It's given me to keep the child in myself

30 October 2008 Petya Zlatanova
Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the hit of the seasons - Charley's aunt! The premiere of the new spectacle of State opera Stara Zagora is on 5th November. The leading role in the new cultural fact is entrusted to the usual suspect, the irreplaceable national darling - Ruslan Muynov!

Your role in Charley's aunt musical is of a man, who makes himself like Charley's aunt... Which is the most provocation in your character?
Yes. This man is forced by circumstances to make himself a woman, despite his reluctance! The police run after him and in willing to hide, he is forced to dress with lady's clothes, get into a house, where the people expect an aunt, which is millionaire. Brilliant plot! The role's provocation is huge. You have to play at the same time too many characters.

The director of State opera Stara Zagora share in interview for Programata, that in this role you'll sing too much for first time of your life on the opera stage…
My songs are not too complicated. This cannot be classified as some huge success. The pleasure comes from there that I sing with the opera-buffa orchestra! Thence respectively comes the responsibility. The matter is that the songs are written for bariton, but I'm a tenor and they comes little low for me. But that is part of the professionalism - to cope with it!

It's considered that the comedy actor can play everything of the stage - drama, tragedy, comedy, without borders. What's your comment?
I think that the actor needs to have talent. For each thing. You cannot do anything if you have no talent. For example, I couldn't can play Ромео. It will seem ridiculous. It's important what is given by God. And then you need to give it to the people. 
Your look is really charming and somehow clean, as childrens. Do you have got such sense for yourself?
Thank you! That makes me happy, because it's a miracle in these days - to save the child in yourself. The life can inflicts huge hits, on one - more, on other - more little. This really changes the human, it makes him more tough, more captive in himself. As long as we could contrive to keep the child in ourselves, so better. But this doesn't happen forcibly.


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