We have to not forget that we are Bulgarians above all

2 October 2008 Petya Zlatanova
Do you like to go to the opera? Do you think that this is really old-fashioned? At least operetta, musical or ballet… ? I think myself, that the next orders will excite your curiosity just to see what the new season of State Opera Stara Zagora will offer. The principal Vesselin Stoykov is creative young professionalist, who wishes to attract more of the young audience in the halls of the opera.

The new creation season of State Opera of Stara Zagora starts with concert performance of Ivaylo – Marin Goleminov’s opera. Congratulations!
The premiere went very well. This warm welcome yesterday was a holiday for us! Many of spectators offered opinion, that the good Bulgarian music is executed very rarely.

To what extend the Bulgarian music will be in the repertoire of the Opera?
It will be inseparable part in each repertoire. As I promised at my accession in position here, we’ll see Bulgarian productions every season. Will give an attention on our, Bulgarian music, particularly in the Year of Intercultural dialogue in Europe. If we don’t have own culture, what would we dive to the other part of Europe? Will trade Hendel to Germans, Pursel – to Englishmen, or Guno to French? We have to show them our culture – Marin Goleminov, Pancho Vladigerov, Parashkev Hadjiev, Petko Staynov.

Do you think that there is hunger at the audience for that music?
Among the audience definitely there is such hunger! People react very well to that music. It is hapless that they don’t know it already… We have to not forget that we are Bulgarians above all.

Your innovatory approach in manner of work and your makes an impression. Do you think that your audience is mature on that?
My opinion is that it must have variety. You can’t eat the same dish every day, right? The story goes for another wise of work. We can see this already. The orchestra is really mature as well from its work with Dian Chobanov and with other guest-conductors. We want to touch the interest of young audience with more modern interpretations of classical productions.
This process is hard and difficult. With burning the Opera, at least two generations have lost from that… Now when we enter in the rebuilt modern building, we’ll be able to deploy fully our opportunities.



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