How not to love her?

29 January 2009 Petya Zlatanova
Her eyes boring into you deep and lasting. After the end of the show we're wondering whether she's a woman from this world ... Moreover the talent, Gerry has something unique: Renaissance beauty. It's felt even in the way of moving scene. You want to close her in a gold box. Just for you.

Back to reality ... In less than three years in Stara Zagora Drama theater actress Gergana Dandanova has more than ten central roles. Characters, from delicate and fragile creatures, to strong and summarily whirlwind. Will see her next role very soon on the stage of DT Geo Milev.

Who are you in setting Running wanderers?
My heroine Polina, is daughter of Inga and alcoholic Inokentiy (who doesn't appear at all, but talk about it). Polina is a teenager, she's eighteen years old. Strange girl with heavenly aura... "She has great eyes! As they look, enters into your soul. " 

Do you look like your heroine?
Yeah, we're similar but different. I think we have the same fights and equally sensitive. I don't want to tell the story of the play, but the role of Polina is interesting that a little girl is forced to grow rapidly, not to live normal teenage-years...

How contemporary Russian drama impose Bulgarian modernity?
I think we live in a global village and problems, relations between people, between man and woman, feelings, friendship, purely human relations do not differ. No matter whether we live in Bulgaria, in America or Russia. Russian contemporary drama affect those painful issues that we all have, that every ordinary person has.

Gerry, you are one of the actresses in the most central roles in Stara Zagora theater. You have many prestigious awards, and you're only 27 ... I left you unrealized dreams in the theater? And do you got ambitions to the cinema?
I will always have unrealized dreams in the theater! Each new role is a challenge, no matter what you achieved before. Always fear and uncertainty at the beginning of each show. I am of the opinion that this work will peak point. To say: "I now took the prize, so I am super-actor ... For movies, I think I am not grow for that art yet.

Acting skill is art and craft. What is the most important learning for the last 4-5 years theatrical experience?
The most important thing is to love. To love what you do, to love people around you. To respect and be respected. This is the most important!

Personal invitation from Gergana Dandanova to the audience for your new play Running wanderers?
Let these people who want to happen something and want to be emotionally touched, to immerse in a world different, but close to their world and to welcome!


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