The Sounds of Elby

10 December 2015 text Vera Gotzeva
Dry statistics would say that Emilian Gatzov-Elby is a composer who often works on theater and dance spectacles (so far more than 50), has won an Ikar award for the Psychosis 4.48 music and constantly hovers around the continent to make music for various performances on stage.

For people who know him closely, however, he is a person with whom you can talk about strange bands, vinyl records, love, philosophy and biscuits and also walk with at night in complete silence. Elby is an artist who has an ear for the imperceptable and manages to create from it music, which is just like him - close and distant at the same time. In the last hours before the premiere of Marius Kurkinsky's The Art of Comedy, Elby is still finishing the music for the spectacle but lets us inside his mind for a bit. Exciting things are happening there, just listen.

The premiere of Marius Kurkinsky's The Art of Comedy with music by Elby is at Zad Kanala theater, 17 December, 19:00.


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