Us, the Birds

Us, the Birds

Theatre play
by Yordan Radichkov
Director: Elitsa Petkova
Scenography and costumes: Iva Gikova, Ivaylo Nikolov
Composer: Plamen Petkov
Cast: Zornitsa Marinkova, Antonia Kundakova, Alexander Grigorov, Ahmet Ismail, Bernard Bereanu, Viliyan Geshev, Eleonora Ivanova, Elena Arabadzhian, Zhaklin Daskalova, Ivan Shumanov, Yoan Popov, Martin Dimiev, Mario Vassilev, Nikol Otashliyska, Polina Grozdanova, Radoslav Radev, Sirma Kunchenov, Rostislav Damyanov, tatyana Mitova, Teodor Kisiov, the class of Prof. Dr. Ivaylo Hristov
Us, the Birds by Yordan Radichkov is a life story from birth to becoming a bird's feather. The sparrows hatch before our eyes and begin to fight.

They, just like the humans, live fast because animals are always in a hurry to get somewhere. They fly, go to school, fall in love, dream, love, get excited and little by little walk the path.But the end of their journey is a new beginning for us humans. We collect the bird's feathers and fill our pillows, because how else would we fly at night in our sleep if we didn't sleep on a bird's feather?



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