Everything is love

11 February 2009 Petya Zlatanova
He and she are two halves of a whole. Seven years of flying. For this purpose, have something very important - wings of love. David brought it to them. 
They are Yvette and Tigran. The interview with them, perhaps, my only chance to be their director. At least for a while. Cast: He is Tigran, Yvette is She.
She is puppet actress. Previously, he was in Stara Zagora Puppet theater, from the 2009 - in Sofia Puppet Theater. He is an actor in the Geo Milev Drama Theater and Theater Bulgarian Army.

How you met the fate?
She and He: We had chance, maybe. Generally, we met in NATFA. Rather, our drama together.

What fire spark love between you?
: Well, the good things are coming slowly. Not once, but gradually. First felt that we have many common interests and views on different topics ...
She: ... then we became very close friends and only then came everything else. We started as very good and sincere friends. At some point something is rotated ... What is it, yet I don't know.

What is the most crazy thing you've done in the name of love for one another? She: The crazy thing in general is in love when you can forgive the mistakes of the other. What's more crazy than to forget about weaknesses and love?
He: We have done many crazy thingd, but they are not for the media ...
She: Perhaps the most crazy thing we did together was our decision to have child and to create a family at a time when we are most loaded with professional ambitions and we have hundreds of kilometers from our families who best can we help.
He: Is it not crazy to marry at 22? Yvette was 24. Few people marry at this age.
She: And crazy is not to sorry!
He: Yes, that's crazy! 

Is there an eternal love?
He: I believe there is. For me the love is to love one person without whom you can not live. It is a need for food, water and even air. Love is a necessity.
She: I think that everything is love. It is everywhere. To try to accept the world and life in this way. In the relation you should love and to do so to be loved.

What do you think of the relations between lovers in theater?
He: It's inevitable we're both actors and it's easy. I mean only the theater when not in a form and faster to enter the role to make people happy by myself. Otherwise false relations no place in love.
She: Our love is alive to this day, despite the different maneuvers in which we were involvement, precisely because there is no drama between us. We are painfully honest to each other and are honest. This is very important. So should be people in general.
He: But otherwise, sometimes you do puppet theater in their lives to be more light and fun!
She: You mean that "to lie without tickets".

Want do you want to say something about the holiday of love?
: For Valentine's day wish of those who have not yet found a half, to do so as soon as possible! It is very important in today's smells a time when everyone looks to lie you should have one to yourself, who can always understand and be your support in everything.
She: I want to tell people to love because love is the most holy feeling and I think, it has created love and not something else ...


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