• Don Quixote

    Ballet after the music by Ludwig Mincus, based on the novel of Miguel de Cervantes · Choreography: Sergei Bobrov · Conductor: Milen Apostolov · Painter: Kristina Fiodorova · Soloists: Rumen Stefanov, Iliana Slavova, Marco ...

    Don Quixote is one of the most popular ballets played in all theaters around the world. This interest is due both to the well-known story of the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes and to Ludwig Minkus' temperamental, cheerful and compelling music.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
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  • The Wizzard of Oz

    by Harold Arlen · Conductor: Gancho Ganchev · Cast: Varna children opera

    Dorothy lives on a farm in Kansas until a cyclone arrives, and picks her, her house, and her dog up and deposits them in the land of Oz. Things in Oz are strange and beautiful, but Dorothy just wants to get back home. She's helped by the Good Witch of the North.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Cinderella Cinderella

    by Sergei Prokofiev • Directorand choreography:  Sergey Bobrov • Soloits: Iliana Slavova, Francisco Ruiz, Pavel Kirchev, Galina Velcheva, Megan Reed

    That performance is based on the classical Charles Perrault's tail and has the same classical happy end. The story about the poor little girl, who became a princess for a night, is one of the most favorite plots for many composers. The Bolshoi ...

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Love never dies

    Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber · Stage design: Svetozar Donev · Conductor: Stratsimir Pavlov · Choreography: Anna Doneva · Stage design and costumes: Nela Stoyanova · Conductor: Tsvetan Krumov · Cast: ...

  • Musicle gala

    Conductor: Stratsimir Pavlov · Director: Srebrina Sokolova · Soloists: Zhana Kostova, Kalina Zhekova, Borislav Vezhenov, Neycho Petrov-Reggie, Maria Pavlova, Svilen Nikolov, Vyara Zhelezova, Lilyana Kondova, Momchil Karaivanov, ...

  • Nabucco Nabucco

    By Giuseppe Verdi · Conductor: Borislav Ivanov · Director: Kuzman Popov · Soloists: Svilen Nikolov, Valery Georgiev, Evgeni Stanimirov, Dimitrinka Raycheva, Daniela Dyakova, Petar Petrov, Hristo Ganevski, Galina Velikova

    That performance is one of the most vivid productions of the Varna Opera and it has always been in the repertoire and has attracted the interest of the audience.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • The Barber of Seville Il Barbiere di Seviglia

    by Rosini · Coductor: Dimitar Kosev · Director: Antonio Petris, Italy · Cast: Mariya Pavlova, Hrisimir Damyanov, Plamen Dimitrov, Geo Chobanov

    The Libretto of The Barber of Seville is very famous: the struggle between Figaro and Bartolo for Rosalia.. They are dexterous and smart enemies. The conflict between them fascinates the spectator. Furthermore the roles are given to a constellation of favorite to the Varna audience actors.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Traviata La Traviata

    by Giuseppe Verdi · Conductor: Grigor Palikarov · Director: Kuzman Popov · Soloists: Irina Zhekova, Ivan Momirov, Svilen Nikolov

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