Theatre, My Love!

Theatre, My Love!

Theatre play
By Valeri Petrov
Director: Kasiel Noah Asher
Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi
Set design: Krasimira Serafimova
Costums: Tochka, Kasiel  Noah Asher
Cast: Kasiel Noah Asher, Krasimira Kuzmanova, Lilia Maraviglia, Stefka Yanorova
Theatre 199 celebrates his 50 anniversary by this play. And that is not an accidentaly thrown dice of destiny.

The director of the theatre Anna Monova invites Kasiel Noa Asher to make the spectacle and she badly wants to gather the girls of Koko (Azarian) and to work together. 26 years after they introduced to each other, the meeting is very personal for Lilia, Stefka, Krasimira and Kasiel and every actress is ready to show her biggest passions ans fears. "What is theatre? What is the actor?", asks Valeri Petrov at the very beginning of the play, putting the soul of the actor upon the microscope. As a director Kasiel answers that the rehearsals were "extreme sloping down an iced hillside - dangerous and slippery".



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