A Puppeteer's Guiding Light

16 March 2007 text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Until an year ago the only way to see some of the spectacles of Magdalena MitevaTup-tup, 6 000 000 000 copies or 1,67м – was to go to a night club late in the evening, order one big drink and wait until it gets completely dark with only some cigarettes blinking here and there. The other was to go to one of the many festivals abroad from where she always gets back with an award. Her spectacles are an unusual, emotional, associational and vivid experience, using as a background the genius music of Vlado Kovachev from Cigaretta. That is why we couldn't let Magi go whitout telling us what is new about her, before going to perform in Europe.

Why were your performances shown outside theatres?
Because I wanted them to be simple. For the same reason I called my theatre Nikoi (No one) because I want it to go naturally and to have performances at different places and not at theatres or scenes. Besides, I have always wanted to smoke my cigarette and have something to drink during the performance, ha-ha.

What is the difference between a theatre and another place?
Well, it is very different. When it is dark you don’t have troubles wondering how to arrange things and bend over because you have to play in a space of 2 meters length…

I know you are leaving soon to put on stage a new spectacle in a couple of theatres in Europe. Where and what?
I was invited in Hungary by two state theatres. There is one director that always invites me to his festivals – there they have seen all my performances. I am making a puppet spectacle The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish by Pushkin’s original tale. Then I am thinking of putting it on stage in Bulgaria too.

How do you invent all your characters and images?
I am a psycho – I see everything in pictures and accordingly am very stupid – if you ask me about the capital of some place I won’t tell you. One either develops his consciousness or his sub consciousness. If there is balance it is wonderful as Jung would say, I very much respect Jung. Well, everyone makes his choice and follows his destiny. To sum up we are all looking for one and the same thing – love...


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