It is what it is

It is what it is

Theatre play

Director: Nedyalko Yordanov
Music: Haygashod Agasyan
Set designer: Chaika Petrusheva
Costumes: Desislava Bankova
Cast: Emilia Radeva, Yanina Kasheva, Ivan Nalbantov, Georgeta Chakarova, Lyubomir Mladenov, Plamen Getova, Bogdan Glishev, Ruth Rafailova, Sava Piperov, Eva Tepavicharova, Hristo Terziev
One class, along with its teacher, has been traditionally meeting for years. Unexpected memories erupt, conflicts erupt.

What will happen at the last meeting? What glow does life have at the end of the journey? And the answers, uttered with sadness and laughter and music, you will know in Nedialko Yordanov's latest play It is what it is thanks to the team of brilliant actors we remember for years.


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