• Boryana

    by Yordan Yovkov · Director: Krasimir Rankov · Cast: Patricia Pandeva, Krasimir Dokov, Krystju Krastev, Nikolay Stanchev, Krasimir Vasilev, Paraskeva Djukelova, Elena Kabasakalova, Stefan Popov, Todor Genov, Marin Mladenov

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  • Colder than here

    by Laura Wade · Director: Vladimir Lyutskanov · Cast: Ivana Papazova, Maria Sotirova, Radina Dumumann, Krastyu Krastev · Stage design and costumes: Venelin Shurelov

    This exquisite and shocking history tells of a family facing an obstacle that can not be overcome.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Debelianov and the angels

    by Alexander Sekulov · Director: Diana Dobreva · Stage designer: Mira Kalanova · Music: Petya Dimanova · C: Nencho Kostov, Dobrin Dosev, Simeon Aleksiev, Alexey Kozhuharov, Ivaylo Hristov, Krasimir Vassilev, Dimitar ...

    The spectacle is based on memories and documents from The blind gardener by Valeri Stefanov.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Eurydice in the Underworld

    by Sarah Ruhl · Director: Stayko Murdzhev · Set and costume design: Marina Raychinova · C: Luiza Grigorova-Makariev, Petko Venelinov, Stefan Popov, Damian Tanev, Mariana Yotova, Radina Dumanyan, Boryana Bratoeva, Todor Darlyanov

    The performance is an achingly beautiful tale for the loss that makes you believe more strongly.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Event

    by Vladimir Nabokov · Director: Krasimir Rankov · Cast:: Konstantin Elenkov, Irina Miteva, Maria Gencheva, Patricia Pundeva, Krasimir Vasilev, Dimitar Banchev, Asen Dankov, Ivana Papazova, Rusalina Chaplikova, Stoyan Sardanov, Venelin ...

  • Glory!

    by Peter Quilter · Translated by: Margita Gosheva · Director: Stayko Murdzhev · Set design and costumes: Petya Boyukova · Music: Peter Dundakov · With: Ivana Papazova, Dimitar Banchev, Atanas Atanasov, Mariana ...

    The true story of Florence Foster Jenkins - the worst singer in the world.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Immured

    by Dead head spoke to me from Maria Stankova · Director: Vesselka Kuncheva · Scenography and costumes: Marietta Golomehova · Music: Hristo Namliev · Choreography: Stefan Vitanov · C: Mihaela Andonova, Natalia ...

    "There should be a bridge across any water, and man should walk all over it, coming, and going, and doing what they have to do". In order the bridge to stay imperishable and everlasting a sacrifice should be laid in its foundations. The builder Manol immures the love of his life – Neda.

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
  • Insanity The crazy time

    by Sam Bobrick · Director: Borislav Chakrinov · Cast: Asen Blatechki, Koyna Ruseva, Nikol Karabinova, Nikola Parashkevov, Stefan Ivanov

    This is a play about men trying to understand women, and how they never will. Miles Gladstone, a man in his mid-fifties, has left his wife of thirty years and married a young woman half his age.

    Boris Hristov House of Culture  
  • It can't be without love

    Concert-spectacle with soloists Nencho Balabanov, Sonia Kovchezlieva and the Burgas State Opera Orchestra · Idea and script: Yulia Manukyan · Conductor and arrangements: Levon Manukyan

    A spectacular show with humor and music, in which we will see again the couple from Romantic Comedy - Nencho Balabanov and Sonia Kovchezlieva.

    Boris Hristov House of Culture  
  • Marius 50

    Solo spectacle of Marius Kurkinski

    The play includes all 11 solo performances in Marius Kurkinski career until now - from Don Giovanni, Song of Songs and The Lady with the Puppy through Ti-ri-ram, Concussion and Black Chicken.

    Boris Hristov House of Culture  
  • Marriage

    by Gogol · Directed by: Liliya Abadjieva · Scenography and costumes: Vasil Abadjiev · Cast: Lyubomir Neykov, Monjo Monev, Stanimir Gumov, Nevena Bozukova, Albena Pavlova, Snezhana Makaveeva, Rumen Ugrinski, Robert Yanakiev, ...

    Marriage was created in 1842 and was identified by Gogol as "a totally amazing event in two acts". Although it was written nearly 200 years ago, it allows us to understand that the possibility of temptation is rooted in human nature itself - as it has always been. And more precisely, in its primal duality, in it, it seems that there is a perpetual enmity between the senses, the body, the intellect, the spirit, between the feelings, emotions, passions and orders of duty, morality, consciousness.

    Boris Hristov House of Culture  
  • Martin, Dancho, and their mother

    by Kamen Donev · Directed by Kamen Donev · Cast: Albena Koleva

  • Men under thumb

    by Miro Gavran · Director: Vladlen Alexandrov · Cast: Albena Koleva, Toncho Tokmakchive, Kiril Efremov

    What would happen if a convicted (though not guilty) criminal is acquitted and returns to his wife who has divorced him? And because he has nowhere else to go, he wants to live in her apartment (which is also partly his) together with her new lover?

    Boris Hristov House of Culture  
  • My wife's husband

    by Miro Gavran · Director: Marius Kurkinski · Cast: Mariya Sapundzhieva, Kiril Efremov, Nencho Ilchev

    Miro Gavran is a contemporary Croatian author whose works have been translated into 32 languages, and his books have come out in 150 different editions at home and abroad.

    Boris Hristov House of Culture  
  • The Boy in the Last Row

    By Juan Mayorga · Directed by: Chris Sharkov · Stage designer: Ralitsa Toneva · Music: Assen Avramov · Cast: Stefan Valdobrev, Boryana Bratoeva, Dimitar Nikolov, Dimitar Banchev, Simeon Alexiev, Krasimira Kuzmanova

    “Smart, caustic and astute” – this is how the press characterizes the play The Boy in the Last Row (2006) by world renown author Juan Mayorga. It earned him Max, the stage arts award in Spain and gained widespread popularity due to French director François Ozon’s film In the House [Dans la maison], which is based upon it.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • The Clean House

    by Sarah Ruhl · Director: Ivan Urumov · Costumes: Maria Dimanova · C: Ivana Papazova, Elena Atanasova, Radina Dumanian, Troian Gogov, Yoana Bukovska

    The Clean House is a comic drama that mixes fantasy and reality as it tells the story of five desparate characters.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • The perfect wedding

    by Robin Howden · Director: Vladlen Alexandrov · Cast: Elen Koleva, Sofia Bobcheva, Hristo Terziev, Anna Petrova

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray

    based on Oscar Wilde's novel, adaptation by John O'Connor and Merlin Holland · Translation: Denitsa Dimitrova · Director: Stayko Murdzhev · Set design: Teodor Kiryakov · Costumes: Petya Boyukova · Music: Petyr ...

  • There Is No Electricity for the Electric Chair

    by Alexander Sekulov · Director: Liliya Abadjieva · Scenography and costumes: Vasil Abadjiev · C: Kalin Vrachanski and Krasimir Dokov

    There is no electricity for the electric chair places in a catastrophic situation two men - executioner and condemned. They do not know what is happening behind the walls of the chamber for the execution.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Two for the Seesaw

    by William Gibson · Directed by: Bina Haralampieva · Cast: Elena Atanasova and Gerasim Georgiev - Gero