Zen Play

Zen Play

Original title: Zen Play

Dance performance
Concept and choreography: Zhivko Zhelyazkov
Composer: Ivan Shopov (Cooh, Balkansky)
Visual environment Polina Stoyanova (Jo Iyaa)
Producer Atanas Maev
Cast: Vasil Zelyamov, Marion Dyrova, Gergana Ilieva
The show plays with well known conceptual pictures and it deconstructs preconceived forms and ideas.

The dance performance Zen Play undertakes a play with the established realities. The stage becomes a kind of laboratory for experimenting with bodies, characters and roles ascribed to them. However, things gradually run out of hand… The illusion of reality is fully real. The man is not a man, the woman is not a woman. The performance has the dynamic dance signature of the choreographer Zhivko Zhelyazkov and the vigorous presence of the dancers in a dark and grotesque theatrical style with captivating electronic music sound environment.


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