A Know All Class

18 May 2007 text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin
Let’s start with the new performance, what is the main thing in it?
The main idea in Crap is that is you subordinate your life to one idea that he strongly believes in and deprive himself from the variety around him that idea could burn him down.

How do you interpret Beckett?
Well, ours is the next interpretation. There are a lot of existential questions in the play with no simple answers. But we have found our answer to the question what turns a man into a crap.

You are dealing with a lot of things, is that because you are afraid of being trapped by one idea as it is in Crap?

Yes, ha ha. I try to not … in one thing all my life. May be the many and different things that I do help me to keep my eyes open.

Tell us more about the Mediabox project? It is unique not only for Bulgaria…
Mediabox is an interactive audiovisual installation. We last showed it at One day and One Night at Shipka 6 Remember Sofia Underground! I had the idea 10 years ago. It is about a picture with three parts showing musical instruments. The spectator puts headphones on and by looking at one of the instruments activates its sound that he looks at another that also starts to play. They can be mixed as well. The spectator can compose music by looking at the instruments. Everybody can create and for me art should challenge people to create.

Why did you let everyone see the technology of that picture free at the internet? Why didn’t you make it a patent?
I will make a parallel with Crap here. That is the main idea for me. It is a personal decision of every artist to choose to share his art with other people. I believe in sharing – to let one of my compositions for free access so that somebody else can take it and create another better composition based on mine.


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