• How tasty

    by Zdrava Kamenova · Director: Mariya Banova · Music: Dimo Stoyanov P.I.F. · Cast: Nedelina Roselinova, Greta Krysteva, Aleks Anmahyan

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  • Iveto & The Wolf

    by Georgi Djilianov · Director: Iroslav Petkov · Cast: Jenia Georgieva, Delian Kiosev

    Ivetо & The Wolf is a beautiful, fun and instructive puppet play dedicated to the road safety of the youngest pedestrians.

  • Little Red Riding Hood Le petit chaperon rouge

    based on the story of Charles Perrault · Directed by: Leonard · Capon & Georgi Minkov With: Rumyana Kraleva, Peyo Panteleev, Krasimir Haralambov

  • Max & Moritz

    opera for children by Alexander Yosifov · Libretto: Bancho Banov · Conductor: Tsanislav Petkov · Director: Alexander Tekeliev · Set design: Ivan Tokadzhiev · Costumes: Anna-Maria Tokadzhieva · Soloists: ...

  • Princess and the pea

    by Hans Cristian Andersen Adaptation: Sivina Sivinova Directed by: Vanya Sivinova Scene: Virginia Petkova Music by: Neli Lazarova Cast: Alexandra Grancharova, Dian Rusev, Greta Krasteva

  • Puppies

    Director: Hristina Arsenova · Music: Margarita Petranova · Cast: Aleksandra Grancharova, Dian Rusev, Rumiana Kraleva

    Naive, fun, colorful and very cheerful story for the kids. A story about how in the games of our kids some things happen and help them to drow up and learn some important truths about life.

  • Rainbow

    Director: Mariya Banova · Music: Dimo Stoyanov · Cast: Asya Stoimenova, Jenya Georgieva

  • Sleeping Beauty

    by Charles Perrault · Directed by: Vesselin Boidev · Scene: Kristian Bojkov · Music by: J. S. Bach Cast: Rumyana Kraleva, Georgi Minkov

  • The Brave Tin Soldier

    by Andersen · Dramatization: Teodora Georgieva · Director: Lyubomir Kolaksazov · Scenography and puppets: Tsetska Ivaylova · Composer: Hristo Namliev · Choreography: Maria Dimitrova · With: Anna-Valeria ...

  • The fisherman and the gold fish

    by Pushkin · Director: Marieta Angelova · Costumes: Maia Petrova · Music: Petar Tsankov · Cast: Aleksandra Grancharova, Dian Rusev, Georgi Minkov, Greta Krasteva

  • The Princesses and The Dragon

    by Milada Mashatova · Director: Kiriakos Argiropulos · Cast: Greta Krasteva, Rumiana Kraleva, Georgi Minkov

  • The Three Little Pigs

    Director: Valentin Vladimirov · Puppets: Yulia Lacheva · Music: Stanimir Ivanov · Cast: Gergana Hristova, Jenya Georgieva, Aleks Anmahyan

  • Unborn Petko

    Director: Iroslav Petkov · Scene: Mariya Ibrishimova · Cast: Aleksandra and Ivaylo Enevi

  • Winnie the Pooh

    by A. A. Milne · Director: Leonard Kapon · Cast: Greta Krasteva, Deyan Russev, Alexandra Grancharova, Alexandra Ilieva, Ivaylo Enev, Krassimir Haralambov

    There is nothing better than friendship and ... a pot of honey. This tale is another look at the unforgettable heroes of A. Miln - Mecho, Iiori, Piglet.

    Puppet State Theatre [Burgas]  

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