The Brave Dressmaker

1 November 2007 text Elena Peneva, photos Ilian Ruzhin
The first time that Alexandra Sarchadjieva popped right infront of our eyes was in Melotvmania show on Bulgarian National Television. Then she started her eduaction at NATFIZ (The National Academy of Theatre and Film Art), played a couple of leading roles and recently became a member of the theatrical group at the Bulgarian Army Theatre. In a very short time Alex managed to impress us with her talent, vitality and the fact that she is always natural and smiling. After seeing her at the new and very good Bulgarian film Dressmakers and while waiting for her new leading role at the spectacle Vampire of Salza and smiah theatre wedecided it is the right time to ask her some questions.

Tell me first about the forthcoming premiere of Vampire and what is the role that you play?
We are still not ready and that is why I would not like to talk about it but otherwise I play the role of Bela. I am also a bit nervous because this premiere is being prepared for a very short time and we have been a little bit too busy rehearsing six hours a day... It is hard that way because you keep thinking you need more time and rehearsals are never enough. Despite that, what is really good about theatre is that even if you really need more time to correct your role you can do it in each performance while at the cinema it is the opposite – you play, it is shot and that’s it.

For a very short period of time you have made some big roles in classical plays like Boriana, The Segull, and The Elder Son. Aren’t you afraid of wasting your talent too soon?

I am always afraid. When they invited me for my first spectacle on professional stage – I had to replace Stefania Koleva in Scissors Happy and I was really scared. I had to take her place in four rehearsals and after that I went on a tour with the the rest of the team. At that time I did not even had time to think about how cared I was. When I started working on Boriana I was again very scared but the truth is that in all spectacles many people who had worked with me, had helped me and that is something very important and really nice.

I really liked you in The Segull by Krikor Azarian. How did you feel working with such strong and professional team?

I have never imagined I would work with professor Azarian and I am really very thankful that it has happened to me. He gave me a chance and it was a wonderfull opportunity for me make a role with him. I thank him for his trust in me. At the beginning I was so respected that did not dare say anything and kept silent all the time but he helped me a lot and things were really great.

What do you think of Dressmakers now that it is at cinemas?

We shot it an year ago and it was great fun. There was a wonderful team that took care of us which is quite dangerous if you take yourself too seroiusly and start thinking you are very important. I liked the script very much – a history told in a very simple way. At first you laugh then in the next moment there is something sad. Now as I have seen it at the cinema it really impressed me and I think we have succeeded.

Do you have a particular role that you would like to paly?

No, I have never thought ?oh, that is exactly what I want to do?. There are some plays that I like but I have never been that ambitious as to want it at all costs. I always say to myself that I really want something good to happen to me and I do that whenever I feel bad or sad – everyone has his ups and downs. I do not understand the way people get what they want no matter what it takes. Being too ambitious is very harmful thing. There are such people who are ready to go through everything and everyone and that I think is totally thoughtless because you could be ?here today, gone tomorrow?. What is the most important is to be the person you are, after all it is just a profesion.

If you had not become an actress, what would you have been?

When I was little I wanted to be a police officer or an astronaut. Later I wanted to study International Relations but when I had to choose I felt that the only thing I could do is to play at the theatre. I took my exams and entered NATFIZ from first try otherwise I would not have tried again. I would have studied International Relations or Archeology that I find very interesting, while my mother wanted me to study Law. Out of the question! I do not like it at all. I told her if she goes the exams than I will go with her too, haha (laughing).

What lies ahed of you in short future?

Oh, wonderful things. Like the premiere. In the morning I had an interview with the director of the Bulgarian Army Theatre Mitko Todorov and there on air he told me I will take part in Tedy Moskov’s new spectacle Odysseus. I just did not know how to react. It is just wonderful!


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