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15 February 2008 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
We saw the new video of Nevena form Music Idol and we remembered we have only talked to the director Stoian Radev only about theatre until now. While he is behind some of the best videos in Bulgaria, he shoots a lot of adverts and dreams of a good modern Bulgarian film. Now we have questions.

You have just been at work shooting, what do you like to shoot most?
Adverts – if someone lieks to shoot that is the most secure way. Of course the format is very shot and that is not good but you could gain experience due to the variety of plots and different tasks to slove. My cinema criteria are very high and I still I don’t dare make a movie. It is not lack of money that stops me, it is because I don’t feel ready for that. That is in fact the problem of Bulgarian cinema – that other people who are not ready make films.

You said it first – I was just about to ask you itsn’t it high time you gave yourself a try at the cinema?
That is my point, I ido not want to give it a try. Perhaps I will make a movie when I am 100% sure about the thing I want to shoot.

Haven’t you ever read a suitable text?
May be it is only A Natural Novel by Georgi Gospodinov.

Would you try writing a script?
I have written down something but as I have already said I will shoot when I am ready indeed. Many Bulgarian films show up just because someone had decided to shoot at last, not because the spectators need them. While writing is a very cheap occupation even low budget films are very expensive. It is not moral is some way to spend this money. It hurts me every time regardless of the exact sum – whether it is 200 or 500 thousand or one million – it had been spent in vain.

When was the last time that you hurt?
I can’t disrespect my colleagues but according to me – being younger though, form the majority of directors and I hope I don’t sound disrespectful – it is not obligatory that there is Bulgarian cinema. It is obligatory that we have good cinema. Ther use to be a hystreia that Bulgarian cinema si dying and come on let’s shoot everyone. We have to be calmer. Bulgaria is part of the world and let’s talk for cinema in a wider sense. If there is cinema in the world we can be calm. Films should not be made just like that for the sake of making something. Advert as underestimated as it is responds to real needs – these of the advretiser and of the public that sees what is new on the market. It is in that sense a clean occupation. I have the feeling that nobody from the film makers don’t try to listen to the deep internal desire of the audience because they are looking straight in front of themselves trying to shoot something just out of spite. While one good film always reflects a real desire in the audience because it has an invisible but a real connection with the film maker.

What happens with you at the theatre?
My play A Doll’s House is still played in the Theatre Bulgarian Army and Ivailo Hristov invited me to the private Modern Theatre where I am going to put on stage one of Bergmann’s texts. It is very likely that I work with Irini Jambonas, something that I wanted to do for a long time.

Is it going to be a monospectacle?
No, but it will be a chamber one only with four-five actors. I don‘t mention the rest of the actors because I have not talked to them yet. We should be ready until early spring.


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