The Return of Carla

9 March 2007 text Elena Peneva, photos Todor Tsvetkov for Angel Kotsev Studio
After having written and sung some hot pop hits (I Wish You, It WasYou, Lie to Me – with Rushi), Carla Rahal somewhat disappeared from the music stage. But we found her and she has a very special occasion – her new monospectacle in the National Theatre written and directed by Kamen Donev. At the moment main audience for her music talent are her husband and her baby. As far as theatre audience is concerned – it is for everyone who passes by near the National Theatre and buys a ticket for the forthcoming premiere.

The name of the play is Martin, Dancho and Their Mother. What is it about?
In Kamen Donev’s play the story is about a woman overburdened with her daily round. She finally needs to get out of her shell and breathe some fresh air. In some way that might be the hardest part I have played until now because it ranges over a variety of subjects. That is the specific thing about the play – it is so wide-ranging.

How do you work with Kamen Donev?
It was very easy for us to work and we had a lot of fun while trying to find out the way in which I should make that performance. I am very happy that he chose me to play in one of his plays but it really turned out to be very difficult to work without partners on the stage. I think that is the hardest thing.
Kamen has a totally different approach and method of working. He wants me to improvise, thing that I have not done before. I like him very much as an actor and I learned a lot from him. His internal professional world is very different from the one of the other directors that I had worked with. I had a couple of times on the rehearsals when I just stood there enraptured listening to him.

It is rather a comical play. What is the funny thing?
I suppose everyone would probably find it while watching the spectacle. That is because everyone laughs at different things. I myself find the play very funny, particularly the madness of that woman.


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