On the North of Heaven

12 May 2011 text Iglika Stankova, photos Angel Kotzev Studio
Vasilena Radeva is young, but she already has Askeer, Ikar and the Stoyan Kmbrev award  for her play Nordost. We wanted to ask Vasilena so many things, so we sat on a bench on the back of Academy of Arts for almost an hour.

You don`t like so much media attention. What about the attention of the audience then?
I like to know what the audience feels during my play. I like to watch them closely, to analyze the audience. I don`t care so much about their reactions, but about the silence. The moment the play begins is the moment of silence. That`s magical.

Nordost is about the horror of war. Don`t you think that Bulgarians do not realize the value of peace?
When I watched about the terrorist act on the TV I was shocked. Then I realized how lucky I am to live in a peaceful country. Yes, the life here may not be the easiest one, but is more possible and nicest than other countries.

You work with a lot of young people. What`s your opinion about the youth in Bulgaria?
There is something I call zombifying. This is the desire to posses things, to live a material life. I see intelligent, smart kids who use their energy for stupid things like telling lies, gaining material thing...

Are you ready to make rock-opera one day?
Haha, I never thought about this, actually. That`s just one of my dreams.  I like rock operas and I like the rock music. So, maybe some day...


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