (1967) were both directed by Peter Hall. The original Broadway production won the 1967 Tony Award for Best Play.

    Zad Kanala Small City Theatre  
  • The House of Anger

    By F.G.Lorka · Director and scenography: Diana Dobreva · Music: Petya Dimanova · Cast: Georgi Zlatarev, Jana Rasheva, Ivet Radulova, Donka Avramova-Bocheva, Yana Kuzova, Nikolina Yancheva, Lilyana Shomova, Alesia Yosifova.

    Eight women stuck in a house and forced to be in mourning.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • The Importance of Being Earnest The Importance of Being Earnest

    by Oscar Wilde · Director: Krassimir Spassov · C: Tigran Torosian, Veselin Rankov Georgi Karkelanov, Plamena Getova, Anastasia Ingilizova, Antoaneta Dobreva - Nettie, Mimoza Basova, Alexandar Doynov, Vladislav Violinov

    How a noble English family can obtain a ''non-earnest" son-in-law finding him when he was a baby in a travelling bag on Victoria railway Station. An elegant whim of fortune, misunderstandings and absurd obstacles come across the way of two ...

    Balgarska Armia Theatre  
  • The Iron Candelstick

  • The Libertine

    by E.E. Schmidt · Translation: Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova · Director: Stoyan Radev · Stage design: Nikola Toromanov · Costume design: Elis Veli · Composer: Viktor Stoyanov · Cast: Iriney Konstantinov, Lilia ...

  • The lie

    by Florian Zeler · Director: Borislav Chakrinov · Costumes: Martina Variiska · Cast: Asen Blatechki, Koina Ruseva, Milena Markova, Stefan Ivanov

    What is the truth? What is it? The play by French playwright Florian Zeller - The lie has become a world theater hit without answering these questions.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • The Little Foxes

    by Lillian Hellman · Director: Bina Haralampieva · Play: Mirela Ivanova · Set and costumes design: Svila Velichkova · Music: Asen Avramov · C: Ana Papadopulu, Darin Angelov, Ivan Yurukov, Marin Rangelov, Radina ...

    The Little Foxes are described as a "passionate read of our tense times," but the play's roots go back to the 1939 psychological drama of activist Lillian Hellman, which first steps on Broadway.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Little Man With The Big Nose

  • The Lover from ZanziBar

    by Eli Sagi · Transation: Krystio Krystev · Director: Atanas Atanasov · Scene and costumes: Petya Stoykova · Music: Petya Dimanova · Cast: Veselina Mihalkova, Stoyan Radev, Milena Kaneva, Simeon Lyutakov, Tsvetina ...

  • The Luck of the Cuckoo

    by Zdrava Kamenova and Mariana Sybeva · Play: Milko Yovchev · Set design: Irina Vasileva · C: Yana Ognyanova, Zdrava Kamenova

    This night is very important for two peculiar cuckoos. The first one will present her new, most significant book to the audience, and the other one will perform her first rock concert ...

    City Mark Art Center  
  • The Man from Earth

    by Jerome Bixby's film with the same name · Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Costumes: Petar Mitev · Composer: Ivan Dragolov · C: Hristo Shopov, Georgi Zlatarev, Ivet Radulova, Mariana Zhikic, Robert Yanakiev, Svejen Mladenov, ...

    The Man from Earth is an American drama science fiction film written by Jerome Bixby. The Man from Earth is a story of a dream. A dream in which memories of 14 000 years fall on us.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • The Memory of Water

    by Shelagh Stephenson · Directed by: Prof. Elena Baeva · Scenography: Ema Vankova · Music: Yosif Gerdjikov · With: Mila Topalova, Mikaela Bercheva, Dimitrina Prodanova, Stefan Milkov and Tihomir Ivanov

    After a years-long separation three sisters meet again for their mother’s funeral. This turns into an occasion to make sense of their scattered lives and to attempt for a genuine communication.

    New Theatre  
  • The Night of the Iguana

    by Tennessee Williams · Director: Vessela Vasileva · Scenography: Elena Ivanova · Cast: Georgi Zlatarev, Donka Avramova - Bocheva, Sanya Borisova, Jana Rasheva, Mariana Zhikich, Vittoria Nikolova, Hristo Botev Stanchev, ...

