He, Iulian

25 May 2007 text Elena Peneva, photos Todor Tsvetkov for Angel Kotsev Studio
In the show She and He Iulian Vergov was far from the perfect male individual. While in the new spectacle of the National theatre we expect him to be one – he plays the part of the ideal man in Oscar Wilde’s play An Ideal Husband. You will see for yourself what the truth about ideals is on the stage and in the meantime Iulian tells us more about the spectacle, enjoying modestly its success and sharing his enthusiasm about the future – about beaches and shooting films…

Tell us something more about An Ideal Husband, what is that Oscar Wilde talks about there?
It is about real friendship, about what you want to be and the way others accept you. About the possibility to tell the truth and the desire to fight with yourself, despite the fact that other people don’t let you do that.

And what conclusion could you draw form that?
Friends are one of the most important things in the world. It is also better being the person you are than the person other people see in you. There is no need in serving other people and their views about life.

How do you deal with these things in your life? Do you depend on what other people say or want from you?
They want a lot but I try to be less dependent, to not lose myself because if you do this your desire to live and work the way you want will be gone too.

And now, tell us what the ideal man is because that is your part in the spectacle, isn’t it?
Well, in fact, we only think there is such man. The spectacle shows that we are mistaken because there is no ideal man or woman. Everyone has his or her problems and bad sides.

But still we need to have an ideal, don’t we?
Yes, we do. Though we have different views of the ideal.

What is your view?
Well… You just try to be a good man. It seems easier for people to say what is not ideal than what is ideal. I like very much one cue from the play – I say to my wife: “Women think of men as their idols but in fact they only turn us into fake idols.”


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