• Bulgarians From the Old Times

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    By Assen Karastoyanov on the novel by Lyuben Karavelov · Libretto: Kosta Rainov · Director: Alexander Mutafchijski · Music Director: Yuli Damyanov · Conductor: Ognian Mitov · Stage design: Ivan Savov · ...

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  • 1001 Nights

    music by Fikret Amirov · Choreography: Eldar Aliyev · Conductor: Pavel Klinichev

  • Ada Lovelace

    play by Anna Dankova · Artist: Leda Ekimova · Cast: Iva Sveshtarova, Violeta Vitanova

    Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852) is the only legally born daughter of the world-famous romantic poet Lord Byron. Her rigorous systematic mother-initiated mathematics training aims to save her from the madness of her father (whom she never fails to see).

  • Cold

    Choreographer: Stefaniya Georgieva · Music environment: Dobromir Kisyov and Konstantin Kuchev · Performance: Kalina Georgieva, Dorina Puncheva, Bratan Bratanov, Nedelya Gancheva, Radoslav Yordanov, Plamena Pencheva, Tsveta Doycheva ...

    The project was created based on stories of survivors from the concentration camps in Bulgaria during the 20th century.

    Derida Stage  
  • Corpus meum

    Idea and choreography: Marion Dyrova · Sound environment: Aleksander Evtimov-Shamancheto · Performers: Tsveta Doycheva, Kalina Georgieva, Bratan Bratanov · Photos: Nina Kornileva · Design: Polina Stoyanova

  • Don Juan

    Opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart · Conductor: Erich Wachter · Director, stage design and costumes: Ugo de Ana · Conductor: Violeta Dimitrova · Choreography: Riolina Topalova · Assistant director and assistant stage ...

  • FlapsƎ

    Concept and choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov · Performance: Gergana Ilieva, Vasil Zelyamov · Music and sound design: Ivan Shopov · Photographer: Yana Lozeva · Graphic design: Teodora Simova

    FLAPSƎ – a wordplay created of flaps, a bird’s wings position when preparing to fly, and lapse.

    Derida Stage  
  • Hang In There

    Choreographer: Tsveta Doicheva · Costumes: Teodora Vukodinova, Tsveta Doicheva · Musical environment: Angel Simitchiev · Photographer: Yana Lozeva · Cast: Adelina Zhelyazkova, Isabel Mitkova, Tsveta Doicheva, Yanitsa ...

    It is increasingly suggested that the topics of discrimination, violence and gender stereotyping have been overexploited, that it is now time to speak and think in new categories.

    Derida Stage  
  • Il trovatore Il trovatore

    by Giuseppe Verdi · Conductor: Pavel Klinichev

  • La bohème La bohème

    UK, 2020, 150'
    Music: Giacomo Puccini ·  Libretto: Giuseppe Giacosa, Luigi Illica · Director: Richard Jones · Conductor: Emmanuel Villaume · Cast: Sonya Yoncheva, Charles Castronovo, Andrzej Filończyk, Simona Mihai, Gyula ...

    "Richard Jones' bold, bright and witty reading adds extra warmth and humor to this beloved doomed love story," The Londonist wrote of the imposing version of the classic that recently hit the stage in Covent Garden.

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    Arena The Mall  
  • Moonlight

    Choreography and Performance: Aleksandar Georgiev and Dario Bareto Damas · Dramaturgy: Nina Goich · Sound Design: Emilian Gatsov-Elby

  • Perfectly Pink

    Idea: Iva Sveshtarova · Dramaturgical consultant: Elena Boto (Germany/Portugal) · Music: Emiliyan Gatsov-Elbi · Set design: Ralitsa Toneva · C: Violeta Vitanova, Iva Sveshtarova

    What do you imagine when you hear "perfectly pink"?


    Concept and choreography: Zhivko Zheliazkov · Composer: Ivan Shopov · C: Izabel Mitkova, Gergana Ilieva, Marion Dyrova, Victoria Sirakova

  • Siddhartha

    by Hermann Hesse · Idea and choreography: Mila Iskrenova · Set design and costumes: Svila Velichkova · Video: Nikola Nalbantov

    The performance of Mila Iskrenova presents the European understanding of the East, the meeting between the East and the West. In the search for a common language between the two different civilizations, the choreographer relies on many cultural and historical codes contained in music, dance and imagery.

    Stefan Makedonski National Music Theatre  
  • Synthetics

    Concept and choreography: Zhivko Zhelyazkov · Sound environment and identity: Ivan Shopov · Costumes: Snezhana Papazova · Cast: Elitsa Popova, Michaela Zaimova, Radina Harizanova

    The graduates of Dance Port Derida enter the sound environment of Ivan Shopov under the choreography of Zhivko Zhelyazkov to give life to a plastic man with his dance.

    Derida Stage  
  • The Bat

    by Johann Strauss-son · Director: Mariana Arsenova · Conductor: Yuli Damyanov · Scenography: Ivan Savov · Cast: soloists, choir, ballet and orchestra at the Musical Theater

    Johann Strauss-son's most famous dance operette again takes to the stage to tell the twists and turns of a married couple with waltz music to regiment and quadrille. The new version is "made with fun, with ease and subtlety", says director Mariana Arsenova.

    Stefan Makedonski National Music Theatre  
  • The Czardas Queen

    Guest Director: Adrian Holander · Guest conductor: Lyubka Biagioni · Director: Mariana Arsenova · Conductors: Yulia Damyanov, Dimitar Kossev · Stage design and costumes: Ivan Savov · Choreography: Marian Stefanov ...

  • The Gypsy Baron Der Zigeunerbaron

    Director: Julia Marinova · Music director and conductor: Igor Bogdanov · Conductor: Dorian Molhov

    This is the first major title by which it is worked after the foundation of the theater in 1948, and now realized for the seventh time.

    Stefan Makedonski National Music Theatre  
  • Traviata

    by Giuseppe Verdi · Guest appearance by Diana Tugui in the role of Violeta · Cast: Silvana Prvcheva, Blagovesta Mekki-Tsvetkova, Rosen Nenchev, Plamen Dimitrov, Hrisimir Damyanov, Peter Buchkov, Valentin Vatev, Angel Hristov, Slavi ...

  • Turandot

    by Giacomo Puccini · Production: Kuzman Popov · Director: Edi Lovalo · Conductor: Naiden Todorov · Scenography and costumes: Nela Stoyanova · Cast: Susana Brankini, Ivan Momirov, Ilina Mihailova, Hristo Ganevski, ...

    Born in Rome, Susanna Branquini graduated with distinction from the Perugia Conservatory of Music, and since then her solid soprano has filled scenes such as those of the Arena di Verona or the operas in Lyon and Tel Aviv.

    National Palace of Culture  
  • Zen Play Zen Play

    Concept and choreography: Zhivko Zhelyazkov · Composer: Ivan Shopov (Cooh, Balkansky) · Visual environment Polina Stoyanova (Jo Iyaa) · Producer Atanas Maev · Cast: Vasil Zelyamov, Marion Dyrova, Gergana Ilieva

    The show plays with well known conceptual pictures and it deconstructs preconceived forms and ideas.

    Derida Stage