• Albena

    by Yordan Yovkov · Director: Krasimir Spasov · Set design: Krasimir Vylkanov · Costume design: Maria Dimanova · Cast: Gergana Dandanova, Asen Kobilarov, Veselin Anchev, Luizabel Nikolova, Ivan Radoev, Aleksander Doynov, ...

    Almost a century after the drama Albena was written its heroine is among the most compelling female characters in Bulgarian drama classics.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
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  • Crisis Center

    by Mihail Kazakov · Director: Sabi Sabev · Scenography: Dimitar Dimitrov · Music: Todor Vasilev · Cast: Silvia Petkova, Nikolay Stanoev, Ivo Yonchev, Julian Rachkov, Ivaylo Zahariev

    Crisis Center is tragicomedic play. Every week, a group of men, victims of women's violence gather in an unusual place - in a submarine. Their motto is "I'm not a victim." But one day, a new character, a Woman, lands on the submarine.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • Every year at the same time

    Author: Bernard Slade · Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Translation: Prof. Andrei Avramov · Costume design: Petar Mitev · Stage design: Antonia Popova · Cast: Lilia Maravilya, Hristo Shopov

    A play that paints a story with the palette of all human emotions and states. A sensual and fun dialogue about the inevitable wanderings between comfortable self-deception and sobering truths.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • Exceptional dunces

    Based on the film by Mario Monnicli Unknown perpetrators · Stage design: Teddy Moskov, Simone Schwarz · Stage design and costumes: Violeta Radkova · Music: Plamen Mirchev-Mirona · C: Maya Novoselska - guest, Robert ...

    The theatrical crime comedy Exceptional Dunces is inspired by the famous Italian film “I soliti ignoti” directed by Mario Monicelli and nominated for an Academy Award in 1958. A feckless athlete, a failed lawyer, an untalented Sicilian mafioso – these are just some of the group of clumsy robbers who attempt to break in a pawnshop.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • Insanity The crazy time

    by Sam Bobrick · Director: Borislav Chakrinov · Cast: Asen Blatechki, Koyna Ruseva, Nikol Karabinova, Nikola Parashkevov, Stefan Ivanov

    This is a play about men trying to understand women, and how they never will. Miles Gladstone, a man in his mid-fifties, has left his wife of thirty years and married a young woman half his age.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Irreparable

    by Stefan Fogel · Translation: prof. Vladko Murdarov · Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · Cast: Albena Pavlova, Emil Markov, Tanya Jorgova, Avgustin Demerdjiev

    Irreparable is a story for two friend families who are about to find out if there is a price for love and what it is. Could the answer to this question turn them from big friends with little secrets to little friends with big secrets?

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • Laugh In The Hall Noises Off

    by Michael Frayn · Director: Asen Blatechki · Cast: Asen Blatechki, Kalin Vrachanski, Iana Marinova, Milena Markova, Nevena Bozukova, Aleksei Kojuharov, Dobriela Popova, Vasil Banov

    One of the most dynamic performances played on the Bulgarian scene and everything in it happens so quickly that it never leaves the minds of the audience without commitment.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • Marriage

    by Gogol · Directed by: Liliya Abadjieva · Scenography and costumes: Vasil Abadjiev · Cast: Lyubomir Neykov, Monjo Monev, Stanimir Gumov, Nevena Bozukova, Albena Pavlova, Snezhana Makaveeva, Rumen Ugrinski, Robert Yanakiev, ...

    Marriage was created in 1842 and was identified by Gogol as "a totally amazing event in two acts". Although it was written nearly 200 years ago, it allows us to understand that the possibility of temptation is rooted in human nature itself - as it has always been. And more precisely, in its primal duality, in it, it seems that there is a perpetual enmity between the senses, the body, the intellect, the spirit, between the feelings, emotions, passions and orders of duty, morality, consciousness.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]  
  • Mother in law

    by Anton Strashimirov · Director: Boyko Bogdanov · Set design: Tsveta Bogdanova · Cast: Aglika Boyadzhieva, Valery Elichov, Dimitrina Teneva, Zlatko Angelov, Zornitsa Konstantinova, Iva Trifonova, Ivan Grigorov, Nevena ...

