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    The Wild Duck

    The Wild Duck

    Theatre play
    by Henrik Ibsen
    Translation: Antonia Buchukovska
    Director: Kris Sharkov
    Playwright: Svetlana Pancheva
    Set design: Nikola Toromanov
    Music: Asen Avramov
    C: Ana Papadopulu, Valentin Balabanov, Valentin Ganev, Vasil Iliev, Elena Telbis, Ivan Byrnev, Iliana Kodzhabasheva, Sava Dragunchev, Tsvetan Aleksiev ·
    Young director Kris Sharkov has asserted himself as a strong presence in contemporary Bulgarian theatre. Wild Duck is the third play by the modern playwright Henrik Ibsen that he brings on the stage shifting the plot in a contemporary context.

     A return from abroad reveals hidden secrets that lie behind the apparently happy and successful life of two families in three generations. Powerful performance featuring some of the leading actors of the Bulgarian theatre.


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