  • The Observers

    by Konstantin Iliev · Director: Yavor Gyrdev · Set design: Nikola Toromanov · Costumes design: Svila Velichkova · Music: Kalin Nikolov · Photographer: Stefan Nenkov Shterev · C: Anna Papadopulu, Blagovest ...

  • The Odd Couple

    by Neil Simon · Director: Andrey Avramov · Scenography: Nevena Beleva · C: Svetlomir Radev, Konstantin Ikonomov, Martin Karov, Bogdan Kazandzhiev, Yavor Borisov, Milena Avramova, Irina Pyrvanova

  • The Odyssey and the Cyclops of Dublin

    Director: Dimitar Markov · Translation: Iglika Vasileva · Cast: Dimitar Markov

    The Odyssey and the Cyclops of Dublin - a heroic ode by James Joyce is a one-man show by actor Dimitar Markov on the passages of Episode 12 - The Cyclops of the Odyssey Novel.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • The Operation

    by Ivo Siromahov · Director: Boris Pankin · Cast: Marian Bachev, Orlin Goranov, Toni Minasyan, Miglena Stoeva

    In his the play, Ivo Siromahov describes the mismatch between the patients 'fears and the imperturbability of the doctors.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • The poison of love

    based on the novel of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt · Translation: Zornitsa Kitinska · Adaptation, sound picture and directing: Martin Kiselov · Consultant of the stage version: Snezhina Zdravkova-Rusinova · Photographer: ...

  • The Princess and the Pea Prinsessen på ærten

    based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen · Directed by: Atanas Ilkov · Puppets: Iva Hadjieva · Cast: Tzvetoslava Simeonova, Georgi Stoianov

    Inadvertently, a shy and very embarassed girl from the audience manages to seriously mix up the plans of the story-teller.
    And this is exactly when and where the magic of theatre begins...

    Central Puppet Theatre – Yanko Sakazov Hall  
  • The Princesses and the Dragon The Princesses and the Dragon

    by Milada Mashatova · Directed by Kiryakos Argiropulos · Scenography: Anna Pulieva · Music: Petar Tsankov · Cast: Georgi Stoianov, Mimi Jordanova, Cvetoslava Simeonova,  Stanislav Stanev

    A funny story about the dragon that decided to look for a wife and visited many kingdoms to find a princess for his home.

    Central Puppet Theatre – Yanko Sakazov Hall  
  • The Queen of Turnovo

    by Emilian Stanev · Director: Boyko Iliev · Set design: Teodor Daskalov · Costumes: Janeta Ivanova · Cast: Elena Petrova, Daniel Naidenov, Mariela Topalova, Tanya Karbova, Veselin Borisov, Nikolai Syarov, Tsveta ...

  • The Ride Down Mt. Morgan

    by Arthur Miller · Director: Nikolay Lambrev-Mihaylovski · Translation: Lyubov Kostova · Set and costume design: Chayka Petrusheva · Music: Nikolay Lambrev-Mihaylovski · Multimedia: Ivan Moskov · C: Valentin ...

  • The river at sunset

    Screenplay, direction and scenography: Prof. Dr. Alexander Iliev · Costumes: Boryana Georgieva · Music: Nikolay Ivanov-Om · With: students of Theater of Movement - Pantomime, with artistic director Prof. Dr. Alexander Iliev

  • The Road to Aphrodite

    Author and performance by: Boyka Velkova · Scenography: Venelin Shurelov · Scenography: Martin Penev · Musical picture: Teodosii Spasov · Photographer: Elena Spasova

    Boyka Velkova walks the path between the past and the present, the person and the actress, sin and forgiveness, in order to reveal the true multifaceted nature of the woman in her new solo spectacle The Road to Aphrodite.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Rural King's Speech

    by Rumen Leonidov · Director: Elin Rahnev · Monospectacle of Dian Machev

  • The Same Day

    by Stefan Ivanov · Director: Estefania Fadul · C: Avgustina-Kalina Petkova and Nadya Keranova · Photos: Yana Lozeva

  • The Son

    by Florian Zeller · Director: Diana Dobreva · Scenography: Mira Kalanova · Music: Petya Dimanova · Choreography: Deyan Georgiev · Cast: Zahari Baharov, Teodora Duhovnikova, Vladimir Penev, Aneta Ivanova, Alexander ...

