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24 September 2009 Text: Dima Chakarova Photographs: Maks Richter, Regina Brocke, Melanie Chartreux
Pierre Rigal

Pierre starts his professional dancing occupation on age of 29. Despite that late beginning, in our days they call him a reformer. Pierre investigates the human body possibilities – for example, locking it in a box in Press play. We can’t wait for 29 September to see Erection.

Do you remember the moment when you realised the wish to dance?
Not really. I started professionally on 29, but i begin to learn on age of 23. Before that I went into hurdles training and I used to work in the TV business.

What can inspire you to create new choreography?
A lot of things. In first place my private world does, the environment too. Of course, the plastic arts, installations, cinema.

Your performances are just like theatre plays – with music and lighting effects. Doesn’t they draw away the public’s attention?
I don’t think people distinguish the theatre, the dance or the circus. They just enjoy. And exactly that’s my job’s idea.

In Press play you close your body in a box. Isn’t that too complicated trick?
Press was made to order by London Gate Theatre. When i visited the place I realised how really small it was. So the idea was ready – a cheography in a very narrow space. After few weeks I already had the decision – to make small room with mobile ceiling.

Tell us about some funny blunder during performance?
Once, when I played Erection, an enormous spider came on the stage. It was so big, that everybody saw it.

Do you work on something new now?
I’m thinging about my new play. It will be something like phisical concert, because the musicians will dance too. It’s called Micropera. But now my most important idea is to go round the world. It takes a lot of energy.

Eric Gauthier

As a choreographer and a manager of German Gauther Dance, Eric graduates at classical ballet at native Montreal, but today he's given up to the contemorary technics. If you ever had some doubts about dancing on Bjork song, the young group Theaerhaus Stuttgart convinces you of it. The proof is nine-minute Bjoork Duets – just one of 7 miniatures, that we can see on 28 September.

Why do you give yourself up to the contemporary dance instead of the classical ballet?
For me is always more comfortably to be a dancer. And also I can express myself much better as a choreographer.

They call your style cabaret-ballet. What is your definition about it?
I haven’t a name about the things I do. The only thing I know is that I love things to have a history and a little bit of humour in it. I consider exactly the humour makes some critics to compare it with cabaret.

What is the music you never will choose for dancing?
Techno style.

Why do you prefer to work with Theaterhaus Stuttgart and why you didn’t stay in Montral, where you was born?
I heard dancing art is much more valued in Europe than in North America. And it’s completely correct. Theaterhaus Stuttgart has an unbelievable audience.

Do you have some funny blunder during a performance?
Thank God, I haven’t yet. But may be it will happen in Sofia.

What is the most important thing we have to know about your performance on Sofia Dance Week?
I love show to includes 6 or 7 refined dishes. That is our trademark. The Gauthier Dance’s evening always has 6 or more short things, full with different styles, humour, drama and beauty.

Do you work on something new now?
My company’s newest project is the work together with Egon Madsen, he is 67-year-old. The premiere will be on November in Luxemburg.

Erection is in National opera, 26 SEptember, 20:00, 20/24/30/40BGN

Gauthier Dance is in the National Opera, 28 September, 20:00, 20/24/30/40 BGN

The programme of Sofia Dance Week you can see here


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