To Russia and Back

26 June 2008 text Elena Petrova, photos Apolonia
After years of absence from Bulgarian stage Alexandar Morfov comes back to show two performances produced in Vera Komisarjevska Theatre in Saint Petersburg.

Does Russia give you more freedom Mr. Morfov?
Freedom is a matter of internal understanding and has nothing to do with any state or power. That is why I feel free everywhere.

Last year at the Askeer Awards you really excited the audience with your speech – you dared say many truths that had been kept silent. Why does your voice remain alone?
I have always tried to say something that we don't hear in public unfortunately. I am very surprised when people keep such glaring truths in silent. I even feel sad. May be it is because I have been abroad. When you had been away from your country for a long time, you come back hoping that something had changed. That people and the state had changed with a magic wand and a miracle had happened. When you come back though you see that everything is the same and even worse. Then you want to yell with pain and say what you think. There is no other way! I think that would be the reaction of every normal person especially now.

What is the price you pay for your freedom?
Emotional and spiritual pain because I can't see my family when I am away. I am not with the people I love and in the country I love – well, at least what had left from it. Every time I come back to Bulgaria that brings me more suffering that joy.

Now you come back to put two spectacles produced in Vera Komisarjevska Theatre in Saint Petersburg. How did these spectacles change you?
I don't know if they changed me. In A Midsummer Night's Dream with the spectacle has parallels of the same name played in the National Theatre years ago. I left some quotations and hints from the previous text on purpose because I felt very sad when the performance of the spectacle was discontinued. While in Vaal I was terribly provoked by Brecht's text. You start thinking about all these rock stars and very talented people but very unfortunate also who can't bear the burden of fame. They end their lives in a tragical way starting with Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain. Many great rock musicians, painters... That is why I made that spectacle – a rehearsal of one music band. The actors from the performance reached to a really high professional level.


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