    In case you watched The Father at the National Theater (for which Diana Dobreva took an Askeer award for directing), you also know to some extent The Son - except that much of the same team is behind it, the play is the last in the trilogy of French playwright Florian Zeller.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Spirit of The Poet

    by Stefan Tsanev · Director: Margarita Mladenova · Costumes: Daniela Oleg Liahova · Music: Asen Avramov · Cast: Hristo Mutafchiev, Valentin Tanev, Pavlin Petrunov

    Sofia, fictionally 1892. Stefan Stambolov’s dream in which he and Zahariy Stoyanov have to decide what to do with the “poet from the cover of the reader,” Hristo Botev who had turned up unexpectedly. The ex-revolutionaries and present-day rulers face a difficult choice.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Three Little Pigs The Three Little Pigs

    Written and directed by Venelin Kiosev · Scene: Maya Petrova · Music by Haigashot Agasian · Cast: Nella Hadjieva, Elena Rusalieva, Mimi Yordanova, Todor Dimitrov, Anelia Nicheva

    Meet new friends who are a bit naive, but very good-hearted. Suitable for children above 3.

    Central Puppet Theatre – Yanko Sakazov Hall  
  • The three Piglets

    A spectacle by: Maia and Mitko Dimitrovi

    The classical tale narrated by the actors with the active participation of the children. The bad wolf is chased away and there is a happy ending.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • The Twelve Angry

    based on 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose and the movie scripts from 1957, 1997 and 2007 · Director: prof. Plamen Markov · Set design: Mira Kalanova · Composer: Petya Dimanova · Cast: Ivet Radulova, Donka Avramova-Bocheva, ...

    The end of a trial. Twelve jurors have gathered to decide the fate of an 18-year-old boy accused of first degree murder. All jurors are convinced he is guilty. All but one. Will they manage to impartially decide whether he is guilty or not guilty? Will they manage to overcome all of their prejudices? Their own past? If all vote “guilty” there is only one punishment: a life sentence.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • The Unclean

    by Nina Sadur · Director: Kalin Angelov · Scenography: Nikola Nalbantov · Costumes: Irina Tsapreva · Cast: Marin Marinov, Todor Lazarov, Isidor Kuyumdjiev, Georgi Georgiev, Nikol Boycheva, Nikoleta Velchera, Aleksabdar ...

  • The White Rat

    by Maria Irene Fornes · Translation: Anna Yanakieva, Slava Yanakieva · Director: Anna Yanakieva · Scenography and costumes: Martina Mahmudieva · Composer: Mira Iskarova · Choreographer: Ivet Lazarova-Torosyan ...

    The White Rat is a theatrical diptych in which the actors are given the opportunity to interpret the two dramatic roles in a unique way, placing themselves in the position of both characters.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • The Wild Duck

    by Henrik Ibsen · Translation: Antonia Buchukovska · Director: Kris Sharkov · Playwright: Svetlana Pancheva · Set design: Nikola Toromanov · Music: Asen Avramov · C: Ana Papadopulu, Valentin Balabanov, ...

    Young director Kris Sharkov has asserted himself as a strong presence in contemporary Bulgarian theatre. Wild Duck is the third play by the modern playwright Henrik Ibsen that he brings on the stage shifting the plot in a contemporary context.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • The Winter of Our Discontent

    based on the novel by John Steinbeck · Dramaturgical version: Yurii Dachev · Director: Bina Haralampieva · Set design: Svila Velichkova · C: Ilka Zafirova, Svetlana Yancheva, Vasilena Atanasova, Katalin Stareyshinska, ...

    The Winter of Our Discontent is the story of Ethan Allen Hawley, a member of a once great family turned broke. Ethan, an honest man, spends his days reliving the old days of family glory, while working as a grocery clerk in a store his family once owned.

    Zad Kanala Small City Theatre  
  • The woman is a strange animal

    Directior: Zdrava Kamenova · Scriptwriter: Zdrava Kamenova · C: Yana Ognyanova

    An unemployed actress is looking for work and man. Each morning, she wakes with the decision that today things will happen.

    City Mark Art Center  
  • The wound Philoctete (Post-truth Lemnos)

    based on the play Philoctete by Heiner Müller · Director: Boris Krastev · Stage design: Gergana Lazarova-Rinkel, Yana Vasileva, Rositsa Grancharova · Music: Karolina Koynova · Ct: Ivan Nikolov, Atanas Petkov, Dejan ...

  • Theatre, My Love!

