One Survivor on the Stage

7 December 2007 text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin
During the last two months we have seen Vladimir Karamazov almost every evening on television. What made him become a reality host and to encourage tired robinsons somewhere on the Carribean Islands. Our main idea was to ask him what is the new spectacle he prepares in the National Theatre. We didn’t ask him the usual questions about women and cocoa nuts and we talked about more important things as the rehearsals in life, about his travelling around the world and his work with Krikor Azarian.

That week at the National Theatre there will be a premiere with you playing the main part, what could we expect?
The spectacle is called The Feast of Bachus made by a wonderful text but what it will be in the end... it is not sure. The story is about three people – one woman who has a lover and wants to tell her husband that she would leave him. However some great changes occur and everything goes in totally different way. What I like about that text is that it says many truths about people and life. It very often happens to me – my plans ruin and in most of the cases happens exactly the opposite thing to the one you have planned.

So it happens to you to repeat some words from a play and rehearse them in your mind?
Oh, yes, of course. I think about some things that I am going to say and I tell myeslf that one thing will happen in a sertain way. That is in my character. For example on weekends, when I go out there are terrific plans and schemes in my mind. While at the end in fact absolutely different things happen to me. It has always been like this and also when there is something I really want, it happens only when I do not care about it anymore.

Let’s go back to the play – what is the part you play?
I am the lover that the woman wants get away with from her husband. We play togethre with Iulian Vergov and Teodora Duhovnikova and it is very good.

Is it easy working with friends?
We really are good friend and were very happy to find out that we are going to work together and we wanted it very much. The director Teodor Ugrinov is also my close friend ever since we studied in NATFIZ. We thought it would we very easy but we were wrong. When the difficulties started I felt really bad because the play in fact is rahter hard.

What was the most difficult thing for you?
Oh, it is hard to say because I have not finished my role yet. Let’s put it that way – I play in many performances now and everytime I am trying to make my roles different from the ones I have done before. I am also trying to find new things that are interesting for me and happen for the first time. It is now not very easy for me because with every rehearsal I start repeating myself and that is the thing I would like to avoid. Often when I start saying something or make a movement, I stop and say to myself: “Well, that is from another spectacle”. If I feel that I am doing things that I have already done before in other spectacles I immediately change them. I am very strict about this.

The easiest way to become popular in Bulgaria is to appear on tv. Why did you accept ot be the host of the reality Survivor? You have said that tv is a dirty word for you, haven’t you?
The answer is very simple – I am a great fan of this tv format. I have been watching it for years now and have all the episodes of the American Survivor. My collection is so big that I even gave a lot of them to the script writers. I have the Russian episodes too. Some years ago I even wanted to go to Russia and take part in Survivor there. Sometimes I have really crazy ideas. Still I don’t like television, I don’t like it as a kind of media at all but in that case it is about something very interesting for me although it is exactly in a tv format. That is the reason that made me accept the offer – my interest. If Survivor was a movie, it would have been great, but it is not.

So, you are satisfied. What exactly meant that for you – accepitng this tv show?
Two months that I will never forget. I felt things I have never felt before but there were also negative consequences after the show. For one month I had oto endure awful things with these interviews... I could not refuse them because I had an agreement about them with the television. What is more is that the popularity I had from the theatre was quite enough for me – being popular just to my colleagues and the people interested in theatre. Now that popularity is even bigger and that is making me nervous in some way. However good thins are more. I met pople I would never have met, for example we became friends with Evtim Miloshev. While years ago when I watched Ku-ku and Kanaleto I was really annoyed. I don’t like such shows. Evtim proved to be a wonderful man.

You travel a lot even not counting Survivor. Where was your latest trip and what is the trip you are planning to make?
My latest trip was to Italy and the United Sates as well. My intention is to go to Switzerland if I could find one free week. Otherwise my greatest passion is Asia. I have been to 70% of its territory. Culture there is totally different there and I have also been to and some crazy things have happened. I have been to places form which I have every second in my mind like a lively memory. There were some places where on border lines there were people who asked me: “Are you crazy? It is very bad there.” I go absolutely alone only with a ruck-sack. In Kambodgia for example, I felt like Indiana Jones and I did not look like myself. It was also terrific Pacistan.

What are you going to do on the stage, here in Bulgaria?
I was chosen to play in the spectacle of one young director – Bojan Ivanov and the play is A Servant Of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, that is a classic text. After that I am going to finish my spectacle with Koko Azarjan in the Satirical Theatre. For so many years I have been dreaming of that – to work with Koko. An actor could learn a lot and I want to learn.


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