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    Оn Folk Art

    Оn Folk Art

    Theatre play
    Written, directed and performed by Kamen Donev
    Music accompaniment specialists: Dani Milev (guitars, vocals); Teodosii Spasov (wooden flute, trumpet); Ivo Papazov-Ibriama (clarinet); Stoian Iankulov (percussions) and the special appearance of: Nina Nikolina, Mariana Popova, Karandila Band, Filip Kutev Dance  Ensemble
    Photos: Vladimir Zenkevich
    The Views of One Teacher on Folk Art is a really funny spectacle as you can imagine if you have seen even once the TV show Ulicata (The Street) where you can find the character of Kamen Donev’s teacher. The spectacle is a mixture of improvisation and text, music and dances and some rigmarole.

    Kamen Donev explains why he is going back to the character of the teacher: “I chose the Teacher because the things I want to say sound better when they are coming out from his mouth”. This means that being very serious but at the same time in the funniest manner he is explains to the audience how to dance horo in several different languages also demonstrates dancing with an imaginary hen and explains how to make a striptease with an ant. Generally, The Views of One Teacher is an impressive spectacle – extremely funny but at the same time full of ideas and serious in its slight messages.


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    #1 11.05.2013 13:46 prhster

    Re: Възгледите на един учител за народното творчество

    Представлението наистина е уникално, но информацията за датата тук не е вярна. Според сайта на театъра, на 29 май ще се играе Възгледите за всеобщата просвета.

    #2 02.11.2012 23:25 spart0

    Re: Възгледите на един учител за народното творчество

    Трябва непременно да се види! Много добро!