Wonderful Boys

Wonderful Boys

Theatre play
by the plot of the movie The Full Monty
Director: Vladimir Luckanov
Music: David Iazbeck
Libretto: Terence Mac Noly
C: Darin Angelov, Iasen Atanasov (child), Konstantin Stanchev (child), Iskra Donova, Iavor Spasov, Cvetan Daskalov, Svetoslav Dobrev, Albena Mihova (guest), Mariana Milanova, Miroslav Kosev (guest), Nikolai Urumov, Antoaneta Dobreva-Neti, Iana Titova, Vejen Velchovski, Veneta Ziumbiuleva, Deian Angelov, Stefan Mavrodiev, Iani Iozov, Stanka Kalcheva, Koina Ruseva, Nikolai Lukanov, Krasimir Nedev, Vihar Stoichev, Maia Baburska, Zornica Marinkova, Angelina Slavova, Jivka Gancheva
Despite the skepticism when we talk about a musical in Bulgaria, the Youth Theatre had no hesitations and put on stage some spectacles form that genre and they were good. That is why the new American musical that will open the season – Wonderful Boys, deserves trust and hopes. A lot of actors have taken part in that project with the Youth Theatre director Vladimir Luckanov leading, who is also a producer in the theatre.

Wonderful Boys
is the Bulgarian version of the Broadway musical The Full Monty by the British novel of the same name. Just in case you have missed it, here is the plot in brief. Due to the post industrial recession six men – workers in a metallurgy center become unemployed. The only thing they can come up with is to take off everything they have, in other words – their clothes. They hope that organizing their own strip tease show will solve all their material and psychological problems. At the end the result is funny with much applause from the audience.


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