A way Throught The Labyrinth

10 December 2013 text Tanya Trendafilova, photho Vladimir Tonashevich
We meet the naturally charming and ever so charismatic Elena Petrova just a week before the permier screenings of the very first Bulgarian psycho-thriller Roseville (in which she has a special, major part). And somehow in hour somewhat long conversation we easily manage to jump from topic to topic - from kids to extraterrestrials and from the rules of the thriller genre to just how funny Kalin Vrachanski's jokes are.

What to expect from Roseville ?
All this happened thanks to director Martin Makariev who knows how to shoot world class cinema . The film is independent , we have done it with friends. The director and the cinematographer Ivan Vatsov operate as a tandem superb on the vision of this fascinating story. You will see beautiful shots completely in the style of the psycho-thriller. Curiously, this genre is not exploited in Bulgaria, since it requires a particular viewpoint . The story must be very well written, with careful observation of the thriller' s schemes.

However, the psycho-thriller is broad term.
I warn you - there won't be rivers of blood and flying heads. We've rather tried to manipulate viewers through impressions, great script and the specific attack of the thriller - when at some point something completely unexpected started to happen. Human consciousness immediately builds a protective response, denies the happening and seek a logical explanation - until the situation is out of control and you start to believe in the existence of forces that you can't control or stop. In most cases, they are devastating.

What is your character ?
Her name is Dora and she is a very strong woman. With well- developed sixth sense and instincts, on which she relies. She loves the extremes and only a few things can surprise her, but in 1985 (when the action takes place ) certain events led her to think that there are some forces outside the logic of consciousness.


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