    Mother-in-law by Anton Strashimirov is one of the most played comedies on the Bulgarian scene. It considers the relationship between the two most important women in the life of a man - his wife and his mother.

    Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre [Bourgas]  
  • My Wife's Name Is Boris

    Director: Vladlen Aleksandrov · Cast: Liubo Neykov, Stanimir Gamov, Rumen Ugrinski, Stefan Ryadkov, Petyo Petkov, Diana Lyubenova, Ernestina Shinova and Janina Doncheva

    No one will want to find himself in a situation where his mistress suddenly tells him that she will meet with his wife to tell her all about their two-year affair.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • Nice lady in bad company

    by Andre Rusen · Translation: Svetlana Pancheva · Stage version and production: Yuri Dachev · Composer: Asen Avramov · Cast: Emanuela Shkodreva, Krusty Lafazanov, Vasil Draganov and Pavel Ivanov

    The nice lady is called Nina - bold, charming, irresistible, unstoppable in her desire to live her life the way she wants.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • Poor France

    by Jean Co · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Cast: Fahradin Fahradinov, Aleksandar Dojnov, Aleksandar Kadiev, Anelia Lucinova

    The comedy tells the story about the relationship between father and son, the sexual orientation, the thigs of life and all of that makes us different.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • Seagull

    by Anton P. Chekhov · Stage: Ivan Dobchev · Stage design: Irena Doycheva · With the special presence of Stanislav Pamukchiev · Music: Assen Avramov · C: Koina Ruseva, Alexander Tonev, Grozdan Daskalov, Galya ...

  • Stage Circus: The World of Wonders

    The World of Wonders is a spectacle that meet us with some of the best circus artists and favorite cartoon characters.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • The donkey and the star

    by Sergey Kovalev · Director: Hristina Arsenova · Set design: Emeliana Toteva · Composer: Gergana Vasileva · With: Alexandra Ilieva-Eneva, Gergana Vasileva, Ivaylo Enev

  • The gramophone

    Concert performance of Viktor Kalev · Text: Vanya Shtereva · With:

    An exciting journey through the years, filled with humor, nostalgia and love. Autobiographical stories of Viktor Kalev and Bulgarian songs of favorite artists, sung and played by the actor.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • The millionaire

    by Yordan Yovkov · Director: Bogdan Petkanin · Set design: Maria Dimanova · Cast: Albena Mihova, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Radinela Nedelcheva, Asen Lozanov, Zlatko Angelov, Zornitsa Konstantinova, Iva Trifonova, Nevena Tsaneva, ...

  • The Secret Dinner of Dyacon Levski

    Author: Stefan Tsanev · Director: Asen Shopov · Scene: Asen Shopov · C: Veselin Kalanovski, Milen Milanov, Georgi Novakov, Stojko Peev, Alexandar Doynov, Antoaneta Dobreva - Netti, Georgi Karkelanov, Tigran Torosian, Radosveta ...

    The action takes place in a single night, the night before the hanging. Night of drama any questions, suspicions and anguish, accusations and confessions.

    Centre of the national army [Bourgas]  
  • Tumba-Lumba

    Directed by Hristina Arsenova · Choreography: Petia Stojkova, Miho Atanasov · Cast: Nedelina Roselinova, Rumiana Kraleva, Georgi Minkov, Dian Rusev

    Tumba-Lumba is a verbal image of rhythm and sound of the elder of the folk instruments - the drum. Rhythm that pulses with the heart, that vibrates in the blood and moves our entire nature in exuberant, harmonious dance - the dance of life.

    Puppet State Theatre [Burgas]