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21 August 2008
Andrzej Saramonowicz is known around the world as the author of the theater play Testosteron but he is actually the mainman behind some of the most popular Polish movies to come out lately – all of them humorous urban tales of war of the sexes, a struggle with ni actual winner. The cinema version of Testosteron and his latest hit Lejdis are already on their way to Varna for the Love is Folly festival. And although Andrzej won't come to present the movies himself, he was kind enough to explain all about machos, theatre and football in an exclusive interview for Programata.

Some critics claim that your style of writing and directing has a definite Tarantino influence. Is this the case?
critics especially the less bright among them like to label. They found the Tarantino influence in my movie Cialo and then claimed I was influenced by Almodovar when Lejdis was out. But I am what I am. I just like stories well told and try writing in an interesting manner. Tarantino and Almodovar are just as important for me as Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Francis Ford Coppola or David Fincher.

While Testosteron was a macho-movie, Lejdis is its very opposite – a Sex and the City style story. Isn’t it difficult expressing both men’s and women’s perspectives?
I don't think of it this way. as I said, the most important thing is the story itself. If the heroes in it are male then I try presenting their way of thinking. If I'm writing about women I try feeling what they feel. If I ever get the idea of writing a story about robots I'll try knowing their inner world first.

Fans of Lejdis often describe the movie as “the perfect female entertainment” but it became immensely popular in Poland and was watched by 2,5 million people - there should have been some men in the audience, what brings them to the film?
Lejdis is all about the men-women relations. And this is without a doubt the most important question that has been troubling us for ages. The men who came to see Lejdis were simply curious and lead by the need to understand an exciting but still unknown world.

Your next movie Idealny facet dla mojej dziewczyny is scheduled for a 2009 premiere. You are currently filming it – how is the work progressing?
First of all i'd like to say this movie is not exactly mine - as was the case with Lejdis it is directed by my friend Tomasz Konecki while I am writer and producer. we're currently half way through filming and so far it everything has been great. It is a comedy with a somewhat feminist overtone.


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