    By Valeri Petrov · Director: Kasiel Noah Asher · Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi · Set design: Krasimira Serafimova · Costums: Tochka, Kasiel  Noah Asher · Cast: Kasiel Noah Asher, Krasimira Kuzmanova, Lilia ...

    Theatre 199 celebrates his 50 anniversary by this play. And that is not an accidentaly thrown dice of destiny.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Therapists

    by Christopher Durang · Translation: Zlatna Kostova · Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · Set design: Elena Ivanova · C: Yavor Borisov, Sofia Bobcheva, Kalin Syrmenov, Aleksandra Syrchadzhieva, Boyan Arsov, Martin Karov

  • Thessalonians' conspiracies

    by Georgi Danailov · Director: Anastasia Sabeva · Scenography nad costumes: Ada Paunova · Cast: Alexandra Maidavska, Anna Yaneva, Atanas Petkov, Bogdan Bukhalov, Bohemi Vezirova, Vasil Iliev, Vladinella Katsarska, Georgi ...

    Georgi Danailov's drama Thessaloniki Conspirators describes the historical events surrounding the assassinations in Thessaloniki in 1903.

    Practice Theatre of NATFIZ  
  • Third Class

    Author's spectacle by Valentin Tanev, inspired by the film Station for Two · Scenography and costumes: Svila Velichkova · Music: Misho Shishkov-son and Valentin Tanev · With: Stefka Yanorova, Ivan Panev, Dobriela Popova, ...

  • This is me, this is you

    Author's performance by Orlin Dyakov · Music: Krasi Yanev · Poster: Marina Marinova · With: Stefan Sarchadjiev and Velizara Petkova

  • Three Men and One Margarita

    by Liza Shopova · Play: Liza Shopova · Set design: Antonia Popova · Music: Martin Karov · C: Hristo Mutafchiev, Petyr Kalchev, Asen Mutafchiev, Margarita Hlebarova

  • Three Tall Women

    by Edward Albee · Director: Stefan Spasov · Music: Teodosiy Spasov · Set design: Nina Pashova · C: Maria Stefanova, Victoria Koleva, Radina Borshosh, Vasilena Vincenco

  • Till last spirit

    Rashko Mladenov's specacle

  • Time Has Stopped

    by Donald Margulise · Director: Ivaylo Hristov · Cast: Kristina Yaneva, Penko Gospodinov, Plamen Sirakov, Daniela Stamova

    Time Has Stopped delves into the lives of those, who decide to put themselves in risk on a daily basis contrary to those who prefer living in their comfort zones.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Tiramissu

    by Joanna Owsianko · Translated by Mariana Minkovska · Directed by Nikolay Poljakov · Set design and costumes Ognyana Serafimova · Assistant constumes Iskra Petkova · Video Evgenia Sarbeva · Cast Lilija ...

    They are young and beautiful, they are working at an advertising agency and making good money. They are making it out just fine amid the temptations and traps of the big city, they know how to dress and where to go. They are an object of admiration ...

    Sofia Theatre  
  • To Put It Mildly

    by Valeri Petrov · Director: Rumen Gavanozov · Puppets and scenography: Stanislava Krasteva · Music: Hristo Namliev · With: Stefan Dimitrov, Vanya Kamyanska, Rumen Gavanozov, Ana-Maria Lalova, Mila Kolarova

  • Too much infidelities

    by Arthur Newfield · Director: Emil Markov · Cast: Hristo Garbov, Albena Mihova, Evgeni Budinov, Tihomir Blagoev, Stela Gancheva

    Two neighboring families get into many comic situations, because of love and several extramarital affairs. Everybody lies and nobody admits the lie. Lovers jump from one balcony to the other on the11th floor.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • Trash

    by Elena Telbis · Director: Ivaylo Hristov · Scenography: Kristina Yaneva · Cast: Elena Telbis/Vesela Babinova, Svetlana Yancheva, Anastasiya Liytova

    With her first play Elena Telbis won the competition of Theater 199 for contemporary Bulgarian dramaturgy.

