Original title: Caged

Dance performance
Choreography: Pansun Kim
Scenography: Nikola Toromanov
Music: Emiliyan Gatzov, Pavel Terziyski
Design of dolls and masks: Marieta Golomehova
Puppeteers: Stefan Dimitrov, Polina Hristova
With: Bong Su Kim, Yongjun Shin, Jiyon Yang
Fear is the poison that storms our minds. We are afraid of loneliness, old age and death. We are afraid of being abandoned and hurt. We are afraid of diseases. We are afraid of love because sometimes we doubt good intentions, sincerity and dedication. We are afraid to leave this world without leaving a mark, anonymous, even on our own funerals. Our minds have the power to make our thoughts reality. As long as we live in fear, we forget that this is a state that can be defeated. Paralyzed by fears, we don’t realize that they are the only overbought between us and happiness. They lock our hearts, cause pain and suffering.

Caged is not offering a recipe for fighting fears. It illuminates them so that we
can meet our own selves through them. It demonstrates the invisible walls we build between ourselves and happiness - the walls that can only be broken by us.


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