Theatre play
Authir: Yuriy Danchev
Dir.: Bina Haralampieva
Cast: Gerasim Georgiev-Gero, Valentin Tanev
Photo credits: Simon Varsano
The team Bina Haralampieva, Yuriy Danchev and screenographer Petya Stoykova have made a name for themselves and we know that they will offer something meaningful to the audience.Their recent premiere performance is Shveyk based on the novel by Yaroslav Haschek.

We meet Shveyk, who defies clear definition - is he a misunderstanding, an idiot, a loser or the one who has conquered his freedom (because then at last, you are left alone). Shveyk is at the center of each situation and can get out of each situation almost in one piece. Having been discharged from military service due to his debility, he supports himself by selling dogs - purebloaded street dogs. Being an idiot is a life-long sentence but it's also a privilege. We know that a country declines when there are so many idiots that people don't appreciate the true ones!
The horrors of war, the bitterness of lost lives are refracted through the existential absurdism, grotesque and dark humor. It turns out that one of the most welcoming places is the madhouse. There's such freedom, equality and electrification that warms the heart.
The leading role is entrusted to Gerasim Georgiev-Gero and the other roles (female, dogs' and other human roles) are played by a single actor, Valentin Tanev. The performance brings out the best in Valentin Tanev because it requires a quick change of characters and emotions varying from a humble priest, through wild warriors, prisoners, doctors, dogs to a wooed woman. All this variety is laid before us on a bare stage and multifunctional details.



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