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • Two

    by Tanya Shahova · Director: Yirii Dachev · Cast: Mariya Kavardzhikova, Boyka Velkova

    A play about the great Bulgarian poetesses - Elisaveta Bagryana and Dora Gabe.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • Uninhibited

    by Jordi Galseran · Director: Anton Ugrinov · Music: Hristo Namliev · Cast: Alexander Kadiev, Stella Gancheva, Rada Kayryakova, Borislav Zahariev, Stefan Popov

    "Lying could be an art form," says director Anton Ugrinov. "It could be a tool for manipulation and submission, it could be noble in order to preserve the feelings of the other, and it could be a way of life. The topic of Lying has always fascinated me, both in theater and in our being. "

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • Us, the Birds

    by Yordan Radichkov · Director: Elitsa Petkova · Scenography and costumes: Iva Gikova, Ivaylo Nikolov · Composer: Plamen Petkov · Cast: Zornitsa Marinkova, Antonia Kundakova, Alexander Grigorov, Ahmet Ismail, Bernard ...

    Us, the Birds by Yordan Radichkov is a life story from birth to becoming a bird's feather. The sparrows hatch before our eyes and begin to fight.

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Venus in Fur

    by David Ives · ranslation: Hristina Ivanova · Director: Anton Ugrinov · Composer: Milen Apostolov · Cast: Aneta Ivanova, Rumen Mihaylov

  • Vrazhaletz

    by St. L. Kostov · Director: Georgi Stoilov · Cast: Lubomir Neikov, Petyo Petkov, Desi Bakardzieva, Albena Pavlova

    In this reading of Vrazhaletz won't find hints of moralizing. This is a vivid narrative of the play St. Kostov for greedy but pleasant peasants deceived by sophisticated crook.

    Open Scene Theater  
  • We are puppets

    after the plays Leonce and Lena by Georg Büchner and Les Romanesques by Edmond Rostand · Directed by: Elitsa Yovcheva · Scenography and costumes: Alexandra Yotkovska · Author's music: Alexander Karakolev · ...

    We are puppets makes a "comitragic" section of a puppet society in which the universal model of behavior of both citizens and authorities is escape from responsibility.

    Practice Theatre of NATFIZ  
  • We will not pay! We will not pay!

    by Dario Fo · Director: Teddy Moskov · Painter: Svila Velichkova · Composer: Antoni Donchev · With: Mila Bancheva/Neda Spasova, Mihail Milchev, Nevena Kaludova, Nikolay Varbanov, Plamen Manasiev, Sava Piperov, Yuli ...

  • Wedding follies

    by Alexei Kozhuharov, inspired by Pajamas for six by Mark Kamoleti · Staging: Alexey Kozhuharov · Scene: Georgi Georgiev · C: Milica Gladnishka, Milena Markova - Maca, Janet Miovska, Simeon Vladov, Nikolay Todorov, Bozhidar ...

    Married couple. He has a lover. She has a lover. A typical situation... Until the four of them are at the same time under one roof...

    Open Scene Theater  
  • What should we do with the cello

    by Matei Vișniec · Director: Nikolay Polyakov · Scenography: Marina Raychinova · Plastic vision: Anna Pampulova · Music direction: prof. Hristo Yotsov · Cast: Valentin Tanev, Snezhina Petrova, Marin Yanev, prof. ...

  • What the Old Man Does Is Always Right

    by Andersen · Adaptation: Iurii Dachev and Nina Dimitrova · Cast: Theatre Kredo: Nina Dimitrova and Dimitar Nestorov

    There are two interesting facts about 199 Theater’s November premiere. First, it’s performed by the Credo Theater – Nina Dimitrova and Vasil Vasilev-Zueka. Second, the play is based on the homonymous story by Andersen. But just ...

    199 Theatre Valentin Stoichev  
  • What's in a name?

    Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière · Play: Zdravko Mitkov · Scenograrhy: Petyr Mitev · C: Mihail Bilalov, Nikolay Urumov, Ana Vylchanova, Bogdan Kazandzhiev, Irina Pyrvanova

    Nothing suggests that the dinner at the Garrauds would take such stormy turn. Élisabeth is playing Moroccan cooking, and Pierre is so busy looking for the keys for the basement that he gets his childhood friends Claude and Vincent involved in the game of “find what’s lost and have my eternal gratitude”.

    Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre  
  • When the thunder strikes, how the echo fades

    by Peyo Yavorov · Play and director: Bina Haralampieva · Dramaturg: Mirela Ivanova · Set and costume design: Svila Velichkova · Music: Asen Avramov · C: Atanas Petkov, Bogdan Buhalov, Darin Angelov, Ivan Yurukov, ...

    When the thunder strikes, how the echo fades carries a deeply psychological case compared to Ibsen's work - what happens when the man who raped the woman years ago and she gave birth to her husband's son after this act returns to the life of a family?

