Dance With Me

2 March 2007 text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin
His name is Georgi Enchev but people call him Goosh. Not only has he a nice nick name but he also has a Modern Street Dance Centre – The Center – the only place in Bulgaria where you can learn how to dance hip hop and r’n’b. He had won a lot of awards from different competitions and soon Goosh and his students will have their show at the National palace of Culture and present hip hop dances to Bulgarian audience. The rest we learned from Goosh himself.

When did you start dancing?
I started dancig 15 years ago. My home town is Kavarna and I made my first attempts as a choreographer and dancer there.

Did you start with break dance?
Yes, it all began when I saw the film Breakdance and a video of MC Hammer. Then I became more interested in choreography and I started to discover my own style of movement and dance. I graduated from the Varna Economic University and in Varna I seriously started teaching in dance halls. I had adverts like: ‘‘If you want ot dance like Alliah and Usher come to...’’ and people came.

When did that happen?
In happened in 2000. After that I was on a casting for one Finnish school, I was approved and I went to study in Finland for one year. My whole stay there was very useful for me because it turned a new page in my choreography and my skills. When I came back here I really wnated to make something big, to make my onw story.

And you established that school?
Yes, at that time its name was Modern Street Dance Studio. It all started form level zero, actually. There were moments, months when I had only one person in the school...

How do you create your dances, what inspires you?
Street culture. For me, street is the place that really inspires me. Things that happen to me while I walk down the street, things I hear and see around me provoke me to create a dance.

Your dances are part from the hip hop culture. Have you thought of working together with any Bulgarian rap singer?
Well, in fact, this is one of the surprises in our show – one member of the Kasino hip hop group form Shumen takes part in our performance.


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