Bulgarian Mystery

Bulgarian Mystery

Theatre play, Dance performance

Director: Dr. Margarita Bozhilova
Scenography: Dr. Petya Karadzhova
Music: Dr. Valeria Krachunova, Georgi Andreev
Contemporary dance techniques: Nedelya Gancheva
Stage fight: Dr. Kamen Ivanov
Folk dances: Elitsa Kostadinova
Cast: Veronica Mancheva, Gergana Tsenova, Melinda Terziyska, Nikolay Yordanov, Paolina Popova, Rositsa Kirilova, Tsvetan Rusev Martin Kiryakov, Alexander Budurov, Valeria Koleva, Velizar Gruev
The libretto is built on the basis of Bulgarian folklore and tells in a new way the legend of incorporating the shadow of a loved one in the building to stay forever.

The moving character is a famous Master who, by the end of his life, "accidentally" reaches a healing spring and is miraculously rejuvenated. In his dream, the Master realizes that his change is given from above to fulfill a specific task - to build a fountain on the spring so that the sick and the body can be more easily treated. Under the tutelage of his Angel, the next morning, the Master takes to work, but his Demon is not ready to surrender so easily and begins to sabotage the fulfillment of the lofty task, bringing into his development the daily routine of the nearby village - with the love hooks of girls and boys, but most of all with the love triangle he creates between the Master, the most personal girl (Elitsa) and her suitor (Junak Kolyu). This is where the Master's internal conflict begins - the choice between a happy "earthly" life filled with love and the fulfillment of a godly mission.


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