The Minute Before

21 January 2010 text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio
We know everything about the end of the world as seen through the eyes of Hollywood, but Georgi Gospodinov's version is even more intriguing.

How was the premiere of Apocalypse Comes at 6PM?
The audience felt the performance, one could almost hear it breathe in the rhytms of some scenes. It even laughed at moments, which is strange to me because this is a play for the apocalypse. But after all laughter is a way to cope with all the things that fall on our heads.

Are you going to make a movie version as well?
By the way the play is good for that. There is something of Tarantino's style in it, something fast and dynamic. Why not?

But without the happy end, right?
The play does not have an end, there are many ends or an open final. Every hero tells his story - there are about 17 scenes which are linked to one another in a very discreet way. But it ends in a hope-raising way.

Has the time come for a new novel?
It is time and I am writing. Apocalypse Comes at 6PM resembles a novel but the truth is I am writing something new but it is still very far away. A novel requires lots of time and I have many things to do. I am also working in the Academy of Sciences' Institute of Literature.

The play Apocalypse Comes at 6PM is at Zad Kanala Theatre, 23 January, 19:00, 8-18BGN
The book with the plays Apocalypse Comes at 6PM and D.J. is on sale by Janet 45, 8BGN


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