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    Love, love, love

    Love, love, love

    Theatre play
    by Mike Bartlett
    Director: Krasimir Spasov
    Scenography: Krasimir Valkanov
    Costumes: Maria Dimanova
    Music: Sasho Mladenov
    Translation: Haralampi Anichkin
    Cast: Simeon Damyanov, Asen Kobilarov, Tigran Torosyan, Eli Koleva, Bernarda Bereanu
    Krasimir Spasov puts Mike Bartlett's satire to tell the story of a married couple from the 60's, and shows how the "flower generation" casts a shadow over the next.

    All you need is love. With this mantra, there is a whole generation that is already retiring. In his brilliant satire, Mike Bartlett traces the fate of a married couple from the late 1960s to the present, in order to pass his sentence beyond that time, without the sentiments of the last century. Through the fate of the children of the family, he blames all that generation of flowers "You have not changed this world, you have bought it!" will scream one of his characters. But let's not forget that, as the title implies, this play seriously addresses the problems of love, the trials of feelings, honesty in relationships, direct sexual competition, and its projection in time and individuals.


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