• Three Little Pigs

    Director and stage design : Leonard Kapon · Cast: Emiliya Kopcheva, Mariya Dimitrova, Velizar Evtimov, Radoslav Arnaudov

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  • Thumbelina

    Playwriting and Directing: Vanya Sivinova · Set design and puppets: Virginia Petkova · Composer: Ivan Garbachev · With: Daniela Teneva, Emilia Kopchtseva, Maria Dimitrova, Sonia Boteva and Daniel Rusev

  • Adventure with a monkey

    Director: Eva Kisiovska · Scene and puppets: Virdjiniya Petkova · Cast: Elin Stoyanova, Ventseslav Dimitrov, Mihaela Andonova

  • The Long Journey of the Little Crocodile

    by Elena Arsova and Valentin Pavlov · Director: Veselin Boydev · Cast: Emilia Kopcheva, Natalya Vasileva, Dimitar Nikolov, Alexander Karamanov

    The little crocodile Lil is ready to start a long journey – he wants to run away from the strict rules in the world of the adult crocodiles and to find a place where he can play all the time. And that is how Lil pumps among people, wow and how ...

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
  • The Princess and the Swineherd

    by Hans Christian Andersen · Director: Maria Banova · Music: P.I.F. · C: Sonia Boteva, Natalia Vasileva, Roumen Karamanov, Dimityr Nikolov, Rosen Rousev

    The beautiful, but a capricious little princess Henrietta rejects the nightingale and the rose, which Prince Henry sent her, along with his heart and prefers the lifeless toys of the royal swineherd ...

    State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv  
  • The puppy that couldn't bark

    by Gianni Rodari · Director: Vesselin Boydev · Scenography: Hristina Stoilova · Music: Ivan Garbachev · With: Daniela Teneva, Dimitar Nikolov, Natalia Vasileva, Rumen Karamanov

  • The Three Brothers and The Golden Apple

    by Angel Karaliichev · Directed by: Evelina Kiosovska · Cast: Mariya Dimitrova, Mihaela Andonova, Sonya Boteva

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