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  
  • White nights

    by Dostoevski · Dramatic version: Nadezhda Koleva, Rumen Draganov · Consultant: Margarita Mladenova · Music: Hristo Namliev · Costumes: Desislava Ivanova · Photographer: Georgi Sirkatov · Cast: Nadezhda ...

  • Who - whom

    based on the play At the end of the weekend by Momo Kapor · Translation: Maria – Joanna Stoyadinovich and Asya Tihinova – Jovanovich · Stage version and direction: Kalin Sarmenov · Scenography: Kiril Naumov ...

  • Who Here Has Donkey's Ears?

    Directed by Kiriakos Argiropulos · Set design: Stefka Kyuvlieva · Music: Vladimir Dzhambazov · Cast: Maya Bezhanska, Vanya Kamyanska, Ventsislava Assenova, Rumen Ugrinski, Tsvetelin Pavlov

  • Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    by Edward Albee · Director: Stoyan Radev · Cast: Irini Jhambonas, Katalin Stareyshinska, Malin Krystev, Vladimir Zombori

    Although the play of Edward Albee is from the United States, it was approved by censorship, probably because it tells of the turbulent relationship of bourgeois spouses (George and Martha).

    Zad Kanala Small City Theatre  
  • William Shakespeare - Complete Works

    Director: Sunny Suninski · Set and costumes design: Petya Stoykova · Translation: Haralampi Anichkin · C: Petyr Kalchev, Georgi Spasov, Sunny Suninski

  • Women's arts for a happy marriage

    after the books Women's Arts for a Happy Marriage by Jona P. Stoyanova and Home and Society - a book of the etiquette in the Kingdom of Bulgaria by Lili Yanakieva · Playwright: Stefan Ivanov · With: Vasilena Vincenzo, Milenita

    The play is about the meeting between women of different generations and centuries, about their stories, truths and self-delusions and about the long road to dialogue, understanding and gender equality. The modern woman looks back at her past to think about and understand her present.

    Sfumato Theatre Laboratory  
  • Wonderful Boys

    by the plot of the movie The Full Monty · Director: Vladimir Luckanov · Music: David Iazbeck · Libretto: Terence Mac Noly · C: Darin Angelov, Iasen Atanasov (child), Konstantin Stanchev (child), Iskra Donova, Iavor ...

    Despite the skepticism when we talk about a musical in Bulgaria, the Youth Theatre had no hesitations and put on stage some spectacles form that genre and they were good. That is why the new American musical that will open the season – ...

    Youth theatre Nikolai Binev  
  • Yan Bibiyan and the devil Fiut

    Dir.: Hristo Botev Stanchev · Cast: Stanislav Peev, Lilyana Shomova, Robert Yanakiev, Svejen Mladenov, Ivet Radulova, Hristo Botev

    In everyone lurks a little devil that wants very often to take over. It depends only on us whether we'll let him.

    Vazrajdane Theatre  
  • Yes, Minister!

    by Antony Jay and Johnatan Lynn · Director: Boris Pankin · Costumes: Petar Mitev · Cast: Krastyo Lafazanov, Marian Bachev, Toni Minasyan, Rada Kayrakova, Konstantin Ikonomov, Svetoslav Peev

  • You drove me crazy

    Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Ruslan Maynov, Maria Sapundzhieva, Nencho Ilchev, Kiril Efremov, Tihomir Blagoev, Pavel Ivanov, Rada Kayryakova

  • Zorba

    based on the novel by Nikos Kazandzakis · Director: Bina Haralampieva · Scenography and costumes: Svila Velichkova · Music: Asen Avramov · Photographer: Stefan N. Shterev · Cast: Gerasim Georgiev - Gero, Mak ...

    "Zorba is a man who fights a complex world and is sure he will come out as a winner," director Bina Haralampieva tells Channel 3 about the main character in her performance.

    Zad Kanala Small City Theatre  
  • Оthello

    by William Shakespeare · Director: Plamen Markov · Set design and costumes: Mira Kalanova · Composer: Petya Dimanova · Choreography: Kamen Ivanov · Cast: Valentin Mitev, Stoyan Radev, Simeon Lutakov, Nencho ...

    Shakespeare's story of jealousy, revenge and murder comes to life in Plamen Markov's staging at Drama Theatre-Varna.

    Ivan Vazov National Theatre  

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