The Old Woman from Kalkouta

The Old Woman from Kalkouta

Original title: The Old Woman from Kalkouta

Theatre play
by Hanoh Levin
Directed by: Yavor Gardev
Cast: Zahari Baharov, Snejina Petrova, Malin Krestev, Lilia Geleva
It is certain that black humor and honesty are not for everyone. Only when these two are combined on a theatre stage by a talented and intelligent team we can have something worth seeing.

You will find all that in the new spectacle by Iavor Gyrdev The Old Woman from Kalkouta. It is so funny that you cannot stop laughing. After that you can stop and think for a while – that is what the author calls a bonus to a good black comedy.
The spectacle consists of very short texts, plays, dialogues, sitcoms and songs. What unites these fragments is absurdity as well as the themes of fear and death and of course the actors. They play a lot of different roles each one crazier than the other.


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