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15 January 2009 text Diana Tomova, photos Ilian Ruzin
When going shopping we often pass by the nice small boutique Paradise Garage, trying a beautiful and original dress with the trade mark VЯRA. We asked and found out that beihnd that mark is the same woman Viara Borislavova that is connected to different fashion events, especially these of Neli Miteva in the showroom of 22 Ivan Assen Str. Now is the time to meet Viara eyes-to-eyes – we found her at her workshop and talked about her new collection, about the streets of Paris and the big wondering when standing infront of the wardrobe.

Tell us with a few words how did you became a designer?
O, it’s a long story, I have been sewing for a very long time. I have never wondered whether I would become a fashion designer. First I studied scenography the New Bulgarian University. But I have always been making clothes since I was at 5-6 grade at school, for me and my schoolmates.

Do you remember the first thing that you made?
Of course, I remember. The first thing I did was to break the sewing mashine because I didn’t know how to work with it. I made a top and I had forgotten that it will have to be worn by someone and put on somehow – and at the end after it was ready I remembered that.

I see the nice name VЯRA on your clothes. Is it already a label?
Yes, I may say it is. I am trying to build it as a name now and as a label – VЯRA and not Viara Borislavova as I was known before. There will be a site too and it si almost ready – viara-bg.com.

Now you have your new collection, where can people find and buy it?
Half of it is at Paradise Garage where I have been selling my things for two years now. There a lot of clothes there that are not part of any collection. I make them spontaneously and later I see that I had made a mini collection just like that. I also offer my clothes in some smaller shops but at the moment they can be found in Totally Erected. One part of the clothes will be there by the end of January.

What is the style of VЯRA?
My style is for women who are ratherd bold and would go out on the street wearing one of the dresses you see here.

You always say dresses, are they your favourites?
Well, yes. It is a big problem because the first thing I imagine when I see any textile is a dress. I have a huge fight with myself when I have to make trousers or a blouse.

I also like dresses very much but with that cold weather outside, what do we do?
We put on two dresses one over anther!

VЯRA is in Paradise Garage (the corner of Tsar Assen Str. and Karnigradska Str.), and until the end of January also in Totally Еrected Fashion Studio (Han Krum Str. 4B, apartment 9)


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