• Don Quixote

    Ballet after the music by Ludwig Mincus, based on the novel of Miguel de Cervantes · Choreography: Sergei Bobrov · Conductor: Milen Apostolov · Painter: Kristina Fiodorova · Soloists: Rumen Stefanov, Marta Petkova, Nikola ...

    Don Quixote is one of the most popular ballets played in all theaters around the world. This interest is due both to the well-known story of the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes and to Ludwig Minkus' temperamental, cheerful and compelling music.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
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  • Don Carlo Don Carlo

    by Giuseppe Verdi · Conductor: Martin Panteleev · Soloists: Deyan Vachkov, Valery Georgiev, Gabriela Georgieva, Daniela Dyakova, Marilla Gongi, Plamen Dimitrov, Geo Chobanov, Peter Petrov, Irina Zhekova, Krasimira Miteva, Vladislav ...

    Don Carlos is a Grand Opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi to a French language libretto by Camille du Locle and Joseph Méry, based on the dramatic play Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien (Don Carlos, Infante of Spain) by Friedrich Schiller.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Turandot

    by Puccini · Conductor: Lorenzo Bizari · Director: Eddie Lovalio · Cast: Suzana Brankini, Hristo Ganevski, Geo Chobanov, Ivan Momirov, Ilina Mihaylova, Ventseslav Anastasov, Momchil Karaivanov, Plamen Dolapchiev, Svilen Nikolov

    At the heart of the work lies repeatedly being developed legend of the cruel Chinese princess Turandot. Despite her reputation hundreds of nobles try to guess the three riddles and win her hand, but one after another all fail and are beheaded.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre