Where are you, where am I

20 August 2008 Petya Zlatanova
In the center of August begins The National Tour On The Gagmen under the logo It's easy to laugh. Hristo Gurbov is an one from the superb six with Lubomir Neykov, Krustyo Lazarov, Ruslan Muinov, Nencho Iliev and Petyo Petkov. Now he gives us answers on some questions, that are curious for supporters of the tv-show.

Is it easy for Hristo Gurbov to laugh?
It is easy. . .  But in fact it begans more hard, because when you are professional-comedian, it's somehow more hard to smile. . . 

At what you laugh most frequently?
I laugh to jokes of texts which our scriptwriters write us . . . They are the pickers of the jokes, and we, the actors, are the good narrators. 

Your character in The Gagmen is Peguzi Muzovski . To what extent he is actor's business and to what - the director decision? 
The things are mixed . . . This character is taken by numerous mine theaters effigies as well by screenings of real existing effigies. The text "Where you are, where am I..." as well is authentic.

What we can expect from The Gagmen
Well, we have new performance, with Te Group, Ustata and Toni Dimitrova. The programme is the best from The Gagmen.

What is to be directed from your wife?
Really it is responsible, to be directed by my wife Iglika Trifonova. She made films, which are deeply philosophically. Somehow it's really more complicated for you to work with the other, with whom you have inner relationships. Iglika, for difference of me, is wholly brought and given of the serious art. Bulgarian cinemaо recently has numerous huge successes, but who knows nobody talks really